WARNING! Don't Even Think About Trying To Turn Your Relationship Into An FLR Until You Read This...

"What Every Guy Ought To Know...
About Female Led Relationships!"

Applying these two simple laws will enable you to finally successfully turn your relationship into an FLR…where your wife enjoys her new role, and takes advantage of you in the exact ways you deep down desire…even if you’ve been playing the part of the strong, dominant type up until now.

I Totally Understand

There are literally millions of men out there (which has now been confirmed through Google search trend analysis) who share the fantasy of wanting to be in some kind of female led relationship. And yet, they aren't living the out the bliss of their FLR fantasy in reality. Why?

Because just like you, they fall into one of the following three situations:

1) Something is holding you back from bringing up your FLR fantasy to your wife.

2) You've brought your FLR fantasy up to your wife but she's less than thrilled and you don't know how to get her on board.

3)You've brought your FLR fantasy up to your wife but neither of you are sure where to start to make it happen.

Each of these three situations comes with its unique challenges, and let's face it—those challenges aren't the easiest things to overcome.

If you haven't brought the idea up yet, you're not going to want risk losing her respect or rejecting the idea.

Or if she already knows about it but she just doesn't seem open to it, you obviously can't (and wouldn't want to) force her.

And heck, even if she did like the idea, it's still just as challenging not knowing where to start to explore it in reality.

That's why I want to take a minute and tell you Jerry's (a previous client of mine) story.

The Story Of Jerry's Struggle

Jerry was a 48 year old executive who occupied the leadership role in almost all his relationships, both at work and at home. He was always in the driver’s seat, having to make all the decisions and call all the shots.

He enjoyed the power and control, sure. But…deep down he desired to experience something else.

Jerry wanted to feel what it was like to be in the passenger’s seat. He wanted to experience someone overpowering him, forcing him to do what they said. And he wanted that someone to be a woman…More specifically, he wanted that woman to be his wife.

The only problem was that Jerry’s wife was the submissive type herself. She’d never had any experience calling the shots or being in a dominant role. She was even uncomfortable having sex with him when she was on top.

Jerry struggled for quite a bit in trying to decide whether or not he even wanted to share his fantasy with his wife. What eventually tipped the scales was the fact that he found himself fantasizing about it way too often, aiming to gratify his desire through femdom erotica and porn.

He could feel the effect this was having on his relationship. He became a bit more withdrawn, less connective with his wife, whom he already felt was more like a roommate to him than a romantic partner. But what really scared him was that he was beginning to realize that the longer (and harder) he tried to repress the idea, the more it grew inside him.

He knew deep down things simply couldn't continue how they were.

So that's what finally gave him the courage to bring the idea up to his meek wife, Leanne.

The Story Of Leanne's Response

When Jerry finally brought the idea of a female led relationship up to Leanne, her response wasn't what you'd call favorable.

Don't get me wrong—she wasn't angry or upset really. But she was confused, and her confusion led her to think things about Jerry and her relationship with him that neither one of them wanted her to think.

Was Jerry that unhappy with how things were they he wanted something so...different?

Was something wrong with her that she wasn't really open to the idea?

Were they truly not compatible in the way she always believed them to be?


And see, Leanne's parents had a relationship where the father occupied the head of the household role, while her mother occupied the role of the caring and supportive partner, faithfully fulfilling all her duties as a good wife and mother should. It worked for them, and Leanne, growing up with that model of how relationships ought to be, desired the same for herself.

So when Jerry proposed flipping the script so to speak, Leanne didn't know what to make of it. She thought the idea seemed a bit...unnatural, and more importantly, when she tried to imagine it, she found it didn't really have much of an appeal.

And so Jerry and Leanne reached a place that I describe as gridlocked—they had seemingly different desires and neither one of them were able to conceive of what they'd do about this. So they resorted to secretly hoping the other would suddenly (or eventually) have a change of heart.

But neither did.

Jerry Learns The Two Laws

With a little bit of what he considers luck, and a little help from the ultimate information and connection center that is Google.com, Jerry found my website.

He reached out for some guidance, wanting to know what I thought about his situation, and if there was anything he or I could do to change it.

I gave him my thoughts, and then explained two simple laws of social dynamics to him.

When I first explained the two laws to Jerry, his immediate reaction was to think that if he started acting more submissive on his own, or “beta” as he called it, his wife would start to act more dominant to compensate. But I stopped him before he got any further in his mind because that’s not the correct way to apply the two laws.

The key isn’t in trying to manipulate your wife into taking on a more dominant role. Rather…

It’s about seducing your wife with the idea in a way that will genuinely resonate with some of the deeper parts of herself that she has inside her.

It’s about genuinely playing to your strengths in a way that emotionally appeals to her.

It’s about giving and doing your best in a very specific way that will tap into pleasing your wife on levels she's never experienced before, making the mere thought of your relationship becoming an FLR irresistibly attractive.

In other words, the quickest, easiest, & most natural way to turn
your relationship into a female led relationship has to do with
helping your wife make an emotional connection to this fantasy
in a way I guarantee you've never done before.

Jerry hadn’t been doing this. Instead, he had been trying to cold-pitch an idea his wife couldn’t make any emotional connection to. All she could do was understand that it turned him on, and that got him no closer to his goal.

Your Wife & Your FLR Fantasy

Your wife needs to be able to make an emotional connection to your fantasy in order to be willing to explore it. The way you present your fantasy to her (or restructure it if you've already brought the idea up and she refused) is the most important factor in determining whether or not she'll be able to emotionally connect with it.

Knowing just what to say, when to say it, how to say it, etc. can be extremely tricky though. The worst part is that oftentimes if you take one small misstep, you can set yourself back or completely ruin your chances altogether.

You need to make sure you present the idea in a way that doesn't put her off. More importantly, you need to present it in a way that will inspire her.

But more often than not, even though we think we know what will inspire our women, we are actually mistaken because our desires cloud our objectivity. We confuse what we want her to be inspired by and what she actually would be inspired by.

Furthermore, you would also need to make sure she could embrace her new role without genuinely losing respect for you. If she did, this could destroy the intimacy and connection the two of you share. Having her be in a dominant FLR role (especially if you want a more extreme type of FLR arrangement) can seriously impact her feelings for you in negative ways if certain precautions aren't taken.

These are just some of the risks you'd encounter along the way if you decide to press on by yourself without any guidance at all. Fortunately though, you don't have to go about this process alone.

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Female Mind

Over the last two decades, my career was spent studying, learning about, and professionally helping people navigate their relationship problems. That's what allowed to me to "unlock the secrets" of (aka understand the psychology behind) the female mind.

Knowing these secrets was the key to being able to help men transform their relationships into Female Led Relationships (and cuckold/hotwife relationships as well).

And after years of distilling my methods, weeding out what didn't work and focusing on what did, I had finally succeeded in producing a system any man could follow in order to live out his FLR fantasy with his wife in a way they would both truly enjoy.

Introducing The FLR Conversion System

The FLR Conversion System is a complete start to finish manual designed to walk you step-by-step through the process to turn your relationship into an FLR with your wife's willing and excited consent.

And more importantly, it's essential and valuable for you no matter where you're at in the process.

Don't know how to bring the topic up with your wife, or afraid she'll lose respect for you and reject the idea?

The FLR Conversion System will teach you how to prime your wife and seduce her with the idea in a way she won't be able to resist. She'll be begging demanding you to "try this FLR stuff out"!

Have you already brought up the idea of an FLR but your wife just wasn't interested?

The FLR Conversion System will teach you how to restructure your approach and communicate with your wife on a meta-level, which means you'll be speaking her language and appealing to her in ways you hadn't ever thought of or knew existed before now. You won't believe the 180 she'll do and be open to trying it out.

Want to know where to start and how to continue once your wife is on board with the idea of an FLR?

The FLR Conversion System explains every step you'll want to take to have the most fulfilling and natural experience possible, bringing you and your wife closer together and enriching your relationship with pleasure you never thought possible.

Is It Easy To Use?

Is it ever!

There’s only nine steps to follow, and they’re so simple that even a nine year old could do it. Seriously.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though.

The 9 steps of The FLR Conversion System have their roots in dangerously effective female psychology principles that I’ve spent the last two decades learning about in the educational setting, seminars, and my experience as a counselor.

And let me tell you something…

When you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time helping couples patch their failing marriages and relationships back together, helping transform the dynamic of an already normal and healthy relationship into an erotic and intimate FLR is a piece of cake.

See Results In The First 30 Days

Follow the steps of The FLR Conversion System and you’ll begin to see your relationship dynamic transform right before your very eyes. Be prepared to hear your wife start saying things to you like:

  • Go get the lotion. I need you to rub my feet.
  • Run my bath for me. And while I’m in there get started on the laundry.
  • Get up, Sweetheart, and make me some coffee and an English muffin with butter.
  • I want a full body massage for exactly one half hour; keep an eye on the clock. When you’re done I want you to go down on me until I tell you to stop. Afterwards, we’ll both go to sleep. You won’t be having an orgasm tonight.
  • I’d like some homemade chicken parmesan for dinner tonight. Be sure to have it ready by 6pm. Oh, and some candles on the dinner table to set the mood would be nice too.
  • Make time to clean the kitchen and the bathroom today. It’s starting to get messy. And if you do a good enough job, you just might get to draw me a bath later and watch me get undressed.
  • I’m taking my friends out to dinner tonight and you’re paying. And if you give me any flack about it, you won’t see me naked for a month, let alone touch me.

And that's only just the beginning because it can be taken much farther. You can make your FLR as moderate or as extreme as you’d like it with The FLR Conversion System. It’s all up to you and what you want.

Maybe you want an arrangement where your wife takes complete control of your sex life.

Maybe you’d want her to start taking over the finances too…

Or perhaps you’d like it if she took the lead in almost every aspect of your lives, including how you spend your free time and in which direction your lives are headed…

If that’s not enough and you wanted to become your wife’s servant on a regular basis, that’s possible too.

“My wife and I were what you would call balanced or equal partners. Deep down I had this desire to be submissive though. I just didn’t know how to tell my wife about it because she’s turned off my submissive or feminine men. Leave it to lady luck though because I stumbled upon The Cuckold Consultant’s website. I didn’t have any interest in having her sleep with anyone else, but I asked him if he could help me with my situation. I wanted my wife to become much more dominant in our sex life and our regular relationship. He told me he was about to release a new product called The FLR Conversion System and he would give it to me at a discounted rate as part of a third run field test he was running with a few other clients. So I figured, sure why not? Well, BEST THING I ever did. Hands down. Not only am I enjoying the more subservient role I’m in, but it feels really natural. And she loves it! I can now officially say I am in a Female-Led Relationship.”

Thomas O.

“You could seriously change the world with this stuff. I was a bit worried it would be a rehash of other stuff I’ve already read online, but it wasn’t. Well worth it, and really effective!”


Instead of giving you a 'review' I figured why not just tell you what happened the other morning. I was in bed with my wife. I was still sleeping. I get woken up however to the soft caressing of a hand sliding up and down my shaft. I open my eyes and turn my head to the left and my wife is just deviously looking at me with this spark in her eye. She gets me ¾ of the way hard, and proceeds to climb on top of my…face. She reaches back every now and then and gives a tug on me as she demands I make her cum. And of course I do. I was fucking loving it, I would have done anything for her in that moment. She turns around still on top of my face and is now facing my dick. We start to lick and suck each other in the 69 position. I’m getting close to cumming, she can feel it, she’s going faster, up and down, and just as I’m about to cum she takes her ass off my face and tilts my shaft and I cum all over myself. She laughs in this hysterically naughty way, and as my orgasm is...

Martin E.

ing with my shaft still throbbing she smears the cum that’s on my stomach on her hands. She looks at it, and says, Open your mouth. I’ve never done anything like that before, but the way she said it it was like she had some sort of control over me. I opened it my mouth, and she slid the cum off her hand onto my tongue and said, Good boy. No go clean yourself up and make me some breakfast, mmkay? Best morning of my life.

Martin E. (Continued)

Thank you for all your help and The FLR Conversion System. It helped me finally explain things to my wife where she didn’t view me as less manly. Everything has gotten better, including our sex life. Which most then would think is weird because I’m currently in chastity.


Here’s What You Receive When You Order

After you order, you'll instantly receive your own digital manual in PDF format of The FLR Conversion System.

It contains the nine steps you'll need to follow and the psychology behind them so you can easily use them to turn your relationship into the FLR you want it to be.

Let me tell you a little bit about what's inside this manual...

  • How to avoid the two most common ways most men fail at trying to get their wives interested in a Female Led Relationship
  • Why you can't ever manipulate your wife into a Female Led Relationship
  • How to ignite a tinder box of fiery, exciting emotional connections inside your wife about Female Led Relationships
  • How to use the Triple Action Method to leverage the two laws of social dynamics we previously talked about, so your wife will start naturally embracing her more dominant side out of her own free will
  • How to create real intimacy between you and your wife, so she'll not only be open to your desires and what you want explore, she'll actually crave doing so
  • Why almost everything you learned about women and foreplay was wrong, and how you can use this advanced foreplay secret to turn your wife on more than she's been in years so she'll be ripping YOUR clothes off and throwing YOU down on the bed
  • How to get your wife to start becoming more demanding of you around the house and making YOU thank HER for giving you opportunities to serve her
  • The Six Critical Keys for setting the stage to get your wife begging demanding that you try out a Female Led Relationship with her
  • Why the way you praise your wife might actually be making her feel worse about herself, and the secret to praising her in ways that will actually elevate and inspire her
  • How to take your wife from meek and mild to domineering dominatrix—in AND out of the bedroom
  • How to have the idea of a Female Led Relationship go from being your suggestion into something your wife takes complete and utter advantage of...to the point where you no longer have a say in how much control she has over you and the relationship. Be careful what you wish for!
  • Whether you want to be your wife's dedicated knight or her subservient slaveboy, you'll learn exactly how to use the E.R.E Technique to have your Female Led Relationship to be as extreme/intense or as mild/toned-down as you want it
  • Structure your FLR dynamic to be however you want it to be, whether it's as limited and confined to the bedroom, extensive and ruthlessly permeating every area of your life, or something in between
  • The 7 Essential Factors that can make or break the health and longevity of your Female Led Relationship (this is truly the difference between having your FLR be a cute role-playing experience that dies out after a couple weeks to being something you and your wife will both enjoy for years to come)
  • And how to have all this get started in the space of just one conversation that your wife is guaranteed to be receptive to

But wait, that's not all because I'm including two special bonuses that are to blow your mind.

Special Bonus #1

If you order right now, you'll receive a Professional Email-Consulting Session for FREE! What’s the benefit?

You’ll get personalized guidance and advice on the best way to execute the 9 steps in your own relationship customized based on the relationship history you provide, your personality, your wife's personality, and your goals.

It would be like if the creator of P90X gave you a Personalized version of P90X to follow that was suited to your exact situation and goals.

You’d have everything you needed to transform your relationship in the exact way you want to.

Special Bonus #2

A big reason why guys sometimes fail at getting transforming their relationship is due to the foundation of their relationship not being as solid as it should be.

So I figured why not give you 5, 10, 20, 52 different ways to enhance the depth, passion, and intimacy in your relationship—52 different ways that your wife is guaranteed to be so impressed and moved by—that she’ll confess she hasn’t felt this excited about your relationship since you first started dating!

And just in case you’re wife is the type who appreciates romantic gestures, I’ve taken the time to make each one of those 52 different ways into pre-made romance coupons/tickets for you to give her so she can choose and use them whenever she wants.

This comes in digital PDF format so if you want them in coupon format, all you need to do is click “print”.

One more thing: not one single way of the 52 unique ways will disappoint you or your wife. If they do, all you need to do is tell me and I’ll refund you every dime you paid for The FLR Conversion System.

With all this by your side, it's literally almost impossible for you to be able to fail here. This is truly your chance to make your FLR fantasy a reality.

How To Order

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Freud proved that over a century ago, and that’s why they find a way to come out in one way or another.

Think about how the longer you go without taking steps to actually do something about it that it just sits under the surface repressed, unfulfilled, and because of that—it starts to eat away at you.

You try subtle things to get your wife to assume the more dominant role and desperately hope your relationship will transition into an FLR. But all you do is wind up turning your wife off and creating an emotional distance between the two of you because she has no idea what’s going on.

She’ll come to respect you less, but in a way that will make her wonder if she even wants to be with you anymore. And that’s the last thing you want her thinking.

I want you to know that you don’t need to slink around and destroy the emotional foundation of your relationship all because you’re trying to sate your desire to experience an FLR.

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