A Very Special 36th Interview – Meet Rebecca’s Ex  4.9/5 (16)

I am genuinely proud to be showcasing this special interview—and it’s not just because this is the 36th interview I’ve conducted 😉

No, rather it is because of its personal nature. You’re going to get a different look at the life of a famous internet hotwife, Rebecca from RebeccasOffice.com (whom I interviewed previously herebefore she was ever a hotwife. You’re going to get to know things about her that go all the way back to when she was just a conservative college girl who was raised by very religious parents (the “sex is only for pro-creation” type) who also happened to fall on the intolerant side of racism. And you’re going to get to know her through the eyes of her “kinda cuckold” now ex-husband.

Why do I say kinda-cuckold? Because as you’ll see, he and Rebecca’s journey, which resembled a cuckold relationship, was more about her than it was him. It’s one of the most poignantly quintessential examples of compersion I’ve ever seen. To those on the outside, it could have been labeled a cuckold relationship, but in reality, it was a hotwife journey that was solely about Rebecca’s self-exploration and blossoming into a genuine hotwife, even when it meant their mutual decision to end their marriage.

Walk with me as we take a trip which starts down memory lane. On this trip we’ll explore the story of how a relationship between a young inhibited girl and a man who to this day doesn’t describe himself as a cuckold, morphed into one where she became a jet-setting bbc-loving gangbanging hotwife MILF of the porn-world. Together they grew, individually and as a couple, she discovering and claiming who she really is, and he never wavering in his support of her. Our journey takes us to the present, where we find out the why they mutually decided to end their marriage—without regret.

Gentlemen (and ladies), I give you the ex-husband of Rebecca from Rebeccasoffice.com

The Interview

Q: When did you first realize you had a cuckolding/hotwifing fetish?

A: Well I never really called it cuckolding or gave it a name.  When I first heard the name cuckold, I did not like it.  I thought it meant more like it was meant to demean the husband.  That was never the case for me.  For me it was always just about “sharing” my wife with others.

I met the husbands of Holly Wetlove and Gabrielle Santini online early on around 1998 in an AOL chatroom for “Husbands Sharing Wives” and they told me that they also liked sharing their spouses with others. So I guess hotwifing is when your wife really just desires sleeping with lots of other men?  It wasn’t til later when we started her website that when people continued to describe us that I learned cuckold simply meant someone who had a wife that slept with other men.

So I guess the first time I met Rebecca in college in the early 1990s is when I really knew I would enjoy seeing her filled with cock and craving it.  She was dating a guy in our frat and we had this room where you could secretly watch girls having sex with guys in the frat.  I remember this guy who was half black and on the football team was dating her.  I didn’t see, but what I heard was that he had her clothes off and they were having a heavy make-out session and he was kissing her breasts, but when it came to sex, she pushed him away twice and told him she was not the kind of girl.  My frat brothers made lots of jokes about it.

The truth was that she was this upper class girl from a really wealthy and conservative community and knew that although her parents were okay with her being friends with men of color that her parents would never approve of her dating or marrying a guy of color.  So here was this gal that I knew was attracted to men of color, but would never end up with one.  I knew that I was definitely the guy her parents wanted her to be with, but not the one she would choose on her own.

As we dated, we often talked about our past dates and she did admit she liked men of color but it would never have worked.  I think in the back of my mind I wanted to make sure that she would be able to at least get a taste of the men she wanted to try and not just the ones her parents thought would be good for her.


Q: Why do you think you enjoy being a cuckold? Or maybe you don’t enjoy it? Which is it? And how does it make you feel?

A: I guess it is because I never have been jealous and that I have always believed that seeing a woman pleasured is the best thing in the world.  So I do enjoy being a cuckold in that I do enjoy having my woman fulfilled by men other than me as long as she is enjoying herself.  I’m not possessive.  I might marry a woman but it doesn’t mean I own her.

I love an independent woman who expresses what she wants when it comes to all things and if the woman I am with expresses that she wants something else or I can sense that she wants it, I will help her get it.  There is nothing more gratifying than the woman you care about saying thank you for making her sexual fantasies come true.  For Rebecca she always told me that if it wasn’t for me that she would have had a boring marriage and never met the wonderful people with whom she had her sexual fantasies discovered and fulfilled.


Q: Rebecca mentioned the significant role you played in getting her to try this lifestyle out. How did you finally get her to come around and what was that process like?

A: This did not happen overnight.  Although I always harbored the thought of wanting to see her fulfilled by other men (especially men that she dated but never had sex with), I never pushed it.  From that day I heard about the frat incident until the day I really started trying, it took 5 years before I married her and broke her virginal cherry and another 5 years of marriage before the plan really got rolling.  Sure we talked from time to time about the guys she had almost had sex with before we met, but she grew up in a household where sex was only about procreation.

After the 5 years of marriage I did sense that as our careers grew and we moved to the West Coast that something was missing.  She was a little depressed emotionally and that translated to her own lack of self-image.  I tried to tell her that she was still hot, but she didn’t believe me since all men tell their wives that they are beautiful.  I told her the beauty of the internet was that I could share her picture anonymously with lots of people and get feedback.  At first I did as she said and hid her face, but then showed her face. She, of course, got great feedback.

The main feedback was, “Dude, your wife is hot.  I’d definitely fuck her.  Do you have any naked photos of her? Here is a photo of me”.  She was reluctant to take naked photos but she did get turned on by the whole idea.  She even started chatting on AIM with lots of guys.  After she chatted with these guys she would be so horny and we’d talk about it.  I took some naked photos in sexy lingerie to make her feel sexy and although I promised they’d be just for me, I did start sharing them with the guys she chatted with.

But she moved slowly and after I got her permission to share her sexy photos online we took the advice of other couples online and decided to create a website where the photos would have to be purchased and hopefully the photos would be kept from kids.  That is how RebeccasOffice.com was born.  She wanted more guys to see her and this was boosting her ego.

Also, one of the people we talked to at the time was a woman named Christina Noir.  Christina asked us to join her on a swinger’s site.  Within 24 hours we were invited to 2 swinger parties within a mile of our home.  The parties were crazy and we just watched and she did not play.  In fact, she was creeped out by a lot of the guys.


  • Deborah

    Reply Reply September 1, 2017

    Love this interview Rebecca and her husband. Want to know from Rebecca more erotic facts. I saw her on Escort site and want to know about that journey too. how her black lover turn her into Escort for pleasure of Blacks, so much interesting and pulling.

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply September 20, 2017

      Thanks. I will try and respond in my reply to this interview.

  • Milar Chiinra

    Reply Reply September 8, 2017

    Very nice interview, you did support your hotwife cravings. Need part -2 with some amazing moments in this life style. Thank you.

  • Piotr Rzadkiewicz

    Reply Reply September 17, 2017

    Straight to the point. You are so supportive of her lifestyle. I saw her as provider through The Erotic View website unfortunately she only takes blacks. I will love to see her gang bang video with famous interracial stars. I will be the first one to buy.


    Reply Reply September 22, 2017

    So cool interview dude. Wish my wife can be like her. Where I can find her videos or Cd’s?

  • Steve Morgan

    Reply Reply September 25, 2017

    First rate interview , saw your wife too but her is very confusing and without any details? I am in military and out of the country many times. Why she is not working in regular porn movies one or two so we can buy and watch when we want in time from line of duty.

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017

      More details? Well I answered the questions, so not sure what you want to know

  • Juliet Isaac

    Reply Reply October 15, 2017

    Read both interviews your’s and your wife too. Your’s is with more accurate and with juicy details captivating, thank you, wish I can have hubby like you.

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017

      More accurate? You mean that I didn’t tell the truth? Or did you mean more detailed? I just answered the questions

  • Donald Dunalp

    Reply Reply October 28, 2017

    Thank you Dr36 very much for helping me become Kellys Cuckold.

  • Brian Aggot

    Reply Reply October 30, 2017

    It’s sad to see another hotwife couple end in divorce, oasis from porn oasis, holly wetlove,plus a few others.I guess be careful what you ask for when encouraging her to go down that path.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply October 30, 2017

      I’m very surprised to hear you say it’s sad, Brian. The interview you’re commenting on makes it pretty clear that both Rebecca and her ex have no regrets with where things are at. Am I maybe misunderstanding what you mean when you said it was sad?

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply January 16, 2018


      I don’t know Holly’s story, but let me say that if she was having sex with black men and left for a black man, then she wasn’t getting what she wanted in her marriage.

      If she left for another white man, then she still wasn’t getting what she wanted from her marriage.

      She probably left because someone gave her what she wanted out of marriage and that is to be loved.

      And if she never hooked up with someone else, that means she probably just didn’t like the situation she was in. It didn’t mean she left him to be in the life she was in.

      Remember, people do get divorced reasons beyond sex.Happens every day.

  • Joe

    Reply Reply February 7, 2018

    Whatever happened to Holly Wetlove? Does anyone know her real name?

  • Sam Richter

    Reply Reply October 1, 2018

    Great to hear the cuckold’s perspective so kudos for doing a stand-alone interview!I’m a cuck with a hotwife as well for several years now & it was suprising to hear that Rebecca stopped having sex with her husband for 4 years. Even if he was having sex with another woman during this time it seems like a pretty extreme situation to be sexless for 4 years. Was intentional on her part or did her bulls encouraged the denial? Or did she simply lose attraction for him sexually? If so, was it gradual or was there one or two moments where she realized she was no longer attracted to him? We all recognize this loss of attraction happens to some hotwife marriages where the wife evolves to BBC only.

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