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An Exclusive Interview – Stacy’s Husband  4.8/5 (12)

How would you feel if your MLF wife was a hotwife who slept exclusively with black men?

Our interviewee is in this exact situation, because he’s the husband of the legendary ♠ Stacy ♠ who was previously interviewed here.

You’re going to hear the story about how they first met in college where Stacy had quite the reputation, even back then; you’ll hear how and why they got into hotwifing; you’ll even hear a bit about how they manage their own relationship in the midst of it all.

Step into the world and mind of someone who although I’ve never met in person, I genuinely respect.


The Interview

Q:  Can you tell us the story of how you and Stacy met, and how your relationship progressed from dating to marriage?  

A: We met in college. I noticed her at a party and she was hotter than any girl I’d ever seen. It was more than that too, she was 18 or 19 but had this confidence and sex appeal that was irresistable.

I figured she was way out of my league and hit on her with some stupid line and she blew me off which I expected, but I had to try. The next semester I lucked out and she was in same general ed class as me and I made sure to sign up for the same labs as her so I could get closer.

From there we started talking and I realized she was very special, way beyond her physical beauty. I took another chance and I told her we would be married and told her everyone gets blinded by or discounts her because of her beauty but I seem to be the only one that sees HER; she responded with a laugh and avoided me until finals came up and we spent time studying. From there we became pretty good friends.

One drunk night we finally hooked up and she admitted she saw us being married but she was not ready. By this time I knew what kind of work she did and said you do your thing, I would wait.

For a long time we were friends with benefits but I was not the only one and was ok with it; I knew we would be married at some point; there was something about us that I knew transcended her job or other guys. I proposed officially before graduation and we slowly began settling into a more typical monogamous relationship with regular jobs, kids, stuff, etc.


Q: Stacy mentioned you first brought up swinging to spice up your marriage before the idea of having just her sleep with other men. Did you want to spice things up because she was getting bored, or were you getting bored, both, neither, etc?

A: She was bored, I was not bored, I was more frustrated that she was bored. It was talking its toll in the bedroom, we would fuck nonstop for 3-4 days to the point it was way too much, then nothing for weeks. I was pretty certain she felt trapped so I wanted to do something. Dates and trips were not working, leaving her alone wasn’t working, her going out with girlfriends seemed to help but only for a while. Leaving the workplace didn’t help either.

At first I thought it was me but then one day I was listening to a Howard Stern interview and the topic of how some people can’t handle monogamy came up. I began to wonder maybe its just monogamy? I thought maybe we needed to be swingers.


Q: What was your experience like transitioning from this just being a fantasy to having it actually happen in reality? 

A: I kept it to myself for a long time then just unloaded on her. After I was pushed away again during a sex drought I asked was I not satisfying her? Was I boring her? Was I stifling her sexuality? She admitted she missed her old self. I suggested swinging and she said no it would just complicate things. I pressed and we agreed I would open an AFF account and I joined some yahoo swinging groups to explore. I bought toys and we watched lots of porn. It all seemed to help.

Our problem with swinging was the couples were never really right. We met one couple and ended up leaving and not doing anything. We stopped at a diner afterwards and had the best night just the 2 of us.

Another time we attended a swingers club and she was the hit of the party, dancing and being her old self. We ended up doing a soft swap with another couple and that ultimately ended with Stacy with the couple while I was on the edge of the bed watching for the most part.

We returned months later and I watched her control the room like an old pro. Around the same time I came across some yahoo groups that focused on “hotwives” and immediately thought, this is Stacy! So, I went to her again and blurted out I really just want to watch her have sex with other men. I cited my “research” and our dating history and our recent experiences. She got angry with me and we had a tough time for little while.

During her next super-horny phase I pushed the idea hard, and we had incredibly hot sex again, then back to nothing. In her next horny phase she said she had been thinking about this hotwife thing and wanted to do it. I was thrilled and suggested the yahoo groups, craigslist, and a few regional clubs and she said she already found a guy.


  • rebeccasoffice

    Reply Reply September 20, 2017

    That is so great, you two. It is almost the same as our situation to a tee. I hope it continues to work for the two of you. I almost felt like I was reading my own story.

    You know I love you guys and I think the world of you two.

  • Betty Moreno

    Reply Reply September 26, 2017

    So cool interview and you are so supportive hubby wish my husband like you.

  • KnR601

    Reply Reply November 29, 2017

    Hubs gave such a good interview!! It’s nice to hear that other couples had some of the same issues as us getting into the lifestyle. What really comes through in the interview is how my Hubs loves Stacy and she loves him! Great interview!! Thanx for sharing yourself Hubs!!

  • AcquiredTasteNY

    Reply Reply November 30, 2017

    Kudos to the Husband and all husbands who can have/enjoy/thrive in hotwife and stag/vixen relationships! It takes a special strength and courage to allow and develop this type of relationship. Kudos to Stacy and all hotwives for loving their Husbands in this special way. Great interview and terrific insight! Thank you!

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