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Any Of This Sound Appealing?

  • What it will be like for your wife to tell you a real story about how she was flirting with another man when she was out
  • Seeing the look in her eyes as she tells you she's anxious but excited to explore this with you
  • Feeling that intoxicatingly twisted knot in your stomach that comes with the pre-fantasy-fulfillment jitters and angst

But it doesn't need to stop there, because after all, you want this to actually happen right? I wonder if you can imagine...

  • Getting a text message update when she's actually out with another man, telling you she might be home a bit late
  • Experiencing the thrill of the emotional roller coaster that you go for a ride on when exploring this fantasy for real
  • Not know what's happening, yet all the while imagining and simultaneously realizing it's not just a fantasy anymore

If it stopped there, that could be enough...but you know deep down you crave more...

  • Seeing your wife break free from what's holding her back, and finally unleashing the untethered slut she has within
  • Experiencing her moaning in pleasure from someone else finally being inside her, fucking her, making her cum time and again as she screams his name, and thinks about you
  • Having her come home, disheveled and used, with a hungry look in her eye as she tells you she's never been fucked like that before, and she wants--she needs--more...

My Promise

Would you trust someone who told you they reinvented the wheel from scratch? Probably not. People tend to trust and use what's already been prove to work...for good reason.

And the best thing about enlisting my help is knowing that the principles which guide my methods aren't ones that I just pulled out the air. They're all based on research-backed principles from other disciplines like Psychology, Social Dynamics, Persuasion & Influence, Neurology, etc.

That's why I'm making this promise to you: if you follow the principles inside The Cuckold's Checklist, you will make progress towards your fantasy happening.

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But Don't Take My Word For It

Here's what others have to say...

My wife and I had what you'd call a run of the mill satisfying and normal relationship. We were lovers (who had sex on a consistent but not all too frequent basis) and close friends, going out to dinner, travelling once or twice a year, binge watching TV shows together. That is when we found ones we both liked. When I brought my fantasy up to her, she didn't freak out or get angry or anything. She just didn't get it. Did I want to sleep with other women, was it that she wasn't enough for me, it doesn't seem right, all that kinda stuff. Tried a few more times after that but didn't really get anywhere. By chance I found this website through Tumblr, read some of the articles and it appeared Dr. 36 knew what he was talking about. I also figured you wouldn't be able to have a website this legitimate without being successful with others, so I figured I'd get one of his products. Those 9 questions he talks about seemed interesting so I figured, why not check it out? BEST THING I ever did. Hands down. It opened my eyes up to exactly how my wife was thinking and tells you how to address her real concerns. I went through the ones which seemed most relevant, and little by little, you could see her attitude shifting. It wasn't too long after that one day, and I'll never forget this day, she says to me in bed, 'Would you really want to try this fantasy of yours out?' At first I thought it was some kind of trick question, but I knew based on how things had been going that it wasn't, so I told her 'Yea, I do.' Well to make a long story short, she's been with two different guys in the last 4 months. It might not seem like a lot to some people, but it's more than enough for me. I can't begin to describe what it actually feels like to live this fantasy in real life. My sincerest thanks go to The Cuckold Consultant!

Manny D.

She said the fact that she felt understood is what made her feel like it was actually ok to think about the idea. Just a week later, we've now started doing some role play in the bedroom with it!

Allan S.

My wife of 17 years was willing to play along in the bedroom when it came to my fantasy, but drew a line when it came to reality. I thought sometimes that maybe she was only willing to play along with it because she knew I liked it, but it was more than that. She was definitely into it and would always get extra wet when we played. I chatted with The Cuckold Consultant one night just to see what he thought, and he made a lot of sense in his assessment of my situation. He told me he could make me a Personalized Plan, but that wasn't in my budget at the time. So he suggested I get one of his smaller products. He recommended The Cuckold's Checklist so I bought it. (Then again, who the hell wouldn't buy something with a double your money back return policy). 3 weeks later, we're out at a classy hotel bar together, me in the distance watching her flirt with some stranger. She kept stealing little glances at me the whole time. We didn't have her sleep with him, but she got her number, and we went back to our room and had some of the best sex we'd ever had together. If you're on the fence about whether or not to trust the Cuckold consultant, do it. It'll be worth it.


Much better information than everything else out there on the web. Your understanding of Psychology is unquestionable.

Mike R.

18 Pages Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

No one questions whether or not a .22 caliber bullet is effective just because it's a smaller round. That's why you shouldn't let the size of this guide (just 18 pages) fool you. Over 3 years of research went into this project, and I’ve condensed it all down. No Fluff and No B.S.

Just the raw information you need to help you make your fantasy happen.

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Like I said, I take discretion very seriously. If you have ANY trouble at all, click the message icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you can contact me in real time, or leave a message.

And if you're still worried that your wife would find out about the charge, you can truthfully confess that you bought an online guide giving you “17 Different Ways To Wow Your Wife With Romance” because that’s actually part of the guide!

Why It's Just $7

I'm only charging $7 for this special guide, and not giving it away, for 3 reasons.

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Think about how over time it’s only gotten more pronounced, louder, bigger, how you’ve become more obsessed. Think about how the longer you go without taking steps to actually do something about it that it just sits under the surface repressed, unfulfilled, and because of that—it starts to eat away at you.

The urges you have find other negative ways to express themselves, and your relationship starts to suffer because of repressed sexual and emotional desire.

It becomes harder (and easier) to hide who you really are, and you unintentionally start to create distance in your relationship by escaping into the porn world.

I want you to know that you don’t need to be controlled by that fear any longer. But the time to act is NOW. Delaying only makes it worse—you and I both know it.

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