ATTN: Cuckolds, Stags, Hotwife Husbands, Wannabes, and anyone who desires to share their partner in real life or online...

"This Is By Far The Most Important Information I've Ever Shared With The Wifesharing Community"

If You Want Your Woman To Sleep With Other Men, Then This Will Be The Last Thing You Ever Need To Read To Make It Happen...

What I'm about to reveal is going to give everyone in the wifesharing community four of the most important things they will ever be offered in the entirety of their lives. And before I tell you what they are, I want you to know that I am well aware of what it means to make the grandiose claim I just made, and yet...I make this claim with the utmost levels of authenticity, confidence, and absolute-seriousness with which one can make it.

What I'm offering and the four things you will get from it are the culminated fruits of all the years I've spent successfully helping others explore the wifesharing lifestyle.

This means you'll be getting direct access to everything I've synthesized from the data hundreds of thousands of people (literally) provided in taking the assessments offered on my site over the last 6 years...

...the lessons I've extracted for you from a decade worth of my own personal notes and archives

...the principles, strategies, methods, and tactics that I've refined from the consulting plans I've made for well over four figures of clients

...the breadth and depth of knowledge gleaned from my interactions with countless numbers of the over 1 million people who visit my site each month.

What you'll be given is derived from / based on all of that and everything I have to offer you after all these years of experience I have, and that's both how and why I am comfortable enough to make the grandiose claim I did. I say all of that because I want to be abundantly clear that if there was ever one thing you should think is worth getting from me—this is it.

Why You Shouldn't Skim This

Now, back to the four things you'll get from this. I'm going to explain them as clearly and as usefully as I can because I don't want there to be anything lost in translation; I want to be able to accurately communicate the value they will have for you. I therefore want to be upfront in saying I'm not going to cut any corners for the sake of brevity just because some people may not like reading a lot.

To be clear, that doesn't mean I'm going to say anything that isn't worth your time reading. Don't mistake discursiveness as irrelevance or thoroughness as longwindedness. I've spent a long, long time thinking about how to properly communicate the value of what I'm going to share with you, and everything that follows is essential to doing that.

With that out of the way, recall I said that I truly mean it when I say these things are the most important things you'll ever be offered. I was justifying having made that claim, and I then justified what, at least in my estimation, gives me the right to make that claim. What I didn't yet do was show you (convince you) how or why these things will be (or should be) important to you. Allow me to do that now by way of revealing one of the four things.

Is This You?

Let's start by acknowledging some simple facts of your current reality:

  • The wifesharing desires you have inside you aren't dormant. They are active in the sense that they push and pull you to satisfy/gratify them in some way.
  • This wouldn't really matter as much as it does if your desires weren't as powerful as they are and could be ignored. Desire circuits that run as deep as these do though—evolutionarily, biologically, and psychologically speaking—have the potential to exercise a terrifyingly (but amazingly) profound influence over us, and they aren't able to be ignored. If they were, you wouldn't be here reading this 😉
  • When you feel the internal yearning to satisfy one of these desires, you (obviously) look to explore one or more ways to do so. Exploration is the inevitable, irresistible—dare we say predetermined?—effect of the fact that your desires call to be satisfied, and they call to be satisfied because of the very fact that they exist. That is one of the things that differentiates desires from mere thoughts or emotions—their call to be satisfied.
  • It's truthful to say that you want your exploration of your desires to be as positive, productive, satisfying, and fulfilling as possible, yielding the types of outcomes you ultimately want. After all, it would be crazy/nonsensical to say the opposite, which would be something like, "I will continue to pursue something without caring whether or not the pursuit is actually satisfying or positive."
  • You aren't able to explore these desires in some/all of the ways you would like to because your partner isn't/wouldn't be on board with some/all of the things you're doing or would want to do. You want more and you want her to be involved.

So what have you wound up doing about all this? Well, you've looked for ways to get your partner on board, right? The problem is that you haven't (yet) been able to be successful. And that's how you ended up here, reading this. But, being here reading this is far from a bad thing because you'll finally learn how to actually make the progress you want to make.

The Only Question That Matters

Now, the question you obviously want the answer to is: how can you get your partner on board so you two can explore what you believe will be a mutually pleasurable and beneficial path?

Well the answer to that actually lies in the answer to a different question: why isn't she as on board as you want her to be?

And by that we aren't talking about the specific objections she's given you. The reasons women give are often many and varied. What's important to understand is that there's really only one reason that underlies all of them. As a matter of fact, it actually lies at the base of all human action.

In other words, it's relevance isn't just to your fantasy; it's the reason behind why anyone does or does not do anything, and it's a lot more simple than you might think. Here it is:

Being able to connect with an idea in a meaningful enough way is an indisputable "psychological prerequisite" that determines whether or not someone pursues that idea. People don't pursue that which they can't meaningfully connect with (enough).

Two Points Of Clarification

  • By "idea", we mean not only the idea itself but also what we genuinely believe the attainable results will be if we pursue it.
  • The "meaningfully enough" qualifier means that the idea arouses a necessary/sufficient amount of desire to tip the scales of action vs nonaction in the favor of action.

What this means is that if your partner isn't on board with pursuing your fantasy with you, it's because she hasn't meaningfully connected with it enough yet. And again, that's regardless of the objections she's given. I can prove that too:

People don't always require an absence of objections/obstacles/concerns to pursue something, do they? Surely you can think of examples of people (including your partner) pursuing ideas despite obstacles/concerns/risks/objections, right?

In fact, more often than not, we pursue things despite having "reasons" not to; despite having objections/obstacles/concerns. And the times we do that are the times which coincide with having made a meaningful enough connection with an idea.

I hope you're starting to see just how significant all of this is and what it means. And to be clear, we're not talking about what I personally believe; we're not talking about my own opinion/perspective. No. We're dealing with objective verifiable claims about the determinants of human decision making and human action. More specifically, we're talking about the lynchpin of it all: "meaningfully enough" connections.

Here's where it gets fun though: this lynchpin can be controlled/influenced/changed! Allow me to explain how.

The Generation Of Meaningful Connections

You can connect with ideas in a variety of ways and on a variety of levels. The more and/or deeper ways and levels you can connect with an idea, the more likely your internal scales tip to action (action meaning pursuit of those ideas). So what determines the number and depth of the level(s) someone can connect with an idea? The level(s) of understanding they have about that something and the relevance and valence of what they believe pursuing it will yield.

The less robust and less deep someone's understanding of something is, the less likely they will be able to form (a) meaningful connection(s) with it.

Four Points Of Clarification

  • Valence is a measure of how positive or negative something is.
  • Relevance is a measure of how meaningful something is.
  • Robustness = number of ways and levels of understanding.
  • Deep = the depth of meaning each of those ways and levels has.

Understanding is therefore the key here for whether or not something is or can be meaningfully connected with enough!

tl;dr version: That last sentence can be restated in this way: when something is meaningful enough, it becomes motivational; it transforms from being an idea that can be pursued to being an idea that you decide you're going to pursue.

That is why if you want your partner to explore this path with you, then you need to help her connect with it in deep/meaningful/motivational enough ways.

And that is one of the things what I'm offering is going to show you exactly how to successfully do.

"Alright Doc, ok, ok so let's say I'm with you so far. What next?"

It All Starts With You

Well...the level of your own understanding about these desires directly impacts the "effectiveness" of your attempts to communicate with your partner about them. And by effectiveness we mean the extent to which what you say helps her actually meaningfully connect with all this.

And unless you're arrogant enough to say you already understand everything there is to understand about this desire, how it relates to you, all the reasons why you have it, and how to articulate those things to your partner in ways she can connect with—unless you're that arrogant, then keep reading.

One of my goals here is to give you the ability to understand yourself and your desires in ways and levels that you've never had before, and thus make it possible (and show you how to) to communicate those desires in a way your partner can understand and meaningfully connect with enough so she opens herself to exploring all this with you.

We're not going to stop there though because if we're honest, then we know things don't really end there, do they? Meaning, her agreeing to finally walk this path with you isn't the end of your journey—in fact it's just the beginning!

And as I'm sure you already know, there are all kinds of challenges, obstacles, landmines, pitfalls, etc lurking on the wifesharing be dragons as the saying goes.

It'll be your (our) job to make sure you avoid them as best you can so the journey you and your partner take together is as harmonious and fulfilling as possible.

How do you do that though?

Slaying The Dragons

For starters, doing that requires being careful, deliberate, conscious, intentional, etc when going down this path...It requires doing things in those ways in order to avoid taking the wrong steps. To be fair though, being successful isn't just about not taking the wrong steps, right? Heck, it's not even necessarily about taking the right steps. Just because something might be "right" doesn't mean it'll get you what you specifically want. That is why it's accurate to say that being successful means taking the best of the right steps...Not "best" in the sense that there is just one set of steps that is best for everyone in the world though, no. Rather, best meaning those which have the best chance of producing the best results for you and your partner and your relationship together; best meaning those which will yield results that balance your well being, your partner's well-being, and your relationship's well-being.

If you get that, and I mean truly get it, then it should be painfully obvious by now that you can't really do any of this right if you aren't thinking properly about all this. What do I mean by that?

Well thinking properly here essentially means allowing yourself to feel your desires and make decisions based on / around them in a way where you don't inadvertently mess up or detract from the current overall levels of harmony, function, happiness, etc you already have in your life. And the way you do that is by making sure you can harmoniously integrate (<-- this word is important and we'll see why very shortly) these desires you have with all the other priorities and values in your life and in your self.

That last sentence is the key if you really think about it. And when I say it's the key, I also mean that it's the key even if you choose not to (or ultimately aren't able to, for whatever reason(s)) actually go down the path of exploring these desires in real life.

It's the key because whether or not you actually explore them in real life means nothing regarding the simple fact that these desires aren't going anywhere. They're just not. You won't ever wake up and think, "Oh yea my ability to become aroused at the thought of my partner being sexual with someone else just don't turn me on at all anymore in any way, shape or form." If you don't heed the call to integration, you'll pay either in dissatisfaction or disaster. So how do you integrate them?

Integration & Subpersonalities

Well, integration of these desires essentially means fitting them into the whole being you are, like you would fit pieces into a(n ever growing, ever expanding, ever changing) puzzle. And that isn't a simple or straightforward task.

See, you're composed of subpersonalities, all which have their own desires, and their own viewpoints, their own thoughts, their own perceptions, etc. They’re in a war with each other though, constantly; you could maybe even say it's a Darwinian war of sorts (which subpersonalities will survive over the course of your life and which won't). Certain neuroscientists even assert that one of the goals of life is to integrate all of that plurality into a hierarchical, unified structure that has some overall ethic at the pinnacle.

You being here right now reading this is incontrovertible proof that you haven't yet integrated these desires into yourself and/or into your relationship in the way(s) you ultimately want to—otherwise why would you be here, right? Anyway, that's what this is going to help you do!

See, and that's why I can confidently say what I'm offering you here with this isn't trivial or superficial or anything like that. I'm not offering you tips, tricks, or hints. I'm offering you something existentially and eudaimonically significant. Allow me to expand on what I mean by that.

It's existentially significant in the sense that what you derive from all this is in fact essential to being able to exist as who you actually truly are—the whole of you—in a way where you can genuinely say, "Yes, I'm living as who I am and how I want," and you can squeeze everything you can from the remaining limited years you have left on this spinning blue marble we call Earth.

And it's eudaimonically significant in the sense that—well, first let me be clear on what I mean by the word eudaimonia because it's not a word we use every day. This digression is important as I hope will become clear momentarily.

The Humanist Psychology movement posited (discovered?) what's called the "actualising tendency" – a fundamental motivation we humans have towards growth. Carl Rogers, the originator of the concept, describes it as:

"’s tendency to actualize himself, to become potentialities. By this I mean the directional trend which is evident in all organic and human life – the urge to expand, develop, mature – the tendency to express and activate all the capacities of the organism and the self. This tendency may become deeply buried under layer after layer of encrusted psychological defences; it may be hidden behind elaborate facades that deny its existence; it is my belief, however, based on my experience, that it exists in every individual, and awaits only the proper conditions to be released and expressed."

Now, this actualising tendency has to do with the difference between happiness and... true(r)/deep(er) happiness. Aristotle and Aquinas use the words eudaimonia and beatitudo for the latter type, which famous Psychologist Martin Seligman thinks of as "a flourishing in terms of positive emotion, engagement with life, strong relationships, seeking meaning, and seeking achievement".

And if you think about it, aren't your wifesharing desires more eudaimonic than hedonistic or shallow? After all, aren't there more dimensions to the fulfillment that comes (or can come) from indulging/exploring your wifesharing desires compared to let's say simply having sex with your partner or getting off by yourself? The "highs" and states of meaningful bliss you can experience from satisfying your wifesharing desires are better and deeper than any highs you can experience by just having sex or getting off by yourself.

Your wifesharing desires and your ability to be aroused by them are not superficial, they cannot be ignored, and they have roots that reach so far down into you that their integration (or lack thereof) into your core identity is inexorably tied into your actualising tendency and thus into (your pursuit of) eudaimonia.

Do you get it yet? I'm not selling you a product here. I'm opening the door for you to actualise who you are by helping you finally and truly understand, integrate, and explore a subset of primally powerful desires you have in way you have never have been able to do before.

Think about the endless number of things in the world you could be thinking about right now...all the possible things you could be doing right now. And then consider the fact that you're here, thinking about your wifesharing desires and trying to figure out how you can make them a reality. Try telling me this isn't important to you.

Of course it's important to you–maybe even more than you ever thought; and part of why is because it's tied to your actualising tendency.

All that said, let's shift gears a bit and talk a bit about the format in which you'll get access to all of this: it's going to be a mastermind/consulting hybrid program. So let me now explain what that actually means.

So What Exactly Is A Mastermind / Consulting Hybrid Program?

A mastermind is typically defined as a group of two or more people working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite goal, giving each other guidance, advice, and support along the way. Since this is a hybrid program though, things will be a bit more structured as the role I play in it will be more active and involved (like it would be in a coaching / consulting program) than would be "typical" in just a mastermind.

Your experience will be centered around being provided with materials, templates, and all the other information you'll want and need to accomplish your goals, and all this is going to take place on a private community platform. We'll be going through everything together on a consistent basis to make sure you extract everything from it that you can.

You'll also be able to ask for clarification and elaboration on anything we cover every step of the way. Indeed, you and the rest of those in our group will even be able to connect with each other and create threaded collaborations, discussions, and more in our own closed, private online environment.

This is especially important because one of the best ways to keep you on the right path to your goals is giving you the opportunity to be in a positive environment with other like-minded people who are also running their own (similar) invisible race on a daily basis. You can think of it as a "think tank" (led by me) for your own wifesharing journey.

Another reason the group component is so valuable is because the wealth of information that can be mined from what others share about their own journeys, past and present, good and bad, what's worked for them and what hasn't, etc, is simply illimitable. This is especially true and ever more powerful when you have someone (me) who is willing and able to refine what is there and help you use/apply–in ways that will work for your own situation—the relevant, valuable parts.

In other words, I simply can't overstate the value that can be extracted from the contributions of a close-knit, focused group where all members are able to share what's been indispensably valuable for them.

Not to mention the simple but powerful fact that having the right people keep you accountable is one of the best ways to move you into (and keep you in) action. It's more common than you think to struggle with doing some of the things that you know you should, but you delay or just don't do for one reason or another.

How Long Will This Span?

This whole program will span a 12 week period, over which we'll also have weekly 90-minute virtual meetings (done via online text chat, no audio/video for obvious discretionary reasons). And don't worry, we'll take 1-2 weeks off throughout the program so as to not make it overly-intensive. The meeting agendas will be focused on applying the material you were most recently provided with for that week(s). This will also allow you to bring your very specific needs to the table for input and ideas from myself and others.

And for those who can't make the meetings (or would prefer not to partake in the "real-time" parts of this), no worries—I'll make the transcripts available for download. In addition to that, I'll also be providing optional “office hours” for even more individual support.

When Will This Start?

Signups are officially open now; please note I'm capping enrollment to 20 people, and over 1,000,000 people will see this offer. If you want a spot, get it now. Sign-ups close twp weeks from today, March 25th 2023.

The program itself will officially begin on May 1st, 2023.

So Let's Recap: Here's A Summary Of Exactly What You'll Learn & How You'll Learn It

I've done my best to explain the overaching principles that this hybrid program will center around and how learning learning all the information you'll be provided with can help you make your fantasy happen—and in the best way possible. I said a lot though, so let me summarize everything by telling you exactly what you'll get by signing up for a spot in this mastermind / consulting program:

What You'll Learn

  • You'll be able to understand biologically, existentially, emotionally, psychologically—in better and deeper ways than ever before—how and why it's possible for you to have these desires, and that's important because you'll then learn...
  • How you can communicate about all this in a way your partner can finally make meaningful enough connections with so you two can willingly and enthusiastically embrace this path together.
  • How to quickly, reliably, safely, and effectively find a genuine third party / bull / paramour that your partner can not only feel comfortable with but also one who satisfies her in the ways she actually would want.
  • How to completely avoid the dreaded danger of your partner wanting to leave you for someone else she sleeps with.
  • How to have this actually strengthen your relationship and bring you two closer—on every level—than ever before.
  • How to handle, work through, and overcome any angst you (might) have so it doesn't manifest itself or control you or get between you and your partner / your fantasy in unawanted, negative ways.
  • How to resolve any inner moral conflicts you have about your desires or how you're currently exploring/gratifying them.
  • How to finally get the reins back so you can control and integrate your urges instead of being unhealthily or entirely consumed or controlled by them in maladaptive ways.
  • How you and your partner can explore this path without your partner feeling that doing so would violate any religious beliefs she might have.
  • How to help her finally overcome any body / self-esteem issues she has which are playing a role in her not being as sexual as she could be.
  • Fitting these desires into who you are and into your relationship in a way that balances your well being, your partner's well-being, and your relationship's well-being.
  • But that's not all...

  • As an added SPECIAL BONUS—and this is something I've never, ever done, nor will I ever do again—you will get access to all of my previous products FOR FREE!
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    I'm not sure how familiar with my other products you are, but this is over $900 of materials—for FREE. Why?

    Because I am hellbent on making sure that I am giving you everything you could possibly need to be able to improve your relationship, make your fantasy happen, and make this one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Now, the importance of all those things and the value I'm offering you is (hopefully by now) pretty much self-evident. That said, I want to be explicitly clear in what kind of results you can expect, because that's what you ultimately want, right? The results! So, read below...

What Kind Of Results You Can Expect

Just imagine...

  • That sweet, sweet moment when your partner looks at you, gently smiles, bites her lower lip and says, "Well, maybe we can try this and see how it goes..."
  • The dick-hardening excitement of helping her find another guy from her work, or the gym, or online, or even a friend...who she can fuck.
  • How she'll look getting ready to go out with another man, high heel shoes, lingerie underneath her dress, nicely done nails, perfume, all which says "I'm putting effort into looking fucking hot for another man!"
  • The look on your partner's face that says both, "Look how much fun I'm having!" and "Everything is OK" as she's riding another man cowgirl style.
  • The things she'll turn to you and say (if you want to be there of course) to you as she's being penetrated by another man: "How do you like the show? Don't you wish you were doing this?" She'll moan, scream, laugh, giggle, call out the other man's name while she still playfully calls you terms of endearment like honey, baby, etc.
  • Listening from another room as you hear the sounds her screaming, crying, begging, slurping, all floating through the closed door behind which she's letting her true inner slut out. Imagine her walking out of the room for a quick break, hair a mess, makeup smeared, as she goes to get a glass of water, walks past you and says "Hi" and then goes back into the bedroom, closing the door and locking it.
  • Her spending the night at his place as she calls you from her phone, putting you on speaker as she's getting railed...or maybe instead of calling from her phone, she even calls from his phone.
  • Walking in on your partner when you weren't expecting her to be with her lover because she planned on surprising you like this.
  • The erotic thrill combined with experiencing that tinge of jealousy you would get when you see her lingerie laying around the bed, or sex toys on the nightstand, or a condom in the garbage...but none of them were from her using them with you.
  • Seeing your partner happier and more fulfilled (sexually and otherwise) than she's ever been in her entire life.
  • How much closer exploring all this in the right way can bring the two you emotionally, intimately, sexually, passionately...
  • Being able to finally be your true self in a geunine and actualized way so you can explore this path in a way that serves you, your partner, your relationship, your values, and your goals.
  • All that, and so much more!

Here's Why This Is As Good As It Gets

I'm not using the phrase "as good as it gets" figuratively as a cliché here. I'm using it literally because I truly don't believe there is anything else left that would be essential to helping you achieve your goals.

I mean, we said all this already but just to highlight the important points, here is the help that you're going to get:

So What Does All This Cost?

I don't know how familiar you are with what masterminds and comprehensive coaching/consulting programs like this usually cost. Don't worry though—you're not going to get blindsided with a $5,000 price tag.

On the same note though, I also can't offer something of this scope and magnitude for just $500 either. After all, you're getting literally everything I've ever released, and everything I haven't, along with my personal dedication and guidance, over a 3 month period.

This service will be priced according to the same standards and levels of fairness as everything else I've released and fairly priced since the release of my very first product. You'll be able to get everything I said Risk-Free for...

Price: $5000   $4000   $3000

Only $1999

Special Reimbursement Opportunity

Now I understand that many of you, even if you think that price is fair, wouldn't be able to afford it. That's why I'm going to offer you a simple way to get reimbursed for some of it. Here's how.

After you purchase a spot in the hybrid program, your receipt and confirmation email will contain a unique sign-up code. If you know others who would want to sign up for a spot with you, you can tell them to use your code at checkout, and when they do, YOU will get $200 back.

So that means if you get 2 other guys to sign up, and they sign up with your code, you get $400 back. The limit to the number of people who can sign up using your code will be 10, which will allow you to be completely reimbursed for the full price you paid for your spot. For the sake of mutual discretion, mutual trust, and convenience, you will be able to choose whether you receive that money back in the form of a money order, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. All reimbursements will be processed and sent out to you by the time the program starts.

If you have any questions at all about this, just let me know and I'll be happy to clarify.

In any case, it's still a large amount of money, objectively speaking. That said, I'm only offering 20 spots, and this hybrid program is only for those who are serious about enriching their relationship and exploring their fantasy in reality.

This is it, my friends. This is the final frontier when it comes to being able to do everything you can to make your fantasy a reality. The only thing that remains is one simple question: do you want to make this happen or not? If you do, here sits the opportunity, the best one the internet has to offer.

Had Enough Yet?

So if you’ve decided you’re done reading and don’t want to waste another minute in securing your spot, click the “Buy Now” or "Pay With BTCPAY" button below.

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It's literally that easy.

One Last Bonus

I wasn't originally planning on including this because it's something that the majority of people out there wouldn't be openminded enough to benefit from. To be clear, every now and again, ideas are revealed to us before we're ready or able to understand them, let alone accept or execute them. This last bonus is one of those things; it's something that, simply put, the world isn't really ready for.

If there's one thing I've learned is true about the type of people who are into wifesharing, it's that they can be the most likely to surprise you with what they're capable of opening themselves up to. So, whether or not it's with my better judgment or against it--I'm not really sure--I'm going to include it.

There's a catch though. I'm not going to tell you what it is. I don't want to be dismissed off the bat and thought crazy. I'm only going to reveal it to those who complete this program and still want to know it. It's going to change you forever. You will never be able to live the same once I pull the curtain back.

So, I'm sure that sounds cryptic and weird, but, it is what it is. If you want it, it will be yours.

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Time is Very Much "Of the Essence"... As I mentioned above, there are only a limited amount of spots available. I'm capping enrollment to 20 people. And since you know just how many people visit this site, I'm sure those spots will fill up quicker than your wife's pussy when she has another man's cock inside her.

Just in case what you should do isn't crystal clear yet though, think about something for a minute.

This fantasy of yours, the desire you have inside to make it happen—think about when you first realized it was a turn on for you...perhaps it was only some weak wish you had, maybe even one you were hesitant to admit to yourself...and think about how it’s now become a full-fledged and hard-on that isn’t going away.

Think about how over time it’s only gotten more pronounced, louder, bigger, how you’ve become more obsessed. Think about how the longer you go without taking steps to actually do something about it that it just sits under the surface repressed, unfulfilled, and because of that—it starts to eat away at you.

The urges you have find other negative ways to express themselves, and your relationship starts to suffer because of repressed sexual and emotional desire.

It becomes harder (and easier) to hide who you really are, and you unintentionally start to create distance in your relationship by escaping into the porn world.

I want you to know that you don’t need to be controlled by that fear any longer. But the time to act is NOW. Delaying only makes it worse—you and I both know it.

So do yourself and your relationship a favor. Click on the "Buy Now" button below to get your spot in this mastermind consulting hybrid program.

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My Promise To You

As with all the rest of my products and services, I stand by the value and quality of what I'm offering here. See, I've been doing this professionally for almost a decade, and in that time I've made it my mission to make sure I overdeliver in everything I offer and in all the ways I can—and that's a big part of the reason why I've been able to do this so successfully for so long.

Now I normally offer the ability to get refunds, but due to 1) the large dollar amount involved here, 2) the fact that this purchase comes with every single product I've ever released as a FREE bonus, and 3) the amount of personal help and personal interaction from me that you will be getting, I can't afford to leave myself open to scammers and bad actors who would surely look to take advantage of that. Therefore, the purchase of a spot in this mastermind / consulting hybrid is non-refundable.

Last but not least, this will obviously go a long way towards ensuring that those who will be going through this program with you are just as serious and dedicated as you are, not to mention that everyone will be doing everything they can to get the most out of this due to the skin they'll have in the game, so to speak.

That said, I will literally do everything/anything I can to make sure you're satisfied with having purchased a spot in this mastermind consulting hybrid program and that you get everything you can out of it.

Here's What You Need To Do Now

Alright—I told you everything you need to know, so this is what you’re going to do now...You’re going to click the “Buy Now” or "Pay With BTCPAY" button below.

Once you enter and submit your information, you’ll immediately be sent to a special relationship assessment page that will ask you some basic but important information about you, your partner, your relationship together, and your fantasy. I'll start reviewing that information and will send you an email with any follow-up questions I have, this way I can make sure I have all the relevant information I need to be able to help you in the best ways I can. So go ahead and click the button below and get your spot now.

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P.S. Don’t be one of those guys who think that they wouldn’t be able to make their fantasy happen, only to have it linger beneath the surface unfulfilled. On some level, you’ll be unsatisfied, your partner will be able to feel it, and it’ll start to negatively impact the relationship—that is, if it hasn’t already. You deserve better than that; your partner deserves better than that. She deserves more satisfaction, and she wants it. I’m going to tell you how to open her mind up to experiencing what both of you deep down would benefit from. So click the buy now button and complete your order.

P.P.S. You can see it, right? You can see that when it comes to doing what you can to make your fantasy happen, there is no better or more comprehensive way. This is it. And this is your chance.