Trouble Finding A REAL Bull? 5/5 (10)

If you’re having trouble finding a REAL bull for your wife (or your wife is having trouble finding one for herself), then the information contained in this interview just might help you solve your problem.

The following exclusive interview is with a couple who runs their very own Cuckolding site But instead of me telling you how it can solve your problem, I’m going to direct you to read the interview below with the one and only M&J.

The Interview

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your current relationship.

A: We are a hotwife & cuckold both in our late 40’s. We are very active in the cuckolding lifestyle and have been for several years now and just love it. We have no fixed arrangement as to where the lifestyle takes us. Only wifey has full sex with her bull & cucky is in full time male chastity.


Q: What are the biggest challenges of trying to find a real bull in real life?

A: OMG that really has been the hardest part of this lifestyle!! Like WOW and to be honest we do not think for the most part it is the guys though. Basically we place an add on a swingers website or the dreaded “Personals” on Craigslist “Hotwife seeking a Bull” and we get a zillion replies from guys that really do not or have no idea of the Hotwife cuckolding dynamics. For them it is either the turn on of replying to the posting, or they really think it is just a quick F#@K with some guys wife!!

What we say about finding a bull: it’s like the swingers finding their elusive Unicorn; they are out there but they are EXTREMELY rare.


Q: What made you turn to the internet for finding a bull?

A: The internet is the only way to go when starting out, but it was really hard to connect with real guys who are truly either educated or interested in the cuckolding lifestyle. For the most part cuckolding websites are a forum type website so connecting to local bulls was very rare.


Q: Couldn’t you just use swinger websites to find a bull?

A: Swingers websites work, but they just open the doors to probably 50% of the global male population, and all they want to do is send you dick pictures. And we learned very very early on that cuckolding is not swinging. 


Q: What about Craigslist—is it easy to have success using that? If not, why not?

A: We call it the “dreaded” Craigslist. It does work and we have used it several times and met a couple of guys on there, but at the end of the day you have NO IDEA whatsoever who you are starting to connect with on there. NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER.


Q: There are a lot of cuckolding forums and websites out there. What are the challenges to using places like that to find a bull or even connect with other couples living the cuckolding lifestyle?

A: There are thousands of cuckolding websites out there. Most websites are run for profit and you get charged to use them. The owners of these paid websites are not even active in the lifestyle. Forum websites are fantastic for information but connecting with local people in the lifestyle is few and far between. We do like to help via our links page and point people to other cuckolding websites and forums.


Q: So, you actually did something to help solve these problems didn’t you? Why don’t you tell us a bit about your solution…

A: Yes we did; we created the Cuckolding Club. It’s a cuckolding community website 100% dedicated to helping others in the hotwife/cuckolding lifestyles connect for FREE. Its main goal is to make it far, far easier for Hotwives, Bulls, and cuckolds to connect.


Q: What makes your website different than all the other websites like yours out there?

A: It uses dating software, so it helps connect local people more easily. We have the usual forums & blogs. Our groups are AWESOME and we encourage members to create their own local groups, which makes it even easier for people to connect. We also have video chat, normal chat, chat rooms, videos picture etc.

And it is run by a real Hotwife & cuckold solely to help connect others in the lifestyle(s).


  • MnJ

    Reply Reply October 6, 2017

    website update: well it was a great pleasure chatting with the cuckold consultant and since we did this interval with him about our website it has defently become a great hit for hotwives and cuckolding couples seeking that elusive BULL.

    we have just under 6500 members now and that is amazing considering we have only really used twitter to get the word out.

    Our goal is to make a one stop website where we can help connect couples to a BULL.

    we want to make it safer then craigslist and avoid the endless BS associated with swingers websites.

    YES there is an abundance of information for any guys on the website that wish to enter the lifestyle as a BULL, we all have to start somewhere right 😉

    many thanks again to the cuckold consultant
    MnJ oxo

    • Ron

      Reply Reply November 4, 2018

      I’m trying to sign up for your site, but it says I’m entering something invalid in the location field each time I hit join. Any tips?

  • Mike

    Reply Reply May 10, 2018

    What is the benefit for the bull if not pleasure? I need sex. Safe sex. Does cuckold just watch. Or do I fuck him and get double pleasure Thanks!
    Really seeking true info

  • Travis

    Reply Reply May 27, 2018

    Really looking for a female dom… Real person no fake site shit. But cant find anything that seems to be real. Really want to be humiliated and dominated by her and a bull

  • Jay

    Reply Reply August 13, 2018

    I tried to join your cuckolding club but am having issues is there a direct link I can use?

  • jw

    Reply Reply September 4, 2018

    I won’t to get a bull for my wife…one day !!!

    • greg

      Reply Reply November 18, 2018


      I am an experienced Dom Bull. You don’t sound sure of yourself. Do you guys swing currently.

  • maryann hayes

    Reply Reply January 6, 2019

    hi its strange i didnt know my husband jack wanted me to be a hotwife about 8 months ago i had started having sex with my black boss and his friends labor day we told husband jack about it he was quite happy in fact jack and ben my boss became friends ben will come over have a drink or two and he and i will go to bed for sex jacj sometimes watches it sure sue=trprised me i think now i am looking for different say other black men it is difficult to find them

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