Risk And Reward 4.6/5 (30)

“Fuck yeah, keep sucking, baby, I’m so close.”

Everything had gone off the rails, one hand-job turned into a tit fuck, a blow job, and as I soon predicted, one giant facial.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, open up!”

I only realized I was in the line of fire when he pulled away and started masturbating, but as I prepared to move, he shouted for me to stay where I was. With my own dick still straining to be free, any logical thought disappeared.

Cheek to cheek, my girlfriend and I looked up at him as I continued fingering her pussy and tweaking her nipple. I could feel and smell her breath as she held her tongue out, and for a brief moment I considered doing the same.

Luckily, a tiny fraction of sense remained in me, and I squinted my eyes just before the eruption began. Lips closed, eyes barely open, I could see just enough to watch his cum as it blasted our faces. The warm, chunky white goo splattered into our hair, across our faces, her eyes, my nose, between our cheeks, down her chest, across her tongue, onto my lips, and rolling over my chin.

His heavy breathing was all that remained in our stunned silence. I opened my eyes to find him smiling over me, mocking me as he squeezed the last drops onto Samantha’s tongue.

I pulled away enough to get a better look at her damage, but when I did she mistook my interest as a sign to kiss. With her tongue still covered in thick white slime, she twisted her torso and grabbed my face, pulling me into a french kiss I couldn’t escape.

The salty, musky taste flooded my brain and even my nose. The stench making my eyes water as her tongue swirled the sperm around mine before pushing it down my throat. Somehow, to shame I’d rather not admit, my cock erupted in my shorts as Samantha continued to kiss, and feed me Lance’s disgusting sperm.

Once free from her lips, she hugged me and began thanking me for letting so much happen. I was in shock by this point, but if there was something I knew, it was how horny she would be once Lance left us.

Still, I remained quiet, and just nodded before she gave me another quick kiss, and turned to Lance’s shrinking cock. Giving it a few more strokes and a few quick licks, she thanked him too, and told him it was more fun than she’s ever had.

Part of that stung, but even I couldn’t deny how powerful my own orgasm was. But now that seed had been spilled, reality had returned, and I felt a familiar hatred growing.

It was time for Lance to leave, I had a girlfriend to play with.


“Oh my god, look how wet my pussy is.”

My jaw dropped as I stared at Samantha. I had expected the festivities to end once everyone reached climax, but that idea was quickly fading. She had stood beside me and raised her dress, exposing the stubble covered peach that I lovingly ate everyday.

She wasn’t wrong about being wet; the mixed stimulation of being fingered, while sucking another man’s cock and then being blasted with cum must have put her body into overdrive. The pink, swollen little mound was visibly drooling clear honey, enough for the stream to be constantly flowing.

Still on my knees, her pussy was practically in my face as she showed off to Lance and I. Stepping closer, she smiled down at me and opened her legs, tapping the top of her muff and inviting me for a taste. My mouth opened instinctively, but before my lips could meet her’s, Lance took a step and placed himself beside me.

“Damn, girl, you messy,” he said crudely.


  • Adam

    Reply Reply June 7, 2017

    Lance is the real man. what you illustrated is a loser actions. the woman needs a real man to fuck her to show her real action not a loser crying over her. Just use her, give her the big cock and hard fucking she needs. I am not saying there is no losers like you, yes, there are males who crave to watch there women handled by other men correctly and they get their kinks off of it. I am one who have handled wives while their hubbies watched and I know they enjoyed the show.

  • Treb

    Reply Reply March 5, 2018

    This is a very well written piece. Thank you for sharing.

  • Chuck

    Reply Reply August 30, 2018

    This was a very long story. It had some really good segments but almost was a little scattered trying to squeeze too many topics into a short story. The ending was not at all expected and was a real disappointment, in my humble opinion.

    It was building to a 5/5 rating but the ending nearly wrecks it for me.

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