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It always makes for an exciting combination when a husband and wife’s sexual kinks fit together like a… “lock and key,” just like the Tumblr couple MyDarkSexyPlace.

Speaking of locks and keys, if you’re into chastity cages, humiliation, and just downright “I don’t know how he survives that” kind of teasing, then you’re going to want to check out this interview because not only is it fascinating and erotic, but it’s also filled with very solid and realistic advice regarding how to incorporate chastity into your cuckold relationship.

Let’s turn our attention to the darker side of the cuckold spectrum and get down and dirty with MyDarkSexyPlace.

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding lifestyle?

A: It was largely her idea. She wanted to try an open relationship back when we were just dating.  We tried various things arrangements before I realized that I enjoyed seeing and hearing her in action more than me participating with others.  I’m also a bit gun-shy at times, if you catch my meaning.


Q: How has your cuckolding relationship unfolded and changed over time?

A: Things began slowly. Prior to this year, my wife tended to run power-neutral. She would check with me on things frequently. She was still tip-toeing around any sort of humiliation or tainting. She was always very afraid of hurting me.  It took doing things and seeing that I wasn’t hurt — in fact that I was aroused — before she started to really open up.  Over the past year or so she’s really taken charge.  Finding the right Bull was a huge, huge part of it; She met a couple of guys who emboldened her. She started insisting on chastity, embarrassing me for masturbating, and really began to rub her infidelity in my face.


Q: Exploring your fantasy involves a lot of chastity play. What is it like to be locked up in chastity, and what about it appeals to you? What about it appeals to your wife?

A: The appeal of chastity is complicated.  It’s a safe feeling.  I can’t explain why really.  It also keeps your mind on your dick and on sex 100% of the time.  The chastity cage provides constant low-grade stimulation that becomes torturous because of the inability to actually get off.

After a week or so in chastity, the unbearable aching gives way to a sort of spiritual surrender.  You start looking for ways to make your wife happy in the hopes she’ll let you out.  Things that used to be grueling chores suddenly become opportunities to please her.  If she teases you while in chastity, it doubles the psychological effect.

For her, it’s a power trip.  She likes that she can get off anytime and that I can’t unless she lets me.  She also enjoys the growing submission I show her and my desire to please her in every way.  The longer you’re in, the more sexually pathetic she finds you, the more she wants her Bull.


Q: What top 5 pieces of advice would you have for someone who’s looking to incorporate chastity play into their cuckolding relationship?

A: 1) Start slow and be realistic. Start with a few hours. Work your way up to one day.  It was months into chastity play before we’d worked our way up to a week.

2) Provide time (supervised if necessary) every day to take the cage off and wash & dry. That might sound like a fantasy killer to some, but an even bigger fantasy killer is a massive bacterial or fungal infection caused by too much body moisture building up under the cage.  If you’re using a metal cage that doesn’t provide full coverage, this might not be such a big deal: I don’t know.

3) Always have an emergency key; don’t leave a guy in chastity with no way to get the cage off if there’s an emergency of some sort. Leaving the key connected to an under-sink drain pipe with a numbered tag is great.  That way, he has access in an emergency and she will know if he’s removed the key.

4) The wife should make him work to get the cage off. Like, really work.  Dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, pleasing her, etc.

5) Make the removal of the cage an event somehow. My wife took mine off and let me masturbate while she played an audio file of her and her Bull once.  It blew my mind.  That was after a whopping 33 days in the cage.


Q: What are some of your favorite things your wife does to tease/taunt/humiliate you?

A: Little texts during the work day when I’m locked up are great. Things like, “Did you have to sit to pee at work?” (because of my cage), “I’m just thinking about tonight. I don’t think I’ll get much sleep” (on a day that she had a date coming up). If she was on a date, it would be details about what she was doing, interspersed with hours of silence in between

She’s also taken her Bull upstairs in our house to get fucked while I was left downstairs in my cage.


Q: Did your wife always have a dominant side like this, or did she develop it over time? If so, what was that progression like?

A: It developed over time as she saw that things she tried made me horny, not hurt. She started very small with little winks and a snide word here and there and slowly notched it up until she was spending nights out with her Bull and then grinding her ass against me when she got home the next morning, telling me details of what she’d been doing over night, while I was 21 days into chastity with no end in sight.


Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you still go into the cuckolding lifestyle? Why or why not?

A: Definitely. It’s been a tremendous source of pleasure, intimacy, and spice in our life.  It’s not for everyone.  I doubt certain guys could ever get into it.  But if you are one who thinks you’d enjoy it, I say try it.


Q: How would you explain the appeal of this lifestyle to a man who wasn’t into it? To a woman who wasn’t into it?

A: I’d explain the concept of compersion: that some people are aroused by their partner receiving pleasure, even if it’s not from them. Otherwise, I’d just wink and tell them not to worry about it.


Q: What kinds of things were you hesitant or worried about when you first decided maybe you would try out this lifestyle?

A: Honestly, nothing. I don’t fear a lot of stuff and I thrive in chaotic environments.  When she first brought up the open relationship idea, I didn’t even hesitate.  So it’s been with each new step.


Q: What 5 tips, tricks, or hints could you give to men out there whose wives are a little hesitant or resistant to indulging in this fantasy?

A: 1) Go slow.  Try different fantasies like encouraging her to masturbate while thinking of a celebrity crush, or blindfolding her and doing the same.  Tell her how sexy you found it to watch her climax while thinking about this other guy

2) Don’t try to make it “all about her,” because it isn’t in reality, and your attempts to put it in “all about you” terms will be transparent and feel icky.  Instead, make it about the two of you and building greater intimacy through something extremely exciting.  That’s much closer to the real experience, anyway.

3) Be consistent but not nagging.  Never act hurt if she isn’t receptive.  Never put her under pressure.

4) Ask her for her thoughts.  Actually listen.  Don’t be ready with a bunch of come-backs.  Tell her that you’d like to think about what she said, then come back to the topic a day or two later.  NEVER ACT LIKE HER CONCERNS ARE UNFOUNDED.

5) Be willing to help her get things set up but don’t direct the action.  Ask her what she needs.  Give advice and encouragement.  Tell her how exciting / sexy / beautiful she is.

6) NEVER TRY TO GET HER TO SLEEP WITH A GUY SHE ISN’T REALLY, REALLY INTO. Let HER decide who the right guy is; it might not be the same guy you picture in your fantasies, but the right guy will let her cut loose and truly have fun and explore.


Q: What was your best/most memorable experience?

A: I’m not even sure where to start. Probably the first time I ever heard her getting fucked upstairs by her Bull while I sat on the couch downstairs and masturbated.  I remember he started to spank her pretty loudly as they fucked.  The sounds of her crying out with each spank drove me nuts! I was overwhelmed with lust and this thing that might be what other people call jealousy, but for me is a tremendous turn-on.

And aching. Aching because while my wife’s Bull was getting off, I was 20 days locked and I could barely remember what it felt like to cum…

I’d like to thank MyDarkSexyPlace for taking the time out to participate in this interview. For a more raw and hardcore look into some of the humiliation and traditional cuckolding play they explore, be sure to check out their Tumblr here if you haven't already:

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