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There are guys who would ruin their lives to be a sub to a girl like EekItsNika. Why?

Because being at the mercy of someone as FIERCE and as unique her would be a pleasure unlike any other.

If you’re into dominant women, then there is no way you’ll walk away from this interview without wanting to know more about her. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Interview

Q: Can you give us a little background about who you are and where you’re at in life?

A: My name is Nika.  I’m a bisexual female, 21 years-old, a university student, and coming to a crossroads regarding what I’m going to do after graduation this time next year.  I’m in a polyamorous triad relationship with another female (my best friend!) and a male (my boyfriend of about 3 years).  It’s what they call a triangular arrangement because the three of us all date each other.  I’m power-neutral with my girlfriend and I’m dominant, during clearly delineated play sessions, with my boyfriend.


Q: What draws you to playing the more dominant role in sexual relationships? Has it always been this way?

A: I’m not 100% sure where the urge comes from to be dominant, but it’s a deep-seated, primal sort of a thing.  Being in the dominant position makes me tremble.  It makes me salivate.  It makes me wet. My pupils dilate.  People who’ve been my subs have said I look outright frightening when I’m in the zone, which is funny considering I’m 5’2” tall and about 116 lbs currently.

I’ve always had dominant fantasies.  The earliest I can remember was seeing a cartoon where some damsel was chained to a wall.  It made me tingly.  I wanted to be the one who had her chained up.  Of course, things did progress over time as I tried things and learned which types of play I enjoy and which ones I don’t.  I’m not into fancy titles, drawn out scenes involving a lot of poses and commands, or 24/7 play (I don’t have the attention span or the energy for that).  What I learned I like is making my sub squirm and whimper.  I like seeing their frightened eyes and hearing their protests of “You can’t do this; I’m a human being! Boohoohoo!”  I like to feel their trembling, clammy flesh.  A “scene’ with me generally lasts between 20 minutes and an hour, with clearly marked beginnings and ends.


Q: What are 3 of your favorite hobbies or activities you engage in for fun outside of all your sexual escapades?

A: I’m a voracious reader.  My favorite topics are history, philosophy, science, and sensationalized occult / “Satanic panic” shit … you know, like a poorly-written picture book on the history of Hell or something.  Oh, also comic books. And some novels, especially of the existentialist variety. My two favorite works of fiction are Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22” and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov.”

I’m athletic.  I work out strenuously 4 days per week, including martial arts training with my father, who was a special operations soldier.  So I’m frequently covered in bruises.  I also play basketball and soccer and I occasionally jump into informal softball teams that meet in Central Park.

Lastly, I like video games.  Favorite genres include first-person shooters, the Grand Theft Auto series, and my all-time favorite game: Far Cry 4.


Q: What’s your favorite television show and why?

A: “Rick and Morty” might be my all-time favorite TV show because it’s fucking sick and the humor suits me perfectly. I have a terrible laugh, and I laugh so hard at this show that my partners have banned me from watching it with them.


Q: Tell us a little what it’s like to be from Russia…

A: Ah, a common misconception!  My parents are from Russia.  My three older siblings were also born in Russia.  I was conceived in Russia, but I was the first in my family to be born in the US.  I was born and I grew up in Brooklyn, as did my younger sister.  Despite this, my first language was Russian and I had to learn English in public school.  Unfortunately, I speak English with a pronounced Brooklyn-ish accent, not a sexy Russian accent.  So it’s like, “The Q chrain is held up cuz of the weathah,” not whatever you’d expect from someone who’s first language was Russian.  I can put on an authentic Russian accent, but it’s the St. Petersburg variety, which isn’t especially sexy to the American ear.  My girlfriend grew up in Moscow: her accent is fucking sexy!


Q: What are 5 things a man should do if he wants to be a “good” cuckold for his mistress/cuckoldress/wife/girlfriend?

A: I guess first is be supportive of her but don’t try to be the director.  Women are used to being slut-shamed and it might take some effort to get her comfortable. Pushing her too hard won’t help.

Second, don’t be too quick to “abandon” her. A lot of the dudes who want to be “Bulls” are really aggressive, sometimes to the point of being frightening, and a lot of them have profound boundary issues.  Like, it’s really amateur hour more often than not. I know a lot of cuckold guys want to let the Bull wreck their wife’s pussy (not a real thing, btw), but feeding your wife to some guy with boundary issues will not only guarantee that cuckolding never happens again, it could seriously damage whatever trust your wife has in you. Until boundaries are clearly set with the new guy and he’s *proven* himself to be trustworthy, you still gotta be her valiant protector. As with a BDSM relationship, cuckold relationships need to have clear boundaries and negotiated power exchange. A free-for-all is not a good idea.

Third, shower her with love and affirmation and complements once she does decide to do this thing and especially after the main event happens for the first time. Chances are she’s still very emotionally uncertain about what’s happening and that she’ll likely need to hear and feel that you’re okay with what’s going on and that you haven’t lost respect or love for her. If anything, make her feel like your respect and love for her has grown!

Four, don’t give up on your sex life with her. Don’t shut her out of your own bedroom, so to speak. Otherwise she’ll just think the whole cuckolding thing was a way to farm her out so you don’t have to fuck her anymore. Likewise, don’t give up on your love life with her. In fact, DOUBLE that shit. This is related to my third point.

Five, don’t let the other guy transgress the boundaries you’ve set. Some Bulls will make a play for your woman as more than a sex partner. Be ready to step up if you have to.

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