An Exclusive Interview - Meet Mrs. Amsterdam

I want you to think about a cute, innocent blonde girl you know or used to know. Maybe a colleague, an old class-mate, the sister of a friend, doesn’t matter.

Now I want you to imagine what it would be like for you if you knew she had a secret kinky side, one that makes her totally addicted to BBC.

It’s kind of impossible to not be a bit turned at the idea.

Well, that cute, innocent blonde girl who happens to be a closet snowbunny is exactly who our interviewee is today. Find out how she got into the BBC Slut Lifestyle and how she satisfies her addiction to it!


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the BBC Slut lifestyle? Whose idea was it–yours or your partner’s? How did it progress to what it is today?

A: It had been a fantasy of mine for a very long time to have sex with a well-endowed black guy, even before I was with my current boyfriend. About two years ago during an evening where we both had (way!) too much to drink, I mentioned this fantasy. 🙈

I immediately regretted it as I expected my BF to be angry, but instead, he smiled and started asking me questions why I would like that, what I would like to do with him, etc. 😏 So I guess this was the first step into this lifestyle!

A few weeks after the evening described above, on a random evening just after dinner, I was told to put on some nice lingerie and to not ask any questions. After changing into my favourite set, my boyfriend blindfolded me and guided me to a pillow in the middle of the living room where I had to sit down on my knees. He told me I should have been careful what I wished for. 😨

About 5 minutes later, I heard the front door open, and another 2 minutes later I felt a hand around my throat and a large cock being shoved in my mouth. This was my first bull ever, secretly invited by my BF. It was overwhelming – I was quite scared, but also really excited! The nervousness quickly faded away though, and I remember that the blowjob didn’t last very long – within 15 minutes I was riding him! Obviously this wasn’t the last time, and it turns both of us on now when I fuck BBCs..


Q: You title yourself as “The net’s youngest BBC Slut”. How long have you been a BBC Slut?

A: I had my first BBC just over 2 years ago, when I was 20 years old! But I’ve made quite some progress since, as you can see…

Q: How many bulls do you have? How often do you sleep with them?

A: I have several (about 5-10), but I have two bulls that I see quite often and who are allowed to fuck me bare. I ensure I get fucked by a BBC at least twice a month!!


Q: How do you go about finding quality bulls? How do you weed out the fakes? What steps must a bull complete before you meet them IRL?

A: You can’t imagine the number of requests and messages I get on the different platforms where I am active (Reddit, Twitter, etc.). Often the pics which are being sent are very appealing, but when I then ask whether the sender has a verified profile somewhere, usually they don’t respond. Bulls who are authentic always have a detailed profile with verification pics somewhere, or are a verified member of a community or dating sites.

Once I know a bull is real, I like to talk for a bit to see whether there is a click. If there is, then we can look into the possibilities for a date! But there are two other conditions which are non-negotiable:

  • Any bull I fuck needs to pack at least 22 cm (Sorry, I’m a size queen!)
  • Any bull needs to be OK with being filmed and me posting the content on my platforms. I’m not just a QoS, but also VERY exhibitionistic!


Q: The Netherlands is, generally speaking, known to be one of the most egalitarian countries in the world. How is society’s attitude towards wifesharing in the Netherlands?

A: Even though we might be, wifesharing is absolutely something that is still being frowned upon. Of course in the right circles it is very normal, and there are plenty of swingers' clubs, but it’s not something you brag about on your mother’s birthday! Maybe it will become more easy in the future.


Q: You mentioned one of your 2021 resolutions is to take a BBC in your ass. How have you been practicing? Do you notice any progress?

A: Indeed! I’ve been practicing a lot, with buttplugs and toys, and also with my boyfriend. I can take him in the ass pretty well now, so yes, I definitely notice progress. And: I am even able already to cum, just from getting fucked in the ass! I can’t predict the future, but I think I’ll have my first BBC in my ass before summer..

Q: Do any of your family or friends know about your BBC Slut lifestyle? If so, what have they said? If not, what do you think they would say if they knew?

A: Some of my friends know it, but of course I’m selective to whom I tell it. Most of them are VERY curious, and I notice that they’re even kinda jealous, as they would like it too but just don’t dare to take the step or discuss it with their partners.. For the ones that don’t know, I think the first thing they’d say is that they’d have never expected it! Hihi


Q: It’s common to see a lot of people put their Onlyfans % in their profiles now. How easy/hard is it to get within the top 1% of Onlyfans creators?

A: It’s difficult to answer this. For me it went quickly, as many people wanted to see my full videos. But the higher in ranking you get, the harder it is. With just a few fans you’re already in the top 50%, and with 50-100 fans you’re already in the top 5% I’d say. But then the hard part is getting in those 0.X percentages. OnlyFans also requires a lot of time and dedication - you have to be available for your fans every day to answer their messages and post new content (or at least that’s what I do - I want to provide quality!), so it’s definitely not “easy money”.


Q: What is the appeal of BBC vs BWC for you?

A: It’s basically a combination of several things. First of all I am absolutely a size queen, and even though my BF doesn’t have a small dick (20 cm), in my experience it is true what they say - black men in general have bigger dicks. In addition, I have a pretty pale skin, and I really love the contrast of a BBC with my body. That, combined with the stamina, make it that I just love to play with BBCs to enrich my sex life..


Q: Have you ever felt pressured by your cuck to do more than you’ve done, either in what you do or how often you do it? If so, how do you handle that? Has your desire to continue to explore the lifestyle ever waned?

A: No, never. He’s very supportive of it, and we are really in this together. We don’t do humiliation in our relationship, as that’s just not our thing, and we like to explore this world together.

Last year, during holidays, for the first time ever I hooked up with a random BBC on a nude beach and gave him a blowjob in the dunes. This was really something I’d never thought I’d ever do, but it was a huge turn on for the both of us. So we go further and further!


I want to thank Mrs. Amsterdam for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with us.

Last but not least, if you’re into interracial porn where a petite white woman is getting just absolutely railed by multiple BBC, you have to check her video content which you can find here: and

You will not be disappointed.

And before I forget, here’s the NSFW pic Mrs. Amsterdam sent…

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