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In this exclusive interview, we talk to a couple who started exploring the cuckold lifestyle as boyfriend and girlfriend, but wound up getting married. I’d like to welcome CuckoldHusband1 (the owner of a cuckold twitter account with over 50k followers) to our site so he can share his experience, tips, and advice with us here.

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding lifestyle?

A: I suggested to my girlfriend at the time [who is now my wife] that I would like to watch her with another man. She was reluctant at first since her last relationships didn’t work out well when they played naughty and she didn’t want to jeopardize our new relationship. She [eventually] agreed and phoned up an old boyfriend; he was game and I wasn’t jealous which made her happy, so we kept on doing it.


Q: Does your wife have a long-standing lover or multiple lovers?

A: She was a swinger before she met me but likes having only one bull, not multiple guys every other week.


Q: What are the 5 biggest challenges you would say face married couples while living the lifestyle?

A: 1) Pressuring their wife or girlfriend to have sex with other men.

2) Being jealous; making her feel like she did something wrong when you asked for it.

3) Not reassuring the relationship after she just had sex with another man.

4) Not making sure to tell her how much you love her and respect her.

5) Pushing the relationship with the bull.


Q: What advice would you have for someone if they were just getting started in the cuckolding lifestyle today?

A:Never ever get jealous and don’t make her feel like a tramp. If you’re going to enter into a serious cuckolding relationship, you’re giving your wife to another man and a lot of feelings [come up during that] so you need to be prepared emotionally. [If not], just don’t do it.


Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you still go into the cuckolding lifestyle?

A: Yes this is a lifestyle for us. It strengthens our relationship, makes my wife feel sexy and hot, spoils her a little, [and we enjoy] the little bit of taboo [that comes with it. When we don’t do it for a while things get “blah blah” for both of us, and not just in the bedroom. It makes us appreciate each other.


Q: If you had to do it all over again, what would you do the same, and differently?

A: I think we both did it properly. It didn’t happen overnight; we took it slow. The only thing we would have done different is get rid of that last [guy] we had. He was drama and started drinking too much. It wasn’t sexy for us and we don’t like drama. It just wasn’t fun. We finally just recently broke it off with him and now we have a new, strong, awesome, no-drama, hot bull. He’s the best guy she’s had in her life. He comes in and just pays attention to her and treats her with respect but is dominant.


Q: What 5 tips, tricks, or hints could you give to men out there whose wives are a little hesitant or resistant to indulging in this fantasy?

A: This is my second marriage. In my first I was married for 20 years and she wouldn’t have anything to do with cuckolding. I think she was scared about her personal appearance and confidence with herself.

1) I tell all my followers to start with porn ii it turns the wife on. If not, talk about it.

2) Mention other guys looking at her and tell her that she’s sexy and hot.

3) Playing to her fantasies and what she wants to do; all men can’t be everything. My wife likes to be spanked and f***** hard. It’s not so much about the big cock it’s just nice to have. It’s our only rule.

4) Let the wife or girlfriend know it’s not going to affect the relationship–it’s going to enhance it.

5) They need to be open and honest with each other about everything or it won’t work.

I don’t have any advice for the humiliation stuff. My wife doesn’t do that to me.


Q: Where are your go to sites for the best cuckold porn on the net?

A: YouPorn, TubeGalore, Xhamster.

In the beginning was Doggfart. It got me started back in late  90s.

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