An Exclusive 3rd Interview - Rebecca's Response To Her Ex!

Most people find it not only fascinating but incredibly hot to know the “behind the scenes” details of a hotwife’s personal life. It adds a dimension of _realness _to it all, to her, and in turn that realness just makes her and her story more erotic, more appealing so to speak.

And out of all the interviews I’ve done, Rebecca from has been one of the most open and candid women regarding not only her sex life, but her personal life as well.

If you’ve read Rebecca’s first interview, you most likely walked away feeling like you knew her for being more than just a famous internet hotwife. And if you read the special interview with her Ex-Husband, than you would have gotten to know her from a completely different perspective, even _before _she was a hotwife. Her Ex shared some very interesting things about her and her journey, or rather _their _journey I should say.

But…he only shared his perspective. And as interesting as his perspective is/was, the whole story wouldn’t really be complete without Rebecca having a chance to respond to it all, and so that’s exactly what the subject of this interview is.

Below, you’re going to find out even more about Rebecca’s own personal life and her hotwife lifestyle. Does she still talk with her ex? What do her friends and family think _now? _How does her current boyfriend feel about all this? Is she still planning on continuing being a hotwife? Was it all worth it?

(You’ll also find out at the end of the interview the _real _reason behind Rebecca doing this followup. Hint: it has something to do with a pretty shocking photo her ex sent.)

For anyone who wants to know just how far a shy, conservative wife can go into the hotwife lifestyle once she takes the plunge, and where all that leads, you _absolutely _have to read this interview. So I’ll leave you to it!


The Interview

Q: What happened after your ex-husband’s interview with The Cuckold Consultant?

A: Well quite frankly I was surprised he did the interview.  I hadn’t asked him about it and when I read it, I felt it was done quite honestly, but there were some things that surprised me and that I had never thought of.  We have a great relationship and we had some very honest moments together.  What I did not know is that this was all part of an evolving master plan for him to really make me into his own personal sexy and sexual housewife.

He told me that at first it was all about me being his sexual fantasy and that because I grew up in a fairly conservative family and was very innocent sexually, he saw that it was a good opportunity to use our love and mutual trust in each other to mold me into the woman he desired.  And that is fair.  I molded him into the man I wanted as well.  I turned him into a GQ guy that he was not, buying all his clothes, taking him to cooking lessons, etc.  He himself is a super nerdy physician and now he is quite a desirable guy to all women even though he is now in his 50s.  I would say that together we made each other more attractive to each other as well as to our extramarital lovers.

So in the end he liked getting the real story out there and letting everyone know the husband’s side of how I came to be since so many people ask what it took for me to become the person I have become.

After both of our interviews it just helped us to both talk more about it and assure ourselves that what we did was not done with malice towards each other and that the other did not feel hurt by the actions or intent of the other.  In relationships we have small secrets and tricks we use to manipulate the other and it is okay.  Your partner will always learn whatever insecurities, desires, fears, weaknesses you have, and you have to hope they will use them to help you more than hurt you.

In an odd way, we love each other more than ever.

Q: What did you think about the reactions people had about your interviews and separation?

A: Well people were mostly supportive.  There were people who said they were sad to hear that we were no longer together.  I think this fell into two camps:  1) There are the fans of the cuckold lifestyle who believe and are worried that I will quit being a naughty cheating woman now that we are no longer together and that my website ( would die and 2) There are those who feel bad that I left my husband without someone to love.

To the first group, I say not to worry.  I still get to be a naughty cheating woman.  My boyfriend likes me to do that.  He wants me to be a woman who can’t get enough sex even if it isn’t with him.  He believes the day I stop being naughty is the day I am sexually fulfilled and won’t need him anymore.  He enjoys letting me have my independence to experience this lifestyle and encourages me to keep performing.  I’d say the only difference is he is okay with me swinging with all ethnicities.

To the second group, please understand this was the most amicable and mutual break-up.  We both love each other a great deal and had great moments together.  We don’t want to tarnish those moments because we both have changed and each of us felt like the direction we were going was not going to please the other.  I have a new guy.  That is true.  But he has a very beautiful younger lady that loves him and that he loves very much in the way that I loved him back when we first got married.  I definitely don’t need that kind of love anymore, but he does and he deserves to have it.

They say in a marriage that women change and men don’t.  That is exactly what happened and we both understand that.

There probably is a third faction that thinks we just have an odd relationship.  That is true. But it is a happy one. It works for us.  I have lots of friends who have marriages and relationships that ended in a hostile or unhappy manor.  I’d rather have an odd relationship than an unhappy one that poisons everyone around you.

Again, I want to repeat that you should not be sad.  We are happier than ever.  EVERYONE is happier.  We are probably happier than many people who are still married.  Better to be in my situation today unhappy and unfulfilled.  Please be happy for me, my ex and all those who rely on us.

For those who believe this lifestyle or BBC made this happen, I want to tell you this.  We got into the lifestyle and BBC hotwife world because our relationship was unfulfilled.  We had already accomplished what we wanted in marriage and wanted more or something else that we could not provide the other.  As you will read later, it wasn’t because my husband did not want to be a cuckold or that he was mad at me or felt humiliated.  He enjoyed it, but he also wanted other things and did not need the cuckold lifestyle anymore.  He still enjoys the thought of it and wanted other things.

The cuckold hot wife lifestyle allowed us to follow our dreams.  It did not break them. So be happy and not sad for us.


Q: So what is your relationship like with your ex now?  Do you guys even have a relationship?

A: We probably see each other for coordinating things at least once a week.  People who have known us for years on a casual basis probably don’t even notice the difference.  It is not like we went out and publicly announced this to the world in a Christmas card.  Being in Southern California probably makes it easier too.  He has always been in the presence of younger and beautiful women who would like to get into the acting world.

So now when they see him having dinner with some pretty woman, nothing has changed.  Same with me.  I’d say 25% of couples around here are interracial and even with casual friends and business acquaintances nobody even blinks.  When we are out to dinner, most people might think I’m on a business dinner or that he is just a friend or maybe even that I am married to him.   Most importantly, we have always socialized our lovers in larger groups of our friends like at birthday parties or holidays so everyone knows that we are acquainted.

The other thing is that I still wear my wedding rings.  Al has also told me it is okay to still wear my rings, so people don’t really question me.  He also finds it sexy that I still wear them.  I will wear them until someone (wink, wink) gets me a replacement.  When people ask me how Al is doing, I tell him he’s doing great and that he is really happy with life.

The other thing is that my boyfriend loves the whole cuckold thing, so he has enjoyed running my site more than I think Al ever did if that is even possible.  He likes sleeping in the bed I was married in.  He likes sitting in Al’s favorite chair, he likes watching Al’s old television, and he likes seeing his things in places where Al used to have his own things.  He probably brings up his name more than I do.  I think he likes thinking of Al as the cuckold as it makes me hotter to him, having stolen me from another successful and desirable man.  Maybe black men are just more possessive in that way.  I don’t mind being his conquest.

Separately and in contrast I do converse with Al’s girlfriend to coordinate logistics and especially had to do that during the past holiday season.  Al also has gone to some baseball events with my guy and other friends so we all get along!  We probably get along even better now since we are all in this together.  We are even talking about going on a double dinner date (just no sex after).

Q: Anything surprise you in your discussions with your husband?

A: Yes lots!  Although I never liked the term cuckold and the connotation that I was cheating and humiliating him, he said he didn’t mind it as much as I did.  He just thought it was pigeon-holing him into a stereotype as a wimpy husband.  In fact it was quite the contrary.  He felt like he was the aggressive enabling husband who turned his wife into this sexually wanton and naughty woman.  It still didn’t matter to him and if other men got turned on by thinking of him as a cuckold, it was not a big deal.  He said if it made me more desirable to others to think of me as a strong woman who disobeyed her husband and cheated on him that it was okay by him.

So he basically said his denial of the liking of the term cuckold was for me and for those people, who like me, didn’t feel comfortable with the term, but for him it was all good.

In fact he said what he liked the most was seeing me enjoy himself and if there was any true cuckolding that he felt, was that he was so turned on to see me taken by men and having crazy sex with screaming orgasms and squirting.  He felt like there was no way that he could keep up with what some of these men were doing to me.  He said that it was like taking a recovering alcoholic to an open bar.

I would resist and say I didn’t want it, but in the end the bartenders were giving me everything and by the end of the night I was happy dancing naked on the bar.  He said those were the kind of joyous moments he could never give me and that it was so hot to see his wife screaming uncontrollably and having a good time although I was hesitant about being there in the first place and afraid to face my demons and addiction to things that might not be good for me.

He says watching me with other men is basically the only thing he really misses about me on a day to day basis.  He enjoys that the thing he misses about me is now something that I get more of now that I am not with him.  When we do get together he still wants to hear about what I’ve been doing sexually.  How many orgasms I’ve had?  How many guys I had sex with this week?

Just the other day we talked about what we did on New Year’s Eve.  He said that he and his girlfriend went to a nice extravagant party in Vegas. But he was really interested in my juicy details.  When I told him I went to a party and had a 4-way and that two guys came inside me and that I swallowed another, he had a big smile on his face like it was the first time he had heard such a thing although I have probably done crazier things before.  In the end, he reminded me that he just wanted to make sure I was happy.


Q: Does this change anything about how you viewed your marriage?

A: If you are asking if I’d do anything differently, that answer would be no.  Everything I got out of my marriage was so positive and beautiful.  Sure I went into the marriage thinking I would have 3.5 kids, 3.2 cars and live in a 5 bedroom house with a white picket fence and a hunky husband who would be this great provider and kiss me before I went to work every day.  In the end I had all of that except for the decimal points.  But that only takes you so far and after that I wanted something more and needed something more.  What I didn’t know was that my husband already had a plan that worked with what I was thinking.

We met when we were young and still experienced.  That is why they say you shouldn’t marry the first guy you see. I think my husband was the same way. He had lots of fantasies that were unfulfilled and he was using me to fulfill them.   He just wanted to make sure I was okay with it and would go along with him.  We would have naked weekends where we would walk around the house naked and free.  It was fun and liberating.  We watched porn and he showed me some of his fantasies and he wanted to make sure that they were things that did not scare me.

Quite frankly almost everything excited me.  I had lived such a sheltered life that everything felt adventurous and I wanted to try.  The only thing was I was afraid I would hurt my husband’s feelings if I liked something he didn’t.  So if he tied me up naked and took pictures to show other men, it turned me on not just because of the idea that I liked it, but because it was his idea which meant he was okay with it.  He never wanted to hurt me and I never wanted to hurt him.  My giving him the power to steer our sexual adventures were 95% his ideas, but I was also 95% onboard with everything he had planned.

Things might look scary or violent, but my husband never hurt me and I never hurt him.  I knew it turned him on and that enough turned me on.

So what I’d say is that marriage was a stepping stone for me.  I thought one marriage would be all I needed.  I don’t know if I will ever get married again, but for the time being I don’t think I need anything anymore.  When we first married about 95% of my love making was romantic and 5% was physical sex.  Eventually that inverted and I was not giving my husband any romantic sex.  I didn’t need it anymore, but he still needed it and that is why I let him go to find what I could no longer give him.

We both have what we want now.  I am blessed to have had two great different relationships with the primary men in my life.

Q: What is your sex life like now?

A: Well now I get to live a life that is unencumbered by marriage and other anchors in life.  I do have more sex than ever and the sex I have is pretty good.  I no longer have to worry about satisfying my husband or worrying about if he is okay.

I also don’t have to feel like I am living multiple lives.  When I am with a man, the only pleasure that I have to worry about is mine.  Believe it or not, this is a big deal!

I have sex 3-4x a week each night and usually every other weekend my boyfriend and I venture out for some fun.  I hadn’t had sex for many years with my husband so you can definitely say it is an upgrade in sex for me both in quality and quantity.

More importantly both my personal life and my social life feel way more sexy.  People say that I seem like a happier and more carefree person.

Q: How are you feeling about the cuckold lifestyle now?  Does this change things for you?

A: It actually does fit in an odd way.  One of the more interesting things my husband has told me is that he still considers me to be is his fantasy wife and that he now feels more like a member of my site and that I am still his fantasy woman just like all my fans see me.  His girlfriend provides him with the love on an everyday basis that he and I had when we first got married, but I am still the fantasy that he wants.

He likes the fantasy that he is my cuckold and that he must be forced to watch from afar like all other men as I make myself available to other men and he gets to watch them pleasure me and use me.  His being forced as other men use my body is a turn on for him.  Now I understand why he couldn’t watch me live and couldn’t stand by idly watching next to the bed when I would sleep with my lovers.

It does turn me on that my ex and all the other men out there fantasize to be my cuckolds who must watch me have sex with big black cocks.  It gives me pleasure to know that it turns them on.  Who knows, maybe their marriages can remain intact and I can save them by satisfying their cuckold fantasies.

I have asked my ex to show what a cuckold he is now by sending in the attached photo proclaiming how he lost me.


Q: Our readers want to know if you and your new lover are planning on having kids?

A: LOL!  Okay this is an exclusive answer to The Cuckold Consultant readers!  Ready?  ….. Okay, I’m afraid that ship has sailed.  Although nothing is 100%, that might be biologically impossible to be done in a natural methodology.  Honestly, my boyfriend and I each have been previously fulfilled in that department and the lifestyle of travel and fun that we want to have together.

Now does that mean I won’t be having lots of unprotected bare sex with some black bulls?  Absolutely not.  I really don’t think my vagina will ever see anything but mostly bare large cocks.  I am truly addicted to the feeling and excitement of a man’s cum shooting deep inside me.  And when more than one man does it, that is incredible.  I love hearing a man asking me if I want his “baby-makers”.  It is so hot that I can make a man lose control when he is deep inside me.  It is even hotter when I know that he might have a wife at home or watching, but prefers to be with me.

Q: Anything else you wish to share with us?

A: I sure hope that your readers understand me better after reading this interview.  It is a very complex subject matter and every couple and case is different.  I know that not only did we end up with a cuckold relationship, but one that included a website that publicly documented our relationship and further was enhanced with my obsession with large black cock.

There are many out there who might look at my broken marriage and be mad at me or him.  It was a mutual thing.   He and I shared something really great but it wasn’t meant to last and we are still very happy.  He gave me the ability to discover a life of happiness and brought out my true desires. If he had not done that, he and I would have been stuck in a very unhappy and unhealthy relationship.  There are many things that happen in marriages on a daily basis that make it difficult for people to live together and now that we no longer are with each other, those pieces are gone and our communication is even more healthy and everyone around us is better for it.

The cuckold lifestyle might not work for some but it worked for us.

I would love to continue to answer more questions for those of you out there who have specific questions as it pertains to the Cuckold Consultant website.  If they are related to my husband, I am not sure how much he might participate as he is locked in a very romantic and beautiful relationship with his current girlfriend who would rather not have to deal with my website and its followers if possible.

Q: Oh and one last thing before I forget. Your ex sent me a pretty shocking photo. What did you think when you saw it?

A: It is why I decided to do this interview. I didn’t realize he had turned from an alpha cuckold into one who kind of liked losing total control of me. It turned him on and he believes our new relationship to be the ultimate culmination of how we have evolved. Quite honestly I was shocked that not only he’d do that, but that it turned me on to see his cock limp like that. I forgot how beautiful his cock is, but at the same time it reminded me that I will never have it in me again.


A huge thank you to Rebecca for being so open and honest with us. An inspiration to fellow Queens of Spades, a hotwife sex icon for millions to fantasize about and get off to, and a truly bold, genuine woman who’s not afraid to embrace and explore her untethered sexuality, Rebecca….you rock.

Lastly, if you’re into hot women in charge who are obsessively addicted to big black cocks, you’re missing out if you haven’t visited And if you have any other questions for her, feel free to put them in the comments section below. We hope you enjoyed the interview!

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