An Exclusive Interview - BiWithSmallDick & HerSexyEyes

On the surface, Mike & Deanna appear to be your average couple. However, there’s way more to them than you’d ever imagine.

Take the fact that Mike is self-proclaimed Stag with bi-tendencies, and Deanna is a kinky hotwife who’s been with way more than one man at the same time. Hint: that might be what the special NSFW picture found at the end of the interview has to do with.

Even cooler is that they’re both very open about their newfound sex life as a Stag & Vixen couple, and they were willing to talk about all of it right here on

Every couple has their own way of exploring their desires, so without further ado, let’s take a look and see how Mike & Deanna explore theirs.


The Interview

Q: Tell us a little about how you met each other and what your relationship was like before you ventured into this lifestyle together…

A: Him: My name is Mike. I was married for 30 years and in a very vanilla relationship. Sex was only in the bedroom. If we started in the living room we had to go to the bedroom. Mostly straight sex a few toys and sometimes she would use a plug in my ass. Never anything in public.

Her: Prior to this, I was married for 13 years to someone who only cared about himself, he got off, I got nothing.  I played with myself and toys, read lots of erotic material.

I met Mike on a dating site, Plenty of Fish. Met for drinks and that was it we were both hooked, but nothing happened that first night.  The next time I met him was after work at his place and OMG the sex was amazing.


Q: So whose idea was it to start exploring the lifestyle the two of you explore together? How did the topic come up, and what was the process like going from fantasy to reality?

A: We’ve been together 6 months. As soon as we met there was nothing either of us wanted more than the other. I came over to see her and I’ve never left. I’ve always been honest with women about how small my dick is. I’m 3 inches long and around only as big as a quarter. We were together a couple weeks and the I asked her if she would like a big cock.

She said yes. I put an ad on Craigslist and we met a guy who was about 7 inches. We met for drinks went up to the room and everyone got naked. We both sucked his cock and then he fucked her and she came very hard. Then at the end she put his cock in her mouth and sucked him as I sucked his balls as he shot his load in her mouth.

We were both scared to death as to what it would do to our relationship. We talked about everything that happened, what we liked and didn’t like. When he left we held each other and knew that we still loved each other. We established some ground rules that we both follow and tell everyone before we meet. The rules have changed a bit but there are a few things that we keep between us. I share her a lot but some things are only mine.


Q: HerSexyEyes, do you feel as though you have a higher than normal sex drive? If so, when did you first notice? If not, what kinds of things influence your willingness to be sexually open to and with your bf?

A: I wouldn’t say higher, for me I was in a relationship for 13 years that was all about him. Mike makes me feel like no one ever has.  For the first time in years I feel beautiful and sexy.  I really think its about how he makes me feel.

About 3 weeks into our relationship he asked me if I wanted a bigger cock, he is small, and I said yes.  That was the start.  Scared to death, knowing how we felt about each other, we started seeing other guys.


Q: What are three things that appeal to each of you about the dom/sub dynamic in your relationship?

A: Him: It really isn’t a dom/sub it’s more daddy/baby-girl relationship. She has turned into a real slut. She wants big cock and I find it for her. She has no contact with any of the guys that fuck her. They only speak to me. We’ve been with up to 11 different men in a 7 day period. I make sure the men (and occasionally a woman) do what they are told and that no one steps over the line.

We have a couple different words we use. One means it’s over, the other she just needs a break. Say we’re with 4 or 5 guys and she’s been at it for an hour. If she wants to take a break and get a drink she says a word and I make them stop.

As for the other word we have used it a couple times. Both of us have said it. When it’s said it’s over. We have used it in the middle of playing. He was fucking her, she said it, I made him stop and we left.

Her: Ours is not a normal dom/sub relationship.  He always wants to see me pleased and happy, it’s always about me. He takes care of me and never leaves my side, always making sure I am ok. Our aftertime, he makes sure afterwards we both are ok with everything that happened.

**Q: What does it mean to you to be a good dom for your gf?**

A: It’s important to know what she wants and needs. When a guy is using his fingers too long or licking her pussy I need to know and make him stop. The most important thing is to keep her safe. We talk all the time. Something that was or was not wanted a month ago may be fine to do now.

Like I said I’m not a dom. There is never a me or a you in our relationship. It’s always us. We’re never apart when we play and would never play alone. She means too much to me and I would never do anything to hurt her.


Q: What was your first time like for you?

A: Him: [I’ll answer that two ways: the first time she and I had sex, and the first time we included another man.] The first time me and Deanna were together it was truly amazing. I had felt like we were doing it for a lifetime. I did things I’ve never done before. I never was rough with a woman and I did leave some marks. That’s something I never did. I apologized after and she said it was fine.

We just fit together like a hand in a glove. When I slid my dick in her for the first time and she came for me that was something that very rarely happened with me. My dick being so small a lot of women couldn’t feel me when I fucked them but with Deanna it was very different. I felt like I belonged there.

The first time with another man we really didn’t know what to do or expect. We were very scared as to what it would do to our relationship.  We talked extensively about it before and after. Communication is very key. The first time he kissed her. We  talked about that and decided that was only between us. She doesn’t kiss anyone but me. He was very large and I was worried that if he fucked her better then me she would want him over me. That was a chance I would take.

But I found out that fucking is only a minor part of it. The guys that we have sex with can only do one thing better then me. That is stretch her pussy wide and fill it deep. Our sex life is amazing the guys we see are basically a human dildo. Sometimes plastic doesn’t work.

Her: For the first time just between he and I…OMG it was amazing.  I met him at his place, he showered and then we started playing around on the bed.  He is little, but that didn’t bother me at all.  He knows how to use it.  The way he touched me, kissed me was off the charts.  I was covered in bite marks and later he didn’t realize he lost control like that.

The first time we were with another man, I was scared to death, super nervous. I was afraid of what it would do to our relationship.

We met at a hotel bar and waited for him. When he arrived we had a few drinks and made small talk. Once we decided we were all ready, we went up to a room. I was so nervous walking down the hallway to that room, even with Mike holding my hand the entire way.

We undressed and started fooling around. We sucked, licked and fucked for awhile and when it was over he quietly left us alone. We talked about it, I shed a few tears, and made sure we both knew neither did anything wrong and that we were both good with what happened. There were a few things we learned from this first time that helped us establish certain ground rules.

*Dr. 36’s Note: Mike sends a list of ground rules to every guy before they get a chance to play. That list can be seen below.

There are a few ground rules. First and foremost I am her daddy and she is my baby girl. I will always be next to her telling her what to do. If you want her to do something tell me and if I feel it’s appropriate I will tell her. I will also tell her what to say and do. This is written in stone. She doesn’t really like kissing other men She does like a little light touching when we meet on her arm or leg. It lets her know you are interested. Her ass is off limits. No marks. You can cum in her pussy but that is something we can discuss. If there’s more then one guy there and you want to cum in her please be considerate of the next guy that’s going to fuck her. She does swallow and likes when a man cums on her face. When it’s over we ask that you leave quietly. We like to have some alone time where we just like to be together after. We are both bisexual. We would like it if you were at least bi receptive. You do not have to suck me and if you do not want me to suck you that is fine. It is not a deal breaker we understand completely. We’ll meet in a bar and have a few drinks. Your treat of course. If everyone agrees we go to the hotel also on you and fuck. Lastly we would like to take some pictures and/or videos. This would be done only with your approval and no faces will be shown. We will send you copies of everything and you can do whatever you like with them. Again if you do not want pictures none will be taken and it will not effect anything. Pictures are only an option and will only be taken by us. Thank you.

**Q: What’s the largest number of guys you’ve been with at the same time? What was that like?**

A: 6. I was really nervous at first.  But knowing these guys wanted me, wanted me to suck them, wanted to please me…I became more and more excited.  I loved holding a cock in each hand, one in my mouth and one fucking me from behind.  I knew then that I wanted more.


Q: A lot of couples struggle to find the “right” guy(s) to play with. What are some of the methods you use to find guys to play with your hotwife?

A: Basically I look for a big cock. We’re on a few websites. The first thing I give them are the rules. Most agree, some do not. We don’t look for friends, we only want cock. We have about a dozen guys we see from time to time but just for sex.

We have used Craigslist but not very often. Others we meet at House Parties or come recommended by someone we have already met.

**Q: What direction do you want to take exploring this in in the future? Will you look to do other things (bring in other women, role-switching, etc.)? If so what, if not why not?**

A: We’ve only been doing this for about 6 months. We are both bisexual and have played with other women. I’m not really looking to fuck another woman but we have discussed it and she wants to lick my cum from another woman’s pussy. We have tried other things. She was flogged and she liked it. We discussed it and I don’t want another guy to do it to her. So I’m going to learn how to do it.

We will try almost anything. We were at a house party and a guy did a fire massage. We talked about it and it’s something she wants to try. We need to find the right guy to do it. We have plenty of time so we are not in any rush to do anything. It will all happen in due time.


Q: Do either of you ever have any moments of doubt regarding your exploration of this lifestyle? If so, what are they and how do you overcome them? If not, what is it about your relationship that allows you to be as secure as you are about the choices you make as it pertains to this lifestyle?

A: Him: We have no doubt about what we do. We are secure in our relationship first is because we love each other more than we have or ever will love anyone else. Second we talk about everything and I mean everything. Not just before or after it happens but we talk about things that happened months ago. How we felt then and how we feel now about it.

This is about trust and honesty. We both love each other deeply and know that neither one of us would ever do something without the other one knowing. I talk to a lot of guys and she knows that I would not let her meet someone that is wrong for her. Not that I make all the right decisions but I do the best I can to make the right ones.

Her: Never any doubt, always nervous at first.  We talk about EVERYTHING so that helps us to remember that this is just sex, nothing more nothing less.  Mike and I want to please each other and make each other’s fantasies come true.  We both had very vanilla relationships and what we have now is like nothing either one of has ever had.  We have no secrets, we hide nothing.  You have to open with the other about everything.


Q: What does it mean to you to be a stag, and what does it mean to your GF to be a vixen?

A: Me being the stag means that I am here to get her what she wants and to make sure she is happy. I love to share her with anyone. But I could never just let her go be with someone without me. I’ve had a fantasy about being a cuckold for many, many years. There are some things I like about it but there are a lot of things I could never do. I could never be in a cock cage for example. But I do love watching her cum and she can cum dozens and dozens of times.


Q: What advice would you have to other women who are hesitant to explore this lifestyle?

A: Communication is the absolute key.  You have to be open and be able to talk about anything and everything.  Likes and dislikes.  With the right man by your side this can be the best “extra” for.


I’d like to thank Mike & Deanna for being so open and candid with us about their Stag & Vixen relationship. It’s truly awesome to see a couple who are into each other as much as they’re into each other’s desires. If you want to know more about them, Mike’s Twitter can be found here: and Deanna’s Twitter can be found here:

Oh and one more thing before I forget…Here’s the NSFW picture I promised of Deanna being very, very naughty.

Mike And Deanna Naughty

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