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An Exclusive Interview – Meet Luckycucky69  4/5 (2)

Everyone talks about rules and boundaries when getting into the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles. And for good reason: having rules in boundaries in place can keep things safe and healthy.

But bending those rules and boundaries, or even sometimes downright flying past them—well, that can be pretty fun too in it’s own way, as long as you’re careful.

Here with us today, we have our normal guy turned cuckold, Luckycucky69. **EDIT: LuckyCucky69 has since disabled his Tumblr account for personal reasons; he has since made a new one which can be found here:**

Below you’ll discover his cuckold fantasy and how it progressed over time, eventually leading him to have some thrilling relationship experiences.

The Interview

Q: When did you first realize it turned you on to imagine your wife having sexual relations with others, and what was it like for you?

A: Well, looking back I would say when I had my first girlfriend. She was from a different town and we were going to be meeting at a basketball tournament about an hour away. After we were there a few hours she takes me aside and tells me she made out with one of her friends right before I got there. At first there was a wave of emotions. Some anger, jealousy, however they subsided in a flash and I found myself incredibly turned on. It took every ounce of my being to not just start licking her lips right then and there.


Q: What first appealed to you about it, and how did your desire change over time?

A: I would have to say the aesthetics of it all. It’s like an out of body experience (when permitted to watch). To watch my girlfriend writhe around and make love to another man was almost like watching myself do it to her. Except then I could smell the sex and sweat and catch all of the little things that a video couldn’t pick up on.

As we progressed  I found myself being turned on more and more through submission. Doing anything to please her, my boundaries definitely shifted and found myself enjoying limits I had placed on myself from the beginning.


Q: Were there any points where you were ashamed of having this fantasy?

A: Honestly no. Not to sound too philosophical but we are living in a time that prides itself on pushing envelopes. We have become more accepting of alternative lifestyles, whether homosexual or poly-amorous in nature. Cuckolding is becoming one of the leading fantasies and porn searches. And that’s where it all starts.


Q: What was it like to bring your fantasy up with your girlfriend? How did you go about it?

A: It was incredibly nerve racking. I had brought up swinging with a previous girlfriend and although that was never an issue, I always felt like I was crazy for wanting something like that, so there was some worry with bringing it up.

My ex (who I had dove head on into cuckolding with) was a virgin when I met and I had felt some guilt about possibly being the only man she’ll ever be with. So one day before I went on my deployment to the Middle East I told her I would like if she were to have some fun while I was gone. She could experience what it’s like to be with other men and maybe even give me some pointers. My only rules were wear condoms and tell me everything about it.


Q: What was your girlfriend’s response to finding out about your fantasy at first, and how did that change as you explored it with her?

A: At the beginning she thought of it as a way for me to be able to justify hooking up with other women. However after months of insisting that that was not the case she was convinced.

Almost from the get go we began morphing into our own brand. Rules were bent and then abandoned (with my full blessing). After about a year and  a half she settled on one other mate who became a second boyfriend. With him added to our relationship things really took off.


Q: What made you finally decide to take the leap from being a wannabe cuckold to actually taking steps to do it in reality?

A: I think it was the comfort-ability factor. She wasn’t judgmental and had expressed her fantasies to me before so I felt fairly comfortable telling her. Although I still felt like there might have been something wrong with me for wanting that.


Q: What was it like to explore your fantasy in real life? What were the best parts, and what were the most challenging parts?

A: It was definitely an adventure. I never knew what to expect, sometimes I would come home from work at night and the bedroom door was closed and I could hear her. This sent me into an insane endorphin rush.

As for challenges I would definitely say balancing between that part of our life and “alone” time. One of the biggest critiques from the “haters” is that cuckolds can’t get it up without another guy in the room. I can see this holding some water. If everyday you give into the fantasy it becomes a fetish and that can be a mark of death on a relationship. So we definitely sought balance.


Q: What thoughts do you have looking back on exploring your fantasies? Do you regret (if so why/why not)? Would you do anything differently?

A: So many thoughts, and they usually end with me taking my pants off.

I honestly have no regrets. I feel like it helped form who I am now and certainly made me more accepting of people in other lifestyles. Our relationship ended because of issues completely unrelated to the lifestyle so before haters say anything I feel like that should be said. In some ways I would say it made me a better person.

If I could go back I would have been open minded from the beginning. There was a lot of resistance on my part in wanting to push my boundaries and I feel like if I could tell young me one thing it’s; “just try it”.


Q: What are the top 3-5 pieces of advice you have for those who are considering getting into the cuckold or hotwife lifestyles?

A: Do not mince words. If something bothers you, say it.

Respect each other’s boundaries. You can push them in a nonthreatening way. My ex used to drop hints and finally, when I was admiring a glob of cream on our bull, asked me if…. well you get it.

Be safe. Obviously there is considerable risk in this lifestyle, whenever possible get to know potential lovers beforehand. Get tested and always know where each other are.


Q: What are the top 3-5 pieces of advice you have for those who are already exploring the cuckold or hotwife lifestyles?

A: That’s hard since I’ve been sadly out of the lifestyle for a few years. But I would say, find like minded people. I can imagine a lot of you find yourselves feeling isolated. When problems arise from the lifestyle (which they do and should) you need people to lean on. The internet is a wonderful place and can bring good people together.

I'd like to thank Luckycucky69 for taking the time to share his experience and advice with us. If you have any other questions for him, feel free to ask him below!

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  • Terry

    Reply Reply September 21, 2018

    I would be interested to know if the Guys she met had bigger Cocks than yours and how much difference did this make to your Cuckolding.

    • James

      Reply Reply June 4, 2020

      Hi Terry! Thank you for reading my interview! The majority of her/our lovers were bigger however that was kind of by design. I took a back seat in her choosing of playmates so she specifically sought out larger men. Her random hookups was more of a gamble. Some bigger, some smaller, some the same size and of course with that there was different levels of satisfaction ranging from very satisfied to just annoyed when they failed to perform.

      Although I was a larger than many I was a humiliation junkie, so knowing she was with someone larger than me was a massive turn on. The fact I’m a little bigger than average and I “wasn’t big enough” just added to the wow factor.

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