An Exclusive Interview - Meet Dee & Ray

Dee and Ray been living the cuckold lifestyle for about a decade now.

Dee & Ray have agreed to do an exclusive interview right here on The Cuckold Consultant, the contents of which can be found below. You’ll not only learn more about them, but you’ll also read some sage advice, and get tips and tricks for living the lifestyle.


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: We began discussing the cuckolding lifestyle about 10 years ago as a fantasy - pillow talk mostly and we both enjoyed the extra excitement it created in bed. At about that same time Dee got a new, and very handsome coworker on her team. He was Latin and very flirtatious. Things progressed and she decided to make the fantasy a reality. She met him for drinks after work one evening and ended up at his place for a majority of the night.

Q: Does your wife have a long-standing lover or multiple lovers?

A: She has a few men she sees, off and on. No single boyfriend, though we would both like to find someone more “regular” to play with.  

Q: What are the 5 biggest mistakes you would say beginners could make when living out their cuckolding/hotwifing fantasies?


  1. Rushing the process - it can take a long time for both partners to appreciate and absorb the lifestyle and ramifications.

  2. Jumping at the first offer - there are plenty of jerks out there. Couples need to be extremely selective if they want good experiences.

  3. Lack of communication. It is essential the couple discusses the needs of each, and the path they intend the lifestyle to go.

  4. Limits - they need to be defined early and often if they evolve.

  5. Keep dating each other. That is part of every good marriage.

Q: What advice would you have for someone if they were just getting started in the cuckolding or hotwifing lifestyle today?

A: Take it slow. As noted above, it’s not a simple concept, especially for a woman. Discuss the idea, let it sink in, and then discuss some more. Be sure that she understands this is for her and that she is in control of the activities.

Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you still go into the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: Absolutely, and we would probably start sooner.

Q:  If you had to do it all over again, what would you do the same, and differently?

A: We would probably try to find more party situations, if only to meet more men and get a sense of the scene.  

Q:  What 5 tips, tricks, or hints could you give to men out there whose wives are a little hesitant or resistant to indulging in this fantasy?

A: 1) Compliment your wife at every opportunity. Make her aware of how many men check her out and find her attractive. Most women are unaware.

  1. Take on household chores. Show her what life would be like if she were to become a hotwife.

  2. Relay to her that she deserves to enjoy great sex.

  3. Be patient and positive. If you beg or force the issue you risk annoying her.

  4. Screen the men with extreme care - they can make or break each experience.

  5. Enjoy yourself and have a sense of humor - this is for fun after all.

Q: Where are your go to sites for the best cuckold porn on the net?

A: These days, tumblr seems to have the best selection and ability to zero in on specific tastes/topics.  

**Just Ray**

Q: What was it like in the beginning to first have your wife take steps to making your fantasy a reality?

A: Intense, very intense. I honestly never thought she would go all the way. When she made that call I was in heaven and when she came home from her first date I knew she was hooked.

Q: What’s it like being a cuckold in real life as opposed to just getting off to cuckold porn on the internet?

A: The anticipation of becoming a cuckold, and exploring that world was actually a lot of fun. But once it actually transpired there is no comparison - a completely different perspective. That said, the experience continues to evolves, so with each new phase I look back and realize how “simple” the last was.


**Just Dee**

Q: What was it like in the beginning to take the first steps to making this fantasy a reality?

A: I didn’t know what it was going to be like. Maybe a one time thing. I was surprised how much I liked it and how much Ray was ok with it. The first time was like a dream.

Q: Did the idea of being a hotwife or cuckoldress appeal to you when you first heard of it? If not, what made you open your mind to it?

A: Not at all. I still don’t like the labels. It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience so I gave it a try. So happy I did. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I hadn’t. Ray was very supportive and made me feel like it was a special night out for me.


I’d like to thank both Ray & Dee for being willing to take time out of their lives to give us an in depth look into their life, and to provide us with some valuable information about living the cuckold lifestyle.

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