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At The Cuckold Consultant®, my #1 goal is to help you make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen in a way that matches your goals and relationship dynamic. And my free guides are a great place to start. Each of my free guides is 100% FREE – no hidden costs, no strings attached! Simply enter your e-mail, and your instantly-downloadable guide will be emailed to you. You can read it in one sitting (all of my free guides are designed to be easy to read, as I know that many people have little to no extra time for reading) and then put the strategies in it to work immediately. Take a look below and select the guide that looks best for your situation. And don’t forget that I also offer a variety of do-it-yourself resources, as well as one-on-one help, in case you find that you need more support than your free guide offers.

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FREE: Dominance - The Secret To Unleashing Her Inner Whore

This guide is going to show you the easiest, quickest, most powerful, and most effective way to bring out your wife or girlfriend’s naughty side. And being able to get in touch with her naughty side is a pre-requisite to being able to make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen. By the time you get done applying these techniques in your relationship, you’re going to be telling your woman your dick needs a break…and her response will be to sit on your face instead and get off that way instead.

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FREE: 6 Silent Sex Drive Assassins In Post-Menopausal Women

Is your wife seemingly almost never 'in the mood'? Is your sex life not where you want it to be? Does it seem like no matter what you try, your wife just isn't interested in having sex like she once was? This FREE eBook will help you identify six of the most overlooked female sex-drive assassins and what you need to do ASAP if they're ruining your sex life.