An Exclusive Interview - Meet Red Queen

Today’s interviewee goes by the name of Red Queen. She’s a Czech findom princess in a genuine cuckold FLR who likes to humiliate men and enjoys foot worship, body worship, ass worship, facesitting, and…Alice In Wonderland. Need I say more?

Enjoy the interview, and your newfound desire to submit yourself to her Red Queendom.  

The Interview

Q: How did you come to have an FLR with your primary partner? Did your relationship evolve into that over time, and if so, whose idea was it? Or, did you find someone who was into that in the beginning?

A: I’ve been with my partner for almost 4 years now and we didn’t always have an FLR. It’s all developed with me being more active in my findom/femdom activities and obviously with me being more demanding and persistent to get what I want.

Everything changed with him getting a chastity cage. At first, I would unlock him after 7-10 days but later we made the locked time longer and longer and with him being locked longer he became very submissive and very obedient to whatever needs I would have. And I started enjoying that. I enjoy when he is devoted to me. Now when we´re home, whenever I tap my thigh, he knows I need something and gets it for me, whether it’s just a drink or a tissue, I don’t have to lift a finger.


Q: What made you want to start sharing your lifestyle on the internet? Did you start for money, pleasure, both?

A: I’ve had a findom account on twitter for about 3 years but obviously since our relationship developed into a real life FLR I love to share it with others and even encourage more girls/women into giving it a go.

Q: How would you describe the psychology behind why some men are into being subs to FinDoms such as yourself

A: It’s obvious that men enjoy the power exchange. Society has always been set to prioritize dominant male figures and most of my subs have a dominant role in their work but letting go of that and giving that away … plus the need of being used and abused is great turn on for them. Young hot brats always get what they want if they are able to use the right tools they have.


Q: Where did you get your name Red Queen from? Does this have anything to do with Alice In wonderland? If so, how?

A: I love Alice in Wonderland. And “I need a pig here” is my favourite line from that movie. Piggy comes running and becomes a useful footstool. I always found Red Queen an image of a mean demanding character that gets everything she wanted with just a snap of a finger. And that’s how I am living my life now.


Q: What are 1-3 things you look for a in a good sub?

A: I enjoy interacting with smart subs. The smarter the subs are the quicker they realize and accept their role. When they are ready to accept it, they can fully submit and be loyal and obedient.

Q: What are 2-4 of myths about FLRs?

A: There is the obvious one about leather and whips. I don’t whip my partner. I may slap him, or just hit him, that is true but that’s just to remind him his position if I see that he would be getting out of his place. I don’t wear leather at home … unless for a session I would have.

Another one worth mentioning is that FLR would not work in real life or long term. We will have to wait and see for the long long term, but I have to say that I genuinely love my partner and until now FLR has enriched our relationship so much. We are doing so much together; we are doing things that I would only dream of doing but this way when I can share it with my partner I can do them all with actually telling him. And he is such a loving person that he is happy for me. That is for instance when I dominate other men or date other men to cuckold him.

Q: What prevents a woman in an FLR from leaving her primary partner for a man who can satisfy her in other ways?

A: Like I mentioned before I love my partner for who he is and for what we can do together and share together. For example, I can’t imagine myself cheating on him and not tell him. That would defeat the objective. And dominating him, humiliating him, seeing him weak for me is an absolute turn on for me I would never want to lose. I ‘m enjoying living my happy life being lucky enough to share it with a partner that can satisfy me on so many levels, even sexually he does so I don’t see a reason to leave him. And whenever I hook up with someone new, its thrilling of course, its fun, but that would turn into a boring relationship soon after. That’s what makes my relationship with my cuck partner special.


Q: What are some things a couple should work on or have as solid before transitioning to an FLR?

A: I guess it‘s important for the relationship to be strong. You actually have to have a strong connection with the person and trust each other completely in order for it to work. Now I share my life with a partner I love and occasionally have sex with someone fitter and bigger than him. Who would want to change that?


Q: You’re from the Česká republika. What are some of the attitudes towards non-monogamous relationships there? Is society generally open-minded, or close-minded?

A: I think it is similar all around the world. Only few of my friends know about me having “permission” to sleep with others. And the only reason for telling them was that we’ve been to a few parties together and I wanted to hook up with someone… so I told them the truth so they wouldn’t think I cheat behind my partner’s back. Apart from that, no one knows that we are in an FLR. It would be impossible to explain for them not to think we are crazy. After all we both have jobs and families, and this will remain our little fun secret we have.


Q: This lifestyle seems like it has certainly enriched your life and relationship. If you were asked by other women what the appeal is and why they should consider it, what would you say?

A: Our life has been an incredible ride. We have done so much together. I never understood partners that would hide things from one another. I never understood partners that would lie to each other or be with someone that would have to do either of these things in order to stay in the relationship. In my eyes this is sometimes … somewhere .. normalized. And I think it’s wrong. I know that men are easily controlled. Their little brains in their pants work like joysticks and I just use them to navigate them for doing things for me. To be useful to me. And they love to feel useful. They remind me of dogs really. They are actually happy you’ve recognized them and that you’ve used them and are happy to be used again and again. It is win win situation and I think all women should see that as an opportunity and make both lives happy.


I want to thank Red Queen for taking the time to do this interview with us. She and her cuck have really embraced the FLR dynamic in a way that works for them.

What I also really like about her is that she has no qualms about using men in the way many of them (us) deep down desire to be used.

Last but not least, there’s a reason why she has 12,000 followers on Twitter, some of whom even crawl around on the floor acting like exited dogs just because they finally got to see her feet. There’s also a reason she’s managed to have gotten into the top 4.7% of all OnlyFans Creators. I highly recommend you check our her content to find out why for yourself. Lucky for you I have all her links right here: and and

Be sure to check them out–you won’t be disappointed.

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