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An Exclusive Interview – Meet StagNationHW  5/5 (5)

Not everyone who’s into their wife sleeping with other men are cuckolds. Some just love the idea of showing and sharing their wives. We have with us a man just like that, and he goes by the name StagNationHW on Tumblr (Note: their Tumblr has since been discontinued ever since Tumblr made the crazy changes they did). His wife happens to be talking a gorgeous, curvy hotwife who’s into playing with others and experiencing the pleasure of everything that comes with, and you can find more of her on Tumblr as well on her solo vixen blog Love, Lust, & Lace

Find out what the experience has been like for a couple who has foregone the more extreme kinks of the cuckolding lifestyle by instead choosing to excite each other and enrich their sex lives at home by living a lifestyle of hotwifing with a bit of troilism.


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: It became a fantasy of mine a few years back. I dropped vague hints to my wife for a while, but never really expressed what it was that I was interested in. I framed it more in terms of swinging, because I didn’t relate to most of the cuckold stuff I saw online. I wanted to share her as a way to spice up our sex lives, but I was not interested in any of the common portrayals of the “cuckold” (humiliation, chastity, cum fetishes, etc.). Once I was able to frame it in terms that related to me, I got her to explore the idea on her own. When her curiosity grew, we decided to test the waters by starting a blog and creating a profile on a popular swinger website. After several failed attempts, we found a good match and finally went through with it!


Q: What’s your current cuckold/hotwife situation look like?

A: Although we consider ourselves active in the hotwife lifestyle, most of the enjoyment comes from us using the fantasy to excite each other and improve our sex lives at home. When we do involve other men, it is more of an mfm threesome situation. She feels more secure having me there and I love the idea of having an extra person there to help satisfy my wife’s needs. I let them enjoy each other a bit, but I am much more of an active participant than a passive observer.  Her pleasure is my ultimate goal and she loves how turned on I get seeing her with some one else. We really feed off of each other’s excitement.


Q:What was your most memorable experience while living the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle?

A: It would have to be our first experience. We were both nervous, but the guy we found could not have been better for making it a smooth, enjoyable experience. We met at a local bar for drinks before heading back to his place. The entire thing was surreal. After we left she had me finger her on the drive home. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. We had sex three times that night, including once in a bar bathroom. I’ll never forget it.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your escapades?

A: The biggest challenge by far is finding a decent match. Besides the people who misrepresent themselves online, or flake out when it’s time to meet, there are also many men out there who try to enter the lifestyle with selfish intentions. Instead of appreciating the opportunity presented to them, they make it about themselves and that is a huge turn off. Like I said before, the goal is her pleasure. We have had to turn several men away, because they were just looking for a slut to cater to them. It can be discouraging for us both.


Q: What are some pitfalls people should be on the lookout for while attempting to live this kind of lifestyle, and how can they be avoided?

A: One important pitfall to avoid is becoming too obsessed with the fantasy and losing touch with your partner. This tends to be more of a problem for the husbands and, in my opinion, is a result of porn addiction. Instead of using the lifestyle to improve your relationship, some men get obsessed with escalating the fantasy, losing touch with what their wives are getting out of it. Open communication with your partner can help keep you grounded and in touch with each other’s desires. Don’t put the pressure on your wife to constantly perform for you. There should be a gap between porn and reality.


Q:What are the main responsibilities a cuckold/hotwife husband should have?

A: Always make your wife’s pleasure the focus. If she is enjoying herself, she will return the favor.


Q: What are some realistic long-term and short-term goals for a husband who wants to live this lifestyle with his wife to make?

A: A good short-term goal is to frame what it is you want into terms your wife can understand. The idea may be overwhelming to her at first, so clear communication is crucial.

A long-term goal, again, would be to never lose yourself in the fantasy. Keep yourself in tuned with your partner’s needs and expectations.


Q: What do you consider to be the biggest myth or misconception about cuckolding/hotwifing?

A: A big misconception is that the wife will fuck just anybody. A hotwife is not a whore. She is a prize and deserves the right to be selective.

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