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I try not to play favorites, but this young blonde bombshell just might be the sexiest hotwife I’ve interviewed. Maybe I shouldn’t say that…No, wait…it needs to be said, because she truly is beautiful.

Those in the Tumbler-verse are huge fans of her full, perky breasts and her luscious pouty lips (which you can get a clear view of in the uncensored picture at the end of this interview). I am too, but I also like her eye.

(I said eye and not eyeS because she’s only ever posted one of her eyes. You’ll have to visit her Tumblr and look through all her naked pictures to find it ;-) )

Anyway, she and her very cool other half are a husband and wife hotwife couple from Illinois who go by the name Hotwifelife26, and they took some time out of their lives to share their experiences in a more personal and intimate way in an interview with yours truly. If you take anything away from this interview, take away how important it is to them to reconnect to each other after the Mrs. plays. The hotwife lifestyle is clearly something that supplements their relationship, not defines it.


The Interview

**Q: So, how did the two of you get started in the hotwife lifestyle? **

A: The Mr. in our relationship fantasized about the idea of me being a hotwife. It came up occasionally in the bedroom and we somewhat acted on it for the first time during a vacation. I went to a club while he waited for me in the room and it made him so hard and drippy wondering what kind of naughty attention I was getting!

At first I didn’t like the idea of being shared, I just wanted him to want me for himself. After exploring further and being able to play with others, I love what it has done for our relationship. I never imagined we could be even closer than we already were.


Q: What’s your current hotwife situation look like?

A: Our current hotwife situation could be described as “looking.” We are looking to find someone to be our regular. We never realized how hard it would be to find someone who meets our standards, can be discreet, and understands the lifestyle. We would like to have a mmf threesome with someone. I usually prefer having a regular guy to participate in our fun but if the situation was right I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity ;-)


Q: For the Mrs.: Before you got married, did you have any idea your relationship would come to look like what it does now? Would the you of 10 years ago have ever thought you’d like an arrangement like this?

A: I definitely didn’t even know this kind of lifestyle existed. The more we’ve looked into it however, the more we’ve realized how common it is for men to fantasize about their wives with other men. The “me” 10 years ago definitely would not have ever pictured myself in this lifestyle. My hubs has definitely opened up my realm of sexuality.


Q: For the Mrs.: You showcase quite a few creampie pictures on your Tumblr. Are all these creampies from your husband, or are some from other men? If from other men, are you on birth control?

A: They are from my husband so far. When I play it’s very in the moment and rarely do I get a chance to say hey let’s stop and get a picture. You get caught up in the moment!

And I am on birth control.


Q: For the Mr.: What’s it typically like for you when she comes back from a play date? What do the two of you do to reconnect? Is it ever awkward? Does she ever seem distant?

A: It’s a very erotic atmosphere when she returns from a play date. We fuck like crazy and I want to cum over and over again to every naughty detail of her experiences. We reconnect with intimacy and sharing every part of her escapades. She’s never distant, if anything we are so much closer after she has an opportunity to play.


Q: What’s the most extreme thing the two of you have done while exploring this lifestyle?

A: The Mrs. fucked a co worker of the both of us who had the biggest cock she’s ever taken. She then drove to meet me at work and we fucked in the backseat of her car—twice.

Q: For the Mr.: Are you into creampie eating or tease and denial play at all? If so, how do you incorporate that into your lifestyle? If not, why do you choose not to incorporate that into your lifestyle?

A: This is not really something we have had a chance to experience yet. The tease and denial thing wouldn’t be for us if she just came from a play date since we crave intimacy to reconnect. Creampie eating would be a possibility if the circumstances allowed for it.

Q: What kinds of things has the Mr. done to make sure the Mrs. feels connected, positive, secure, and happy in her marriage? Related to this, what are 3-5 things about your relationship that makes it so strong?

A: This whole experience only works because we are open and honest in every aspect of our relationship. He makes sure that I never feel pushed or uncomfortable in any situation. My pleasure is what does it for him so if its not something I’m in to, he’s not going to take enjoyment from it either.

A few things that make our relationship so strong would be our communication with each other, the amount of trust and honesty we have, and our natural attraction for each other.


Q: Did either of you you ever have concerns or worries about whether or not you could handle exploring this lifestyle? If so, how did you get over them?

A: We both did at first. It started just as a fantasy but the more we discussed it, the more it evolved. At first he didn’t want me to know who he lined up to fuck me. I wouldn’t kiss them and it would just be straightforward sex. It has since turned into him allowing me to have anything I want in any situation because my pleasure is what really does it for him.

At first I was concerned because I didn’t know if I could have “just sex” with someone without becoming attached. After our first experience I was reassured about how strong our relationship was. After my play date I couldn’t wait to come home and tell him all about it. I felt like I needed him more than anything. I had a great time playing but my heart knew where its home was which was with my husband.


Q: What advice would you have for men whose wife wants to explore this kind of lifestyle, but the woman isn’t quite sure himself?

A: You have to be patient! Being pushy will not get you anywhere, it will only make things even less of an option. Just be honest and explain how you feel about it. I feel as though many women also think the offer for the lifestyle is an opportunity for the husband to then be able to fuck whoever he wants. However, that’s not how the hotwife lifestyle works. So keep in mind she may be wondering if the offer has some ulterior motive.

Be open and honest and never be upset or pushy. My husband and I used to discuss it very seriously at length. It was something I had to wrap my mind around.


Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently in regards to exploring this lifestyle?

A: I would say I would have had more of a “build up” to our first experience. It happened very quickly and I think it would have been more exciting and fun to work our way up to sex. I would have rather started with more texting and flirting so it really built the anticipation.


A huge thank you to Hotwifelife26 for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you haven’t already, I _highly encourage _you to check out their Tumblr for more pics including but not limited to some great close-ups, creampie GIFs, tanning bed selfies, sexy dresses, and more. Their Tumblr can be found here:

And before I forget, if you want the full uncensored version of the picture featuring the sign the Mrs. made for this interview, click below.

Hotwifelife26 tumblr

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