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Here you’ll find exclusive interviews that you won’t find anywhere else on the web with REAL cuckold/hotwife couples. You’ll hear their stories, and learn some valuable tips and tricks that you’ll find useful no matter where you are in your own cuckold/hotwife journey.

An Exclusive Interview - Meet StagNationHW

Get inside the minds of a couple a couple who has foregone the more extreme kinks of the cuckolding lifestyle by instead choosing to excite each other and enrich their sex lives at home by living a lifestyle of hotwifing with a bit of troilism.


An Exclusive Interview - Meet Hotwife Nicole & Tony

Imagine getting into the minds of couple where the female is a petite, curvy, sexy, straight nearly 30 year old and the male is a “silver fox”; a couple who has an open marriage where they’ve experienced playing with others one on one, in threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. In this arrangement, the husband isn’t denied anything.


An Exclusive Interview - Meet HotwifeSam

Can you still lead a successful hotwife fantasy if it starts out as an affair? HotwifeSam and her husband are here to share how they went from affair to having a fulfilling FLR as a hotwife couple.