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It’s safe to say that spending as much time as I do moderating Cuckold Chat, where at any hour of the day you can find between 350 to 700 people sharing pictures of their significant others, I’ve seen my fair share of naked female behinds. So I know how significant what I’m about to say really is.

*Clears through, stands up straight*

Out of all the female behinds I’ve seen, I have to say that the woman in the couple whom you’re going to meet in this interview just might have the absolute best one…Seriously. (Proof can be found in a NSFW picture at the end of this interview)

Truth be told though, even though she (she goes by K) caught my eye with her absolutely amazing body, it’s her fun and in control attitude which really intrigued me. She and her cuckold husband, J, seem to be a perfect fit together, as i’m sure you’ll see upon reading their interview.

Speaking of her cuckold husband, J seems like a really down to earth (lucky) guy who is enjoying every bit of being under the control of his wife. She has him by the cock and balls, literally and figuratively, and what she says goes. And he loves it!

Anyway, without further ado, allow me to introduce K&J, aka [redacted as per request]!


The Interview

Q: How did the two of you get into cuckolding lifestyle? Whose idea was it, what was the other’s reaction, and how did it all progress to what it’s become today?

A:Our journey starting out in the cuckold lifestyle I guess was a little bit more direct then others. For us, it really started by talking about fantasies which led us talking about having threesomes. I have always wanted to play with other women so we were always talking about having a threesome with another women, who it would be hot to do it with, things like that.

It wasn’t until one day John was out of town in 2016 and we’re sexting a little, but more just talking dirty. That is when John first brought up the idea of a threesome with two guys. I was extremely surprised and shocked he was interested in this, as you would never think by knowing him he would ever have any interest in it. We talked about it a little and we both were interested.

Once we had that conversation, it started leading us to opening up a little more and started going on some swingers sites, doing some cam shows, posting on twitter etc. We did this for around 3-4 months, but had not met anyone still. We found out about a swingers club about an hour from us, and one spontaneous night we decided, ok let’s go check it out. Without any expectations of doing anything with anyone unless we wanted to, we went.

It was an extremely fun night, awesome to be around other people with the same mindset as us, but we were definitely the newbies haha. Towards the end of the night we went in the play area, we played with each other next to a couple, went into the orgy room to check it out, and finally a couple we had been talking to earlier found us. We ended up doing a soft swap with them but nothing else, and we ended up going home.

Fun experience, but the next day we spoke to each other and I had no interest seeing John with other women, and good news John had less interest in being with other women. This is when John initially brought up what a Hotwife is, he explained it briefly and obviously this led to many more longer conversations. He also would send me various articles to read, as well as I did my own research.

As you can imagine, from there things started to move quicker and eventually that is when we started finding out about and getting into being a cuckold couple. Now here we are today, and our journey is sill just beginning!


Q: Most couples have problems maintaining a normal, vanilla relationship, let alone one that explores some of the things the two of you explore. What are 3-5 things about your relationship that have contributed to your success in being able to do so?

Obviously the communication is the biggest part, constantly having open conversations about what we enjoy and how we will continue progressing.

Having J reassure me is very important as well, still working through some of the guilt and things like that continue to happen.

Making sure we have the times that are just for us and our relationship, without any bull or other person involved.


Q: How did you two first get into chastity? What’s the appeal for him, and what’s the appeal for her? For John: how long are you caged on average? And what’s the appeal of getting to see your wife fuck others if you can’t release/orgasm? For Kate: how often do you let him go off?

Finding out at chastity kind of just naturally occurred as we got deeper into the hotwife lifestyle, they go hand in hand I think. We do not really have a average time I stay locked, we try and work on it everyday, but obviously life can get in the way.

Seeing Kate fuck other men with while I stay locked without orgasm is just a feel of complete humiliation and submission to the idea that she is in charge and her needs come before mine.

I will let him out and cum kind of whenever I feel like it. Don’t have a set timetable or anything like that. Sometimes it can be weeks/months, other times days.


Q: I noticed a cuck task list screenshot on your twitter. Can you tell us more about this? How did you get into it, why the OurHome app? Does the cuck earn points? What do points get him?

We are still working on the cuck task list. We found the app from someone on twitter, and it is basically a task list where I will assign cuck tasks. It can be things like him worshipping my pussy and ass right when I walk through the door, or ensuring the house is clean before I get home. We are still working on the rewards/punishments from the point system.


Q: Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not explore? What are some things you haven’t yet explored, and why haven’t you done so?

For us we will explore what seems fun to us and things that we have talked about being a turn on and healthy for our relationship. We have been talking about exploring a gang bang type scenario, but still working out what I would like.


Q: Related to the above question, many people who explore this lifestyle wind up needing to push the limits further and further. It almost becomes like an addiction. How do the two of you maintain healthy boundaries?

Again, communication is key. We definitely have the craving to keep pushing the boundaries, it’s hard not to. For us just making sure we are on the same page and that we both want everything this lifestyle brings. This lifestyle has made our relationship very healthy, so we are constantly checking on us. There are definitely times when you kind of slow down and take things easy and times when it is nonstop and more hardcore.


  • Ricky garz

    Reply Reply April 23, 2019

    I really enjoyed their interview and the cuckhold lifestyle
    .with the total humiliation is the lifestyle I would want and desire.i admire and learned a lot reading this interview and look forward to following them on Twitter as well as here.

  • maryann

    Reply Reply April 23, 2019

    i wish ours had started this way it was lack of communication that stopped us i didnt know my husband wanted me to have sex wit others i should have he hinted often and he rented movies all black porn he would ask what do you think could you do him i had a new boss he was black and my first thiught of sex was at our christmas party we danced and often he would dance in dark corner feel my butt rub my titties and kiss i had been drinking he was my boss and i was receptive he kept whispering in my ear we are going to fuck its just matter of time then it seemed every friday he would come to my cubicle say how about stopping at my hotel for a drink after work i had excuses but i finally gave in we went to his hotel bar drank he said lets go to my room i have some new pot sounded good we went to room smoked kissed a little he inzipped his pants i couldnt believe the size he asked me did i want to suck the head i was so eager he then slid my thong off i was so wet we fucked i loved it it hurt at first then maybe 2 weeks later he asked would i fuck hus friend i thiught why not i fucked him and as time went on i think i fucked 6 of his friends all black one was 10 inches and he wanted to do anal it was seldom i did anal he was kinda rough 10 is just too much on labor day last year we had a picnic had my boss we told my husband and he was all for it my boss now comes to the house and we have sex also his friends my husband is ok with this he cleans both of us after

  • Joe Flo

    Reply Reply April 28, 2019

    As we age men’s sexual prowess decreases and women’s increases at this point in time women need more than one man to be fully satisfied. I don’t consider myself a cuckold I am a voguer.

  • Dominic and Kim

    Reply Reply August 9, 2019

    This sounds exactly what I and my husband are trying to get into he has given full freedom and I have to say I’m loving it but our relationship is better than ever

  • Rvine

    Reply Reply January 7, 2020

    Brilliant interview and followed these guys for years but where has there Twitter page gone too and will they be setting a new one up?

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