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An Exclusive Interview – Meet StoneMtnCouple  4/5 (4)

I want to start off by saying this interview got me hard. This couple, who go by the name StoneMtnCouple and have an AWESOME Tumblr, have explored everything together from Swinger Clubs to gangbangs, from fucking ex-boyfriends to visiting nudist resorts. This interview is truly indicative of the amount of sheer pleasure, fun, and fulfillment a couple can get when living this lifestyle.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our guests StoneMtnCouple!

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: Before we met we were both divorced and dating. She was promiscuous often having one night stands and sex hook-ups. In fact that’s how we met. Our OK Cupid profiles matched due to our compatible attitudes and desires toward non-monogamy and frequent need for sex.

We, in her terms, hooked up on the second date and I later learned that she wanted to fuck on the first date!

I had been living the single man in the swinger lifestyle for years and knew this was a part of my identity and needs. I broached the idea of going to a nudist resort for a Saturday date one month into dating her and she agreed. That was followed up with a visit to the swinger club Trapeze in Atlanta and she was all for “Swinging”.

A few more dates, a visit to Caliente Nudist Resort in Florida, and she was ready for full-swap or fucking others at Trapeze or on a date.

She loved it! She loved dressing slutty and being able to fuck different men with my eager support love and affection.

We “played” as a full swap couple for two years and met a single guy at a house party that she really enjoyed fucking, doing MFM with me.

That encouraged me to start the conversation of her going out on fuck dates alone and how that really turned me on. We discussed it and had conversations about who she would enjoy dating and spending the night with. She admitted that her former boy friend fucked her with great passion and she wouldn’t mind fucking him again with my approval. Well that was my greatest fantasy come true!! I begged her to call him up and make a date. We all met for dinner and explained the situation and he of course loved the idea.

She started by fucking him one afternoon alone at his place. My cock stayed rock-hard and dripping precum the whole time she was away. Reclaiming her was the best.

She loved the way he fucked her and that’s how we got started.


Q: What’s your current cuckold/hotwife situation look like?

A: Her boyfriend with benefits relationship fizzled out after a year, She fucked him on 13 different occasions and audio recorded most of her fun for me. He never wanted to do a MFM with me so we found several other men who loved MFM and we both enjoyed that tremendously. We very recently moved from Atlanta GA to Florida and are looking for new Bulls for her here in Florida.


Q:What was your most memorable experience while living the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle?

A: I organized a 9 man gangbang for her birthday 2 years ago. All the men were STD blood tested clean. All 9 fucked her and 7 came in her pussy. I have the video and jerk off to it frequently. She loved her gangbang and has done several 3 and 4 man gang-bangs since. Her biggest turn on is looking me in the eyes while being fucked or sucking another mans cock. She loves feeling slutty. I love fucking her cum filled pussy and everything about her.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your escapades?

A: Getting the time to play. Finding good, clean, hung, men who want to fuck her. Its easy to find fat, ugly “dudes” who just want to use her. Finding a real gentleman who enjoys seducing her and will fuck her with passion, that’s been a issue.


Q: What are 3 ways exploring this lifestyle has enhanced your relationship with your wife?

A: Living the Hotwife Lifestyle has given her joy, stoked her ego, fulfilled her sexual desires and needs as well as mine. Its given us tremendous satisfaction.


Q: How do you make sure the fantasy doesn’t ever wind up becoming dangerous?

A: We almost exclusively know the men she fucks for years prior to her fucking them or we use SLS and SDC swinger sites and seek out or respond to verified, certified men who have vast experience in the lifestyle. We email, then voicemail, then meet for conversation before she ever has sex with them. Any red flag is an immediate stop during this interview process. A  clean STD blood test is a must.


Q: When or why should couples consider pursuing a relationship arrangement like cuckolding or hotwifing?

A: If and only if its a carnal desire for both husband and wife to be in a committed non-monogamous marriage or relationship. The husband has to be cross-wired to be aroused by a promiscuous wife and love and I mean love the fact that she enjoys being fucked by other men. The wife has to have a carnal desire to fuck different men and love doing it for her own selfish pleasure and gratification. The biggest mistake we see happening is the wife doing it just to please her husband.

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