An Exclusive Interview - Meet Hotwife Brooke Blaze

Is it possible for a middle class mother with a husband and a family to be a real Queen of Spades?

The answer: you betcha! And today, our interviewee is proof of that.

I’d like to introduce to you all Brooke Blaze, a hotwife from the dirty south who lives the hotwife / cuckold lifestyle–with BBC only. She and her cuckold post all their pics and videos online too; no fancy equipment, no acting or endless selfies, just 100% raw homemade pics and videos of their BBC adventures. I’ll show you where to find links to all that at the end of this exclusive interview she did with us all for you!


The Interview

Q: How did the two of you get into hotwifing/cuckolding lifestyle? Whose idea was it, what was the other’s reaction, and how did it all progress to what it’s become today?

A: About 2 months into dating our bedroom talk turned to me being with another guy. Then shortly after it changed to black guys only and not just three ways as we had talked about with white guys but with my husband actually not being involved at all.

He talked to me about the cuckolding hotwife lifestyle and how that it had always been his number one fantasy and the hottest type of porn imaginable to him.

I’m not gonna lie I was a little taken back and hesitant for sure because I kinda thought he was just pretending or fantasizing bout the three way stuff and now he seems pretty damn serious! Lol

I had never been with a black guy or even thought about it really to be honest. I wasn’t sure how he would feel afterwards if we did go through with it..

We got married in this time and before we hit our 1st years anniversary we were on adult friend finder looking for a potential bull. I found a guy I thought was attractive and nicely hung and we arranged our 1st date at a nearby hotel.

We would have liked to have met outside the bedroom for my very 1st hotwife experience for a little conversation but the COVID-19 virus had everything locked down so a knock at the door is what I got! We made a lil small talk and after it seemed like hours of great sex we were finally on our way home and on that trip home is when we realized that we were hooked on this lifestyle and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We now try to get together with a bull at least 2-4 times a month and it’s a must we get every second on film cause we want the world to see just how great this lifestyle is and how much fun we have!


Q: Most couples have problems maintaining a normal, vanilla relationship, let alone one that explores some of the things the two of you explore. What are 3-5 things about your relationship that have contributed to your success in being able to do so?

A: As much fun as the lifestyle is …it does come after our family. We have kids, expensive hobbies, work and everything a normal married couple has and more. We are always around our family hanging out, cooking, hanging out you name it. Our lives don’t revolve around our bedroom activities..our kinky bedroom activities only happen when we can make time. That’s how we stay grounded. Nothing comes in the way of family and our home. We have an unbelievable marriage and are blessed to live the life we live.


Q: Can you describe the appeal of being a hotwife? Why do you do it, how does it make you feel?

A: I guess what I find so appealing about it is how much my husband enjoys sharing me. I find it so incredibly sexy and erotic! It turns me on so much when I look over at my husband while I’m being satisfied by another man and I see how happy and satisfied and turned on he is!! This started out as something fun/spontaneous/different we could try out and it’s ended up being something we both just enjoy so much! It’s also brought us closer as a married couple and brought us a new level of comfort and trust we’ve really never experienced before!


Q: What are some of the biggest (or most unexpected) challenges the two of you have faced while exploring this lifestyle?

A: I think our biggest challenge has been trying to work our dates around our everyday life. We’re just a normal couple. Regular job, home life, kids and family. And finding a reliable bull that we can just pick the phone up and say “hey! Can you swing by tomorrow at 8pm?”


Q: Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not explore?

A: When a bull doesn’t respect our rules of this lifestyle. This is one of our most basic rules and how we do things. We have came across this a bunch! The way we look for potential dates or if someone contacts us on adultfriendfinder “Brooke7489” or on Reddit, Twitter or anywhere else and we like what we see..we give you our KIK so we can get more personal. There my husband will do the screening and that’s when some bulls will immediately start having issues cause they want my number or direct contact with me instead of going through my husband. We don’t play like that and they end up being ugly and rude. As far as request..there’s a lot for my husband to actual help me give head and for me to do a gangbang. We still discussing some of that but 2-3 guys aren’t off the table… it’s finding them is the hard part believe it or not!


Q: Since your first experience down this path, have either of your desires for what you do and don’t want to explore changed or grown? If so, in what ways?

A: The only thing that has really changed is maybe our desire to do this more often. We’ve both always felt very strongly about not needing or wanting “extra” in our marriage bc we’ve always had a very strong foundation and close relationship. But the way we feel and love each other when the experience is over and it’s just the two of us is indescribable and just makes us want to do more and more!

Q: What are some of the differences to having sex with your husband versus your bull?

A: Sex with my husband is amazing! It’s full of love and intimacy even when it’s down right nasty dirty hardcore fuckin! We have a chemistry I’ve never felt before. With my bulls there is still a lot of passion and intimacy just without the love. I absolutely enjoy their size, aggressiveness, stamina and their alpha male mentality! The skin contrast is just icing on the cake!


Q: What are some hobbies/interests/things you enjoy besides being a hotwife?

A: I enjoy traveling, working out, cars, drag racing, going to the beach.


Q: What advice would you have for men who want to bring out the slutty/dirty/submissive sides of their wives?

A: The most important thing for a man to keep in mind when wanting to try and introduce this lifestyle to his wife is to always make sure she’s comfortable at all times no matter what. In order to do that there needs to be a lot of very open and honest communication! He needs to make sure that she understands that a desire for this lifestyle doesn’t mean there is something lacking in their marriage. This is just something that erotic and spontaneous and fun to do from time to time. He should make sure she knows that there’s nothing she can say or do with a bull that will hurt or bother him and that he’ll do nothing but love her even more after the date is over! Never try and force her into anything bc you want her to enjoy it as much as you do!


I want to thank Hotwife Brooke Blaze for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in checking out her fan-freakin-tastic pics and vids, here’s where you can find all that: and You can see all the proof pics below; they might be a bit NSFW depending on where you are.

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