An Exclusive Interview - Micha and Lupe

This interracial stag & vixen couple is *the real deal*. Why do I say that?

Well, their content (which I tell you where to find at the end of the interview) speaks volumes about how awesome their escapades really are.

But perhaps more importantly, Lupe & Micha are more than just how awesome their content is. They’re two really down-to-earth people with an incredible love for each other, a sane outlook on life and the lifestyle, and a passion for living life together to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about them in this interview we did!


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the hotwifing lifestyle? (whose idea was it, how did the topic come up, how did it all happen for the first time, etc.)?

A: I dont feel that it was one person who brought it up or decided. It started while we were watching a porno. It was a gangbang scene.

After talking about how we wanted to go about exploring we decided to have two threesomes. One MFM and one FMF.

Once that was decided, we set out to make it happen; both times were with close friends at the time. The experiences allow us both to open up about things that we wanted to try sexually.

Q: What do you each of you get out of this arrangement? How would you explain the appeal to others who don’t get wifesharing?

A: Lupe loves watching me enjoy myself with other men and when the night is over its almost like a reclaiming of sorts. I enjoy the variety and the excitement I can cultivate in Lupe, its definitely a turn on.

I especially enjoy they reclaiming part, its a closeness that is incomparable.

Q: How did you get into sharing your content for money? What site(s) do you trust as platforms to share your content?

A: We didnt originally plan for it to be that way, we started sharing for fun on a site called Zoig a long time ago and then Xhamster. It wasn’t until we realized we had quite a following that we started looking into monetizing it. Now we have an Onlyfans account and a Manyvids account that are our primary sources of content at the moment.


Q: What are 3-5 factors you attribute to the online success and popularity you two have attained thus far?

A: I think what made us successful in the beginning was that we were real, down to earth and raw. We displayed our real life in the lifestyle and being interracial was also a bonus. The reason we have stayed successful was persistence and continuing to share through or life.


Q: How has Covid-19 affect your own relationship together, and how has it affected your exploration of the lifestyle?

A: I wouldn’t say Covid had much of an effect on our relationship…we’ve been together a long time and have been through many tribulations, this is no different. I would say we just got on each others nerves being cooped up all day everyday for months.

As far as the lifestyle we played it pretty safe in the first few months and after that we became more laid back.


Q: What are some of the challenges and/or dangers of letting third parties into your relationship? How do you recommend others guard against them?

A: I think there are toxic people in the lifestyle just as there are in real life. For us we typically chat with couples/singles for some time and then meet to see if their energy matches ours. Its kinda of like dating…you are not going to mesh with everyone and everyone isn’t looking for the same thing. If something doesn’t feel right there is a reason.

Q: What are 2-3 of your most memorable adventures in the wifesharing lifestyle?

A: I would say the top one is our first lifestyle party, it was our first exposure to group sex and it was eye opening and exciting. It definitely allowed us to explore this new world in an amazing way.

I would have to say the 2nd one would be a Splash Mocha takeover, this was a way that swingers from all over can meet and play in the safety of an open environment.


Q: What’s your take on the Queen of Spades term/label? Is it racist? Are people too easily triggered?

A: I feel that it is a preference…its a tag that tells someone what you’re into. I don’t feel that it is racist nor do I feel that people are too easily triggered. I understand that people feel different for different reasons and everything depends on context. Those that have an issue with it maybe don’t understand what it truly means or had a bad experience.


Q: What are 2-3 of your hobbies besides wifesharing?

A: We love to travel and we are a bit of foodies. Lupe also loves watching and playing basketball. I enjoy painting and being artistic in any way.


Q: How do you ensure the third parties you find play with are disease and drama free? Any bad/crazy stories you can share here?

A: We play safe majority of the time, when we don’t it is something we have talked about with the person and then have tests results as well. We do get tested regularly as well.

Drama free that’s tougher one…over time like I said earlier you feel out people’s energy, they will show you who they are and when they do you make that decision.

Crazy stories…I don’t want to put anyone out there.


I want to thank Lupe & Micha for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in checking out more of their awesome content, here’s where you can find them: and and .

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