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An Exclusive Interview – Nurse Nikki  4.9/5 (18)

Can a working mom of six kids also be a hotwife who loves having MMF and FFM threesomes with her husband?

It sounds like a trick question, I know, because you’d think—no way that’s possible! I can assure you though that it’s entirely possible. Why take my word for it though when you can hear from a woman who is in fact a working mom of six kids that explores the lifestyle in the most awesome ways?

Allow me to introduce Nurse Nikki. She’s a sexy, funny, honest, openminded, sexy (did I say that twice?), slutwife MILF who agreed to take some time out of her busy life and do an interview for us. I don’t want to spoil the interview though so without further ado, we hope you enjoy!

(Oh and we hope you enjoy the special NSFW picture at the end of the interview)


The Interview

Q: So, what’s your story? You identify as a hotwife/slutwife. How did all this start?

A: Becoming a hotwife/slutwife was several years in the making for us, it all started with talking about fantasies while having sex. I guess I would say it was my husband who really broached the subject first, as he knew my biggest fantasy was to get fucked by two guys.

Initially I was very hurt by this and didn’t understand how he could share me if he loved me, but at the same time I was turned on by it. At first we would talk about it during sex, but never went any farther than that, it made sex hotter for us.

After several years of just talking about it we finally decided to act on it, which was about 3 years ago. The first time was a BBC and I was so nervous I drank way too much on the way to his apartment, and my husband had to pull the car over so I could vomit. It was not pretty and I’m sure I smelled terrible but the BBC still managed to give me three cream pies.

After this experience I felt it only fair that my husband gets to have his fantasy of being with two women. We soon discovered that finding a single female (that was attractive and not crazy) was not that easy so we started pursuing couples. Fast forward to today and we have now done mmf, mff, couples, group, parties and sex clubs all over the country.


Q: You’ve shared pics and vids of your hubby fucking your Unicorn. Can you explain to those in our audience what a unicorn is and how you found her?

A: A “Unicorn” is a single female that plays with couples (that’s the definition we know). They normally are Bi and looking for the best of both worlds. They are called unicorns because they are basically a mythical creature that doesn’t really exist. They do exist, it is just difficult to find one that we both have chemistry with and both want to be with (more so me because I’m a lot pickier).

We had found a couple of them in the beginning, but the chemistry wasn’t there or they were bat shit crazy. We found our current unicorn on Adult Friend Finder. We’ve had a few really hot unicorn experiences, even had a regular one in another state but that gets expensive so we looked for a local one.


Q: Do you have a preference for what you like better given the choice between a MMF threesome and a FFM threesome? What do you like about each?

A: I actually go through phases…right now I’m more into FFM threesome. The thing I like best about FFM is that I am giving my husband something most men only dream of. I also enjoy it because my husband is fully engaged in the act, whereas, with MMF he spends most of the time videoing. When the chemistry is right, I am fully attracted to women and enjoy playing with them. I am turned on by watching my husband make other women cum, which is he is very good at. There’s something so hot to me about watching my husband fuck and pleasure other women…it gives me a sense of pride. I’m actually getting turned on right now just typing about it lol.

When it comes to MMF I enjoy feeling like I am being used and dominated. I love to put on a show for my husband, he says I’m his favorite Porn Star.


Q: How did you go about finding third parties to play with before you became internet popular, so to speak? Can you share 3-5 tips for new couples who are just starting out and trying to find a third party to play with?

A: We started originally with Craigslist but when that got shut down, we found Adult Friend Finder. We’ve met several couples and singles on that site. We attend regular house parties and meet new people there as well. We met our out of state unicorn at a swinger club in Seattle. We still use AFF (Adult Friend Finder) but not as much, as we now have a pretty big circle of Swinger friends.

Tip for new couples starting out would be:

AFF. This is where we’ve met most of our couples and we still use it. Also met our Unicorn here. We met people on here who plugged us into the local swinger community as well, which is how we started getting invited to regular house parties.

Go check out your local Swinger of Sex Club. If you are afraid of running into people you know then go out of state. Remember that just because you go doesn’t obligate you to do anything, we’ve never felt any pressure at these clubs. Just go and check it out.

We’ve not had much luck with Tinder but others have.

I also want to add that we have run into several ex-coworkers at parties and meet and greets, I even ran into one of my nursing professors at a meet and greet (she was totally freaked out initially). So, discuss ahead of time how you will react and handle this situation, should it occur and remember that they are there for the same reason.


Q: What are 3 of the biggest myths about being a hotwife/slutwife? What do you think contributes to people believing these myths?

A: That a Hotwife/slutwife will fuck anything that moves. Totally not true, I am SUPER picky with both men and women, much to my husband’s disappointment. I think people believe this myth because they figure if we’re willing to display our sex life to the world then we are willing to fuck anything. NOPE.

That all I do is sit around my house and masturbate, sext and take pictures. I wish this was all I do! I think people think this when you post as much as I do. Most of these pics are pulled from my photo gallery. I will take a whole bunch of pictures and then pull from that periodically. I actually have very little free time in my day.

That I’m an escort or prostitute. I’ve had several men on Twitter DM asking “how much for…”. it’s easy to understand why someone would have this idea when I advertise my sex life like I do. At least those guys offer to pay…some straight up ask me to fuck them just out of the goodness of my heart lol.


  • Pablo PicAsshole

    Reply Reply April 25, 2019

    What a fantastic interview. Nikki is so down-to-earth; some her answers took me by surprise. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kellykute66

    Reply Reply April 27, 2019

    I Love MMF the best,you cant beat 2 Guys,When ones Done the other slips right into me I just love it …

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