Be Careful What You Wish For – How I lost My Wife To The Lifestyle  4.5/5 (97)

The following account was written by someone who goes by the name of Bound2bMine. The story itself is highly erotic if you’re someone who fantasizes about being cuckolded without limits. In fact I would wager that it’ll be impossible for you to have read it without having felt a rush of blood down below at some point.

That said, the ending is harsh and definitive, but nonetheless very informative regarding the dangers of exploring the lifestyle without boundaries. For more information on how to find out if your wife would leave you for her lover when exploring this lifestyle, be sure to read this article: Will Your Wife Leave You For Her Lover?

I met my wife when she was in her 20's. She was very mature for her age. I was 10 yrs older than her and divorced and we hit it off right from the start. She was a hot little thing with a very friendly attitude, she was the life of the party. She was a bit of a pot head, but had a good head on her shoulders. I would later find out that she was a bit adventurous, or slutty whatever you want to call it and by age 18 had already been with 30 guys.

So we dated for like 4 years and had one breakup where she ran off with an ex-boyfriend to Jamaica for a week. This is where my feeling of sharing her started I think.

All I could think about was her and her younger ex-boyfriend fucking her every night. Like I said this is where I think my desires to share her started. She came back and we eventually got back together and married. She was 23-24 by then.

I was happy but I still had that fantasy of sharing her. She got lots of attention from men so that helped fuel my fantasy at the time. She got pregnant and we had a child. The fantasy was on hold while she was pregnant. After the baby was born I brought the fantasy up again. She was against it at first but slowly warmed up to the idea.

By this time she was like 25-26 when she started playing with other men. It included men from a young guy who was 19 to an older guy who was in his 50's.

The young guy was not good in bed and it was a one time thing but it broke the ice.

Now the older guy was an interesting scenario. He was a 52 yr old business owner that owned a business right next to a part-time job she had. He was friends with the owner of the place that my wife worked, so he frequently would visit. He had money and would often speak to my wife. He let her drive his new corvette one day and shortly after asked her out on a date and she agreed.

They went out to dinner and to a strip club then to his home. This guy is middle eastern and had a reputation for being a womanizer. I have to tell you this guy was not attractive at all but had that sort of no bullshit attitude about him. This became a regular thing for a while where he would buy her things in exchange for sex.

Now the one thing that really stuck in my mind was that she told me one time that he ripped off his condom and told her don’t worry I wont get you pregnant (she was not on the pill at the time maybe he was fixed). But he came inside her. Something so hot for me to know that an older guy had just cum inside my wife. He was like a sugar-daddy type for her. There was something extremely hot for me knowing that in a way she was being used. This went on for a few months.

Next there was a Latin guy she had like a one time thing with and another guy she met through that same part time job; the other guy was also a one or two time thing.

There was also I guy I introduced her to who was older in his 40's. They never really hit it off but I think he did eat her pussy once.

Oh and I almost forgot through the old sugar-daddy guy she met the owners of a strip club and they offered her a part-time job at the door. She took the job as she thought it would be fun. Shortly after they asked her if she wanted to strip. She never agreed; she said she didn’t have enough self confidence for that.

You know it's funny with no ground rules as we had I never encouraged her to do it. Who knows where that would have led. She only worked at the place for like two weeks.

At this point she decided she wanted to get more career oriented. She got a job working for a governmental agency. It was a big office that housed many departments and had a constant flow of men. While there she met this guy, we will call him J1. He was married but sort of a ladies men. He sort of had a steady thing with her for like a few months. He would follow her home and they would have a quick fuck. This guy was well hung, according to her like 9 inches and she told me once he had a perfect dick.

The one thing that stands out about this guy is that one time I came home and she managed to save his condom with his cum still in it. I was inexperienced and had no idea what to do with it. LOL This went on for a few months but she started to feel bad because he was married and she hated being the other woman.

Then something unexpected happened that caught me off guard but was very hot. There came a time that she had a chance to go for a better job within the same office but working for a contractor for that same office. So she applied for the job and she had to meet with the CEO of the contracting company. He was a black guy in his 40's.

This is what stands out to me. She was to meet this guy at a hotel in the restaurant for the interview. I remember that it took a while and I eventually called her. She answered and said sorry it's taking so long, he is showing me how to negotiate. I thought it was a strange answer but at the time didn't think much of it. Later that day when she came home she said that he asked her to come to his room to sign some papers and that she ended up giving him a blow job.

(So I have to stop here and say isn’t this kind of odd? Why would a CEO of a company take a chance like that unless it was expressed in some way. Am I wrong here? She later said that she felt pushed to do it and later that year he came into town and she did it again with him. According to her only a blow job again. This whole scenario seemed strange. I mean not only what I detailed above but why would he only settle for a blow job. I think more happened. Of course I never pushed for an answer because I just wanted to continue the ride.)

After this there were a couple of other men but they where mostly one time things.

None of the guys knew that I was aware of her playing around. They all thought she was cheating on me. It was easier to find guys that way she did not want to do the bar stranger thing. So at that time I never got to watch. It was her playing on her own and me just hearing the details. This went on for 5 yrs off and on.

At this point I thought I had it made a nice family a young sexy hot wife who was all about our family at home and fucking other men outside the home. By the way no one knew about our lifestyle not her family or mine. We kept it all very discreet.


  • DAE

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Very similar as to what happened to me. It is hard to get into a relationship again once this door is opened.

  • Wanderer

    Reply Reply March 10, 2018

    Wow. Eerily similar to me, but with a number of girlfriends. I’d encourage them to sample other lovers and sure enough, they’d get hooked on a superior brother and that was all she wrote for my being cuckolded.

    I’ve tried going back to just 1-on-1 relationships, but it always ends up being uncovered somehow, some way that I’m a cuck at heart. I wish society would just allow us and this lifestyle to have its day in the sun already. So many of us men have taken to it like fish to water, so what’s the big worry?

  • worshipu9

    Reply Reply April 29, 2018

    My wife had a three year relationship with a younger, fitter, harder and bigger Black Man. It was a love affair and she cut me of sex completely. However, i loved it, it feed all my twisted fantasies of humiliation etc. It was hot24/7
    I was lucky. He wanted her to leave me but she refused. We are still together after 24 years

    • ddog

      Reply Reply June 6, 2018

      Wow hot story I love the fact that another man could get your wife pregnant but what’s more of s turn on is if she stays with you. I love watching my wife get fucked along with the other man enjoying my wife’s thick wet pussy so they can enjoy life pussy is the best thing on this planet long live wet pussy

  • Bound2bMine

    Reply Reply May 12, 2018

    Thanks for the comments since its my story. Still so very hot. The memories still get me so hard.

  • SissyBoiCNJ

    Reply Reply August 8, 2018

    Thank you for sharing your story. Cuckolding is definitely one of those kinks where the fantasy is very different than the reality. While everyone is different it’s good to hear the risks that come with the lifestyle.

    I wish you the best moving forward.

  • Robert

    Reply Reply September 25, 2018

    My wife and I do the swinger thing and have another couple that we’ve been with for years. We all trade off for a week at a time were she lives with the other guy and his wife lives with me.
    She likes to tell me shes his wife and is going to divorce me. She tells me to stay with my new wife and be happy.During our last exchange it was for about a week and half and they had us over for dinner. It was strange to watch my wife be with him and acting like they were really married.

    This was such a huge turn on for me and Ill tell you our sex life is super hot. My wife asked them if they were gonna ever have children and they said yes in fact we have already started trying.

    I had to wait a few more days before my real wife came back home to ask her if it was true. She said “no not at all, but I knew it would really turn you on”. I asked if she was still taking the pill and she said yes why do you want me to stop?. I wasnt sure how to respond, she then asked if it would turn me on more knowing she was no longer on the pill ans with him. I told her yes and she said OK and went to the bathroom and threw all her pills in the trash. That was last Wed.

    The way it has always worked for us is we all had open communication and agreed not to hide anything from one another. No one would ever be asked to do anything they didnt want to do.

    So I can sort of see simularites with your story.

    My wife jokes with me all the time and likes to toy with me and most of the time I cant tell when she is.

    Theres a whole other side to this with his wife when shes with me but to much to write at this time.

  • Elli Sanders

    Reply Reply November 22, 2018

    OMG! So freak’n hot!!!

    I’ve always dreamt of being a hotwife to a cuck…

    I play around like that with some boyfriends and “bull” friends of mine, but it’s not “real” “real”… Too many quotes.

    But yeah I’m not sure if I ever will get married or settle down with one dude. But who knows, if I do I want them to be down for this lifestyle.

    • Robert

      Reply Reply November 26, 2018

      Dont change for anyone friends, family, lovers should accept you for you.
      Its not always an easy life style but its fun and exciting.

  • imran

    Reply Reply December 24, 2018

    My wife beside many one timers had two steady lovers, they will freely come home and fuck her in front of me, some times I also participated. She got pregnant with one but had a miscarriage, probably because of all the fucking she was getting. She never left me, cooled off now and still married to me.

  • Asaf

    Reply Reply February 19, 2019

    Yes. I had a different story. My girlfriend fucked me with a strap on. It is a process where you become more and more slutty as the woman becomes more dominant. It lasts 4 years but it become a problem

  • John Greenville

    Reply Reply March 2, 2019

    Interesting – looks that black guy took her away. Cuck wife / bbc lol

    I have seen x stripper for ten years. She was 26 and engaged when met her at club doing her both itc and otc. Her guys were cuckhold without knowing it I was her SD. She divorced him after 5 yr and then yr later got pg by young boy toy who she still living with. After she had kid we resumed meetings. She is best of best fantastic fuck. She will sneak away often model for me photos then good Fuking. Once they player they always player. Money trumps husband, fiancé, bf.

    I like cuck wife porn cuck wife cream pie. A fan of housewife pussy.

  • NCMan

    Reply Reply April 13, 2019

    Why is it “dangerous”?
    Even to this day it turns you on.
    That’s the only thing that matters, to be turned on, the sole, motivating purpose of and the sum totality of evety second we are alive on this earth is to be, and stay, “turned on” .. right?
    You gave your heart to this woman and you love how you feel like a piece of shit now. Imagine how hot it would be if you let HIM castrate you and make a pair of fuzzy balls for her review mirror…do it man DO IT!!! THAT WOULD BE SOOOOO HOT!!! I wish MY wife loved me enough to do that!
    That is essentially what happened dude. Can’t you see how fucked up that is?
    I just don’t know why men open the door to allow a superior man to fuck their wives. Women, no matter what they tell you, CRAVE a powerful man who will protect them and lead them. No, she isn’t “different”, she’s a woman. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s a GREAT thing. But you gotta know who/what you are dealing with.
    Guess the old saying is true, “The worst mistake a man can make is giving another man the opportunity to make his wife smile”,

    • Rick

      Reply Reply June 30, 2019

      This guy went overboard with his fantasy and still didn’t realize it. It’s so fucked up. What happens with his current relay?Same shit?

  • Don

    Reply Reply June 30, 2019

    I got married 2 weeks before I shipped out in the Army. My wife and I had sex 2 or 3 times every day until I left. She was not a virgin when we met and she loves sex. While I was deployed she asked me if it would be ok if she had sex occasionally and I said I was OK with it. Well, she started fucking black guys, got knocked up and I told a couple of my black buddies. They told me my sex with her was over. I did not believe it. But when I got back home she would not let me have sex. I was devastated. She said she only wanted black cocks in her. She had a beautiful baby girl, beautiful dark skin. She filed for divorce and married the black father of the baby.

  • Tiny Dick

    Reply Reply July 10, 2019

    I think its twisted, but I actually get off on the thought of my wife leaving me for a hung bull. I love her, but the thought that she needs his cock so bad that she would leave me for him is amazing.

  • Dennis

    Reply Reply August 31, 2019

    I, too, lost my wife due to her cuckolding me. Sort of. When we were dating I arranged a MFM threesome. I found it hot, but she wasn’t that into him. So it only happened once.
    A year later, at a training school for her job, she allowed 2 white guys to take her back to one of their rooms. Despite the roommate, who was black, being there, she let them remove her clothing and started to suck them. The black roommate joined in and she worked on all 3 of them. As she was out of town for this, she wrote me the details in a letter.
    We got married a year later and our sex life turned vanilla. When I lost my teaching job, she looked at me differently. I was a loser. One night, she seemed angry with me and left the apartment. She called an hour later to ask if it was OK for her to have sex with a dude she met in the bar. I said, “Of course.” When she got home, she found me a bit horny. Fortunately for me, he wasn’t all that exciting. So, we talked and I got some.
    A few months later she went to a convention where she met and bedded an owner of several restaurants. She didn’t see him again until the following years convention where she had unprotected sex with him.
    He was her dream. He was wealthy and good in bed. I was a loser who had lost his job.
    They started meeting monthly. She’d be frisky before the meet and I’d get some. But after, it would be weeks. She got pregnant about a year later, probably mine, and she called it off with him.
    After about a year, he contacted her and they resumed the affair. I found it very exciting, but she refused to communicate with me about it. A major red flag.
    Another year and she decides to leave me. Not for him, he was married. But to ‘get her head straight’. She claims to have not seen him since.
    She got her head straight and we got a divorce.
    It turns out that she felt that she could snag a rich dude and make her life great. She never did. She met and married a guy with a decent job which he lost. But she stuck with him.

  • Geordie

    Reply Reply March 8, 2020

    I met my current wife when we we’re both still married to our ex’s. We hit it off straight away, falling in love and eventually getting divorced from our then partner’s. We got married, sex was great, we would include other men when CL allowed personals. They always had to use protection and when S became pregnant with our first child (she had a daughter to her ex). We stopped with the meets and didn’t resume the meets until after our childs first birthday. It was difficult to arrange meets when both of us could be there, so most of the time S would go on meets by her self. I would drop her off and collect her later if need be or she’d get a taxi home. The bomb shell was 3 years later she told me she was pregnant again but it wasn’t mine. She had been seeing a younger guy than us, much younger in fact, and I hadn’t known about this guy. Now it’s been 4 years since ‘our’ daughter was born, S has had no contact (as far as I know) with her biological dad. Meets have dwindled to a trickle and i’m always present.

  • redman

    Reply Reply May 12, 2020

    My wife did this with a doctor. She was fucking him before we ever decided to swing. I still jerk to their video even after our swinging time ending. It’s frustrating and hot and humiliating to watch him bury his dong in my wife balls deep all these years later. I nearly lost my wife to him. Hot and sad at the same time.

  • don

    Reply Reply May 12, 2020

    When I met my wife she had been divorced twice. She told me that sex was not going to happen until we gt married. But after the marriage she had one excuse after anther and I got no sex. She had my pay checks go into her account, had us switch cars because hers got better mileage and I drove further to work than she did. Because she worked long hours I was to do the laundry, house cleaning, dishes, yard work etc. Then she caught me masturbating. She read me the riot act and told me if she ever caught me doing that again she would lock me in chastity. So here I was, 7 months married, no sex and she had all my money and income. She was dominating me, degrading me, humiliating me and I was taking it.

    Then she came home very late from work one night and it appeared that she had had sex. I confronted her and she got really mad. She said her boss is a black man and a woman cannot say no to a black man. I said, but what about me? She said what about you? You would not expect me to k=let you put that tiny dick of yours in me would you? I was so humiliated. I went to the bathroom and started to masturbate but I forgot to lock the door. She knew exactly what I was doing and came in and said, OK, I warned you! Get your ass on the bed. She pulled my pants down and opened a package and in it was a chastity cage. I begged her n t to put it n me but nshe said you little wimp shut the fuck up and she put it on and locked a padlock on it. I started to cry. She said turn over. I turned over and she spread my legs, pulled my ass up and I realized she had a strap on dildo on. I begged her no, please dont do that and she said shut the fuck up and spanked my ass several times very hard and I felt her pushing the dildo up my ass. It hurt like hell and when I started to scream she pushed my face into the pillow and said shut up you little sissy.
    The next night she came home with her black boss. She made me suck his cock and he fucked my ass. Here I was, no money, locked in chastity and now a cuckold sissy bitch.
    It has been 4 years now and I am still in chastity, only let out on the first f every month unless she decided I had not been good enough to deserve it. As I am writing this it has been almost three months since I have been allowed to cum and I am in tears from horniness. I am a trapped cuckold slave with n o way out and she and her black bss are talking about castrating me.
    This is now my life and I have no way out except to leave with nothing and go to a locksmith to get the chastity device off. I hope HR will let me change my pay checks back to me. My man concern is not that I am broke it is that they will surly castrate me as soon as they catch me.
    I have decided to stay.


    Reply Reply September 21, 2020

    if you would have gotten yourself fixed you would not have gotten pregnant and you could have had plenty more sex with the black man and your husband would of not mind at all but you married him not the black man and your husband needs comes first no matter what! you have fail as a loving wife! if you want to continue your relationship with your husband and him may I suggest you turn it into a foursome orgy gangbang daily you get the man your husband gets another lady!yes you heard me right! you have your he has his! any questions send me an e-mail and pictures of you both helps!

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