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Why try to re-describe in your own words a sexy, articulate soccer mom who has already perfectly described herself?

“Blessed to have the freedom to pursue my sexual desires…. whatever those may be. Married with 3 kids. Gemini. Switch. Bi-light. Baby Girl. Kitten. Domme. Vain as heck. Insecure most days. Love erotica, wine, shoes, good conversation, and I’m a little obsessed with Manuel Ferrara.”

If that doesn’t entice you to want to know more about her, then the problem is you.

Kidding. But not really.

One more quick word of introduction: this sexy and intriguing soccer mom caught my eye because she identifies as a switch (not to mention she’s bi, and a MILF). Please excuse the profanity, but….how f*cking cool is that? I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

The Interview

Q: On your Tumblr, you mentioned you have the freedom to pursue your sexual desires. How did this come about in your marriage? Whose idea was it? Did either of you have reluctance about what it would mean if you let other people into your relationship?

A: J and I had been through some rough patches in our marriage. We were healing from one of these times about 4 years ago when we found a Facebook page called “Wife Approved Porn”. It was erotic and sexy. I started sharing with him. He would share pics with me. We found her tumblr blog and started blogs for ourselves.

The blogs were strictly about sharing things for each other. We started talking more about our fantasies and while we didn’t necessarily have the same interest in certain things, we were both getting more turned on. The more we talked about things, the hotter the sex got at home.

When he started talking about having another person involved, he suggested another guy. I was IMMEDIATELY dubious… wondering if this was all a ploy because he really just wanted to have sex with another woman or something like that. Turns out it was just his fantasy. I kept asking, “Is this because I’m not enough? Do you need someone involved?” and he was wonderful at reassuring me this was just his fantasy and always had been. He wasn’t looking to find another woman.

We finally found the right guy, the right couple… things all worked out right and it started a new phase of our marriage. Having another man involved was great. The chemistry was great, the dynamics were great, J got to watch me (fulfilling his fantasy), and I got to be treated like a goddess.

When it came to adding another woman, that was different. I realized that watching J with another woman isn’t my kink. In exploring these things together, we’ve learned so much about ourselves and each other. We had to learn how to navigate the balance between our marriage relationship and the “other” relationship.


Q: Do you consider yourself a hotwife in the traditional sense of the word?

A: Questions like this are tough because it depends on how you define it. My husband is not a cuckold although many would think he is because I am the hotwife. In short, I consider us Hotwife/Vixen and Stag.

He likes me to have sex with other men. He likes the confidence I get when I go from introduction to sealing the deal. We aren’t into mixing with couples, going to sex clubs, or parties. We’ve decided that it isn’t our thing so I guess you can say we’re not swingers. I’ve met with people from Tumblr and other sites. I consider myself a hotwife… so I suppose the answer is “yes”.


Q: It’s not too often that you come across a female who can call themselves a switch. What do you like about being in the domme role? What do you like about being in the sub role?

A: This makes me smile. I’ve joked that because my astrological sign is Gemini, I’m double sided. Domme and sub, angel and devil, prude and dirty, dirty slut. Both sides are very fun aspects of my sexual personality.

The dominant side has been about power. There’s amazing power in holding pleasure and pain at the same time, commanding attention or obedience with the tone of my voice or posture, or allowing release versus denial. This power has been fun to explore and develop. I have a secondary blog that I keep in addition to this one. I want that side of my personality kept separate so there’s no cross over.

As far as submission, I have found that I submit naturally. I haven’t had a true real-life D/s relationship. The only thing that I’ve been unable to find is that sexual experience that truly silences the constant chatter in my mind. It’s been the biggest barrier to submission in my experience. I love the imagery but have yet to experience it in practice.


Q: A lot of women struggle with their sexuality for years after having kids and starting a family, but you have three kids and are still exploring your sexual desires. What factors would you say have contributed to you having a more than average sexual appetite, and how big of a role does your husband play in this?

A: Who says mine is more than average?  Hahaha.

I was very sexual in my 20’s. Then marriage and kids happened. I don’t know if it was hormonal or what but I lost that drive. I’m sure it’s somewhat normal as motherhood became the priority and sexual wife-hood just took a backseat. It led to some very tough years but my husband and I stuck through it.

A few months before I turned 39, a guy who worked in another state for my company began flirting with me and told me I was stunning. It changed me in a way I didn’t expect. I didn’t think I was stunning. I didn’t think anyone thought I was. I hadn’t felt anything like that in years. I realized I hadn’t felt much of ANYTHING for years… I had become invisible. I was mom. I was wife. But I wasn’t ME.

It was the beginning of the awakening and it got us to where we are now… I’ve embraced my sexual side, J encourages me, our marriage is stronger for it. His encouragement is everything. I know I should be all tough and feminist and say that I don’t need it but I do. I need his encouragement.

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    A very beautiful and sexy woman.

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