An Exclusive Interview - Meet ♠ Stacy ♠

People say Unicorns don’t exist. But I think I found one. Allow me to introduce ♠ Stacy ♠.

♠ Stacy ♠ is a wife and a mom who doubles as a hotwife exclusively for black guys. Yes, some of those black guys are famous. Yes she’s that smoking hot. And yes, you will be able to see the uncensored version of the above picture; it’s at the end of the interview and will literally make you salivate.

I have to say, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Stacy (and a bit of envy in regards to her husband) for balancing her duties as a wife and mother with her pleasure as a hotwife. Women like Stacy make the world go round in a way that makes life exciting.

Anyhow, enough from me—let’s let Stacy take the stage!

EDIT: Stacy has provided us with an additional picture. It can be found at the end of the interview, and you definitely won’t want to miss it.  

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the hotwifing lifestyle?

A: Kinda a long story but I’ll try to be brief - I am hypersexual and my husband mentioned swinging to spice things up and keep up with my appetite but I was just not really interested at the time. Eventually he told me after a couple failed attempts to meet with couples that he really wanted to just watch me with other men. I thought he was crazy - just watch? That’s it? But after a several months I thought why not and took the leap. He would bring it up during sex, point it out in a porn we might be watching, things like that. He knew I had a thing for 2 men in bed so he worked that angle and let me make up my mind.

As for how it became reality, I realized he was serious enough and started thinking about how, which around that time I ran into an old boyfriend from college and I realized he was the guy. Eventually I hit him up on facebook, then talked to him about my husband’s fantasy and he was very interested in ‘helping out’. Like a typical woman, I set it all up ha.

My husband at first was really excited when I told him I was up for his fantasy, then less excited when I told him I set up an old boyfriend to be the guy. I assured him I wasn’t looking to rekindle an old flame because this guy was more a regular bootycall kinda boyfriend then a serious one, and I explained I would rather my first time be with someone I knew and not some stranger. My husband was excited again.

He then again was apprehensive when I told him he was a black guy - he just assumed it was a white guy. My hubs knew I had a history with dating black guys and this created a whole other discussion about why we were doing this. For us this lifestyle has been like any other part of our marriage, a give and take.

Q: What are the 3 most appealing things to you about living your life as a hotwife?

A: Let me think about this one…the sex is one, but it’s more than that, it’s the variety, the excitement, and I get to give pleasure, each guy wants that pleasure a slightly different way, that is what’s appealing about it.

Two is it keeps me and my hubs on our toes with or marriage, it’s exciting but also makes us be open to avoid issues. It has definitely spiced up our sex life.

Third is well the best way to explain it is freedom, I love the freedom.

Q: Have you ever had sex with more than two guys at the same time or had a train run on you? If so, what was it like?

A: Yup and yup. My first time with two guys at once was in my late teens - the first time was by chance then, I got to be honest, I looked for it, it was like my crack. I got a bad reputation as you might guess. My first train was a private party I did in college, each of us girls hired to be the entertainment took a room and guys would come in and out. I was with one guy at a time while the other guys watched and commented, cheered, etc.

Q: What are your top 5 favorite books?

A: 50 Shades of Gray … just kidding… I could not even get through it, so badly written!

Hunger Games - I really loved the book and the world Katniss lived in and the obstacles she had to overcome. The movie was ok compared to it. I felt a bond with Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence was a perfect casting choice!

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky - It’s about race, interracial relationships and being interracial. It was very powerful for me to follow Rachel’s life and how she navigated how she was perceived and how a biracial child would impact my life if it ever happened. I am white and not bi-racial but there are many parallels as Rachel the main character depending on who she is interacting with passes as white and I identified with many parts of the book.

Little Women - just a super awesome classic that I devoured when young and have re-read 3 or 4 times. It’s a powerful book about womanhood, the way it was, and where we have come and what we might have lost on the way.

The Great Gatsby - I love the decadence and the trap it can become, and the complicated life that can come with it.

The Argonauts - I am reading this off and on right now and there are many parallels to my life.

Q: Some people have a hard time understanding how a hotwife’s husband could really love her if she’s sharing her with other guys. How would you respond to this?

A: To be honest I don’t completely understand it either but I know for us it works. There is love, attraction and mutual respect that is stronger than before I became a hotwife. I think it’s a selfless love, he realizes he does not have all the things I need and let’s me be me! I try to never take that granted! Love you honey!

Q: What would you tell a wife who is willing to play along in the bedroom with her husband’s hotwife fantasy, but has concerns about making it a reality?

A: My advice is don’t do anything you don’t want to do and take your time! I have been asked this before and that is always my answer. My sexual appetite is strong to begin with and being a hotwife fills that side of me. Reality is way different than fantasy so be careful, I know I didn’t jump in lightly at first and was surprised how fast I accelerated into the lifestyle.

Q: A lot of hotwives say they’re more fulfilled than ever living this kind of lifestyle. Is that the case with you, and if so, what can you tell us about that?

A: Absolutely! Being a hotwife makes me a stronger and more independent woman.

Q: What are the biggest myths about being a hotwife?

A: Hotwife myths: One is I fuck anyone (not true). Another is my husband is a weak man (not true) and lastly is my husband has a small penis (not true).


I’d like to thank Stacy for doing this interview with us. If you want to know more about her, check out her Switter which can be found HERE .

Oh, and as promised, below you can find the full NSFW and uncensored interview picture…

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