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Prior to my wife, the idea of watching “my woman” with another man would have been devastating. Something that would have crushed me, made me feel small, insecure, and less than… it would have wounded me to my core. But now I sit and fantasize about it constantly.  I think about whether it’s ever going to happen, how I’ll feel, whether my cock will be as hard and as excited watching the actual event as day dreaming about the fantasy.

That’s how it started for Jack, in his own words. His experience wasn’t unlike that of other men. He is unlike other men though in the sense that he now gets to live his fantasy in reality, with a gorgeous, highly intelligent, daring and confident 27 year old who goes by the name of Anna.

Jack and Anna caught my eye on Tumblr, where they post about their escapades, putting real screenshots of their texting conversations, and pictures of Anna in all her glory, including being satisfied by other men. I reached out to them to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing a few more details about their private life, and wouldn’t you know it—they happily obliged.

I’ll leave you to get to know them on your own by reading the below interview. Oh and don’t worry—they both promised me a picture that they’re going to take very soon which I can feature here in the interview.


The Interview

Q: How did you approach your wife about your fantasy and Anna, what was your reaction at first?

A: Our approach was an evolution over time, my husband never came to me and specifically said this was his fantasy. We just slowly started to discuss our past and as he became turned on hearing about my past sexual encounters we realized there was something more! I reacted as most women do, “Clearly you just want to fuck other women,” but we kept the conversation open and I was willing to listen. As time progressed we got to where we are!


Q: How exactly did the transition happen from Anna giving you objections to doing this to her actually doing it in reality? What hesitations/reservations did both of you have? How did you overcome or manage them?

We just ripped the bandaid off so to speak. My objections were based on me believing my husband just wanted to see me with other men so that he would have permission to be with other women, however as we continued to discuss I realized this wasn’t the case and we dove in.


Q: Some men “look down” on other men who are willing to let their wives sleep around. Others “look up” to men who explore the hotwife lifestyle. What would as the husband you say to these different groups of men, and how do you feel about yourself regarding your willingness to share your wife?

A: I think the idea of men looking down on me is based in their own insecurity. I know my wife loves me, I know if I said “Enough”, she would stop because I’m enough for her. We enjoy this because it’s a healthy/ fun sexual outlet. Those who “look up” to me, I think they should just realize what’s right for their life and proceed accordingly. We do what’s best for us; what others think is not what we focus on. At the end of the day Anna and I have one another.


Q: Anna, your husband describes you as an extremely intelligent woman. What are 3 intellectual interests of yours, and what appeals to you about each of them?

A: I have a degree in history. One of my biggest areas of interest is the relationship between love/sex and power. I have a passion for early American history in particular, turn of the century race/ labor relations that go hand in hand with sex/power. Don’t get me started I can go all night on this subject. In addition to history I have a love for languages, and am lucky to pick them up rather easily. My 3rd passion, which is not intellectual but rather spiritual would be cooking—but no man complains about that 😉


Q: Do you think Anna would stop hotwifing if you asked her to?

A: Anna “hotwifes” because it turns me on, if I asked her to stop it would be no question.


Q: Do you ever worry about Anna wanting to leave you for one of her lovers? 

A: No, Anna doesn’t have “lovers”. The men she hooks up with are very much props in our fantasy. She does not maintain relations or interests in other men, Anna is mine I always know that.


  • Ken

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Enjoyed the interview, and love them on tumblr. Thanks.

  • rebeccasoffice

    Reply Reply January 12, 2018

    Always nice to hear about others

  • Scott

    Reply Reply February 21, 2018

    I can’t believe I just found this interview.

    This is no BS… and Jack can testify to this…. but Jack has messaged me on tumblr giving me credit for the style in which he writes his blog. I recognized this interview was about his Anna by the thumbnail pic of her on the link. Crazy coincidence.

    You can find my blog at I’m sure you will notice the similarity between his blog and mine.

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