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How interesting would it be to read the diary of a young couple in their mid to late twenties who are exploring the hotwife lifestyle?  That’s partially a rhetorical question since there’s an obvious answer and begins with “Yes, where can I find it?!?!”

There’s a couple on Tumblr that goes by the name YoungHotwifeDiary, and they have been chronicling their journey with intimately detailed pictures, stories, and updates. It is extremely fascinating and erotic. And guess what? They were willing to give us an exclusive look into their escapades and share some really great advice about boundaries, intimacy, and insights into the female mind. Check it out below!


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the Hotwife lifestyle?

A: My boyfriend and I started talking about the idea for me having sex with another guy while he would watch when we were in bed doing our things… And after some months – years talking about it, we finally decided to do it for real.


Q: What was your most memorable experience while living the Hotwife lifestyle?

A: I would say my first date with a lover. It went really great and I keep a great memory of it, both because of the guy I met and also because after it my boyfriend and I were happy about how it went and nothing changed between us.


Q: How many guys have you been with since you started the Hotwife lifestyle, and what’s that been like for you?

A: So far I’ve met 4 different guys but I’ve repeated with one of them. Each of the guys were really different one from another and I enjoyed knowing them all and feeling how they were acting with me.


Q: What are 5 of the sexiest things related to being a hotwife that you do to tease your husband?

A: 1) Letting him know that having sex with him is different than with any other man because I love him.

2) Talking about the lovers I had while we have sex, we both enjoy that.

3) Buying new clothes, makeup…

4) Often I tell him how much I look forward to have a new date with a lover

5) When I have found a new guy I tell my boyfriend how much I like the lover, and that I can’t wait!


Q: What advice do you have for couples who are interested in pursuing the Hotwife lifestyle but can’t find any good men, or the right men?

A: I would say that it’s necessary to look for a man that the woman really feels great with. I always take a lot of time to know the lover before meeting in person, chatting or phone calls. Actually I think it’s also part of the hotwife lifestyle, to be able to seduce another person than your boyfriend/husband, and I really like it too. So it takes time to find the right man but I think it’s worth it to wait for the good one and not having dates with the first one that you find.


Q: What boundaries do you have in your relationship as it relates to living the Hotwife lifestyle, and how do you make sure you don’t break them?

A: We don’t really have fixed boundaries, because both my boyfriend and I kind of “know” the things that we like or dislike. For example the boundaries I put to myself is not to have a hotwife lifestyle 100% of my time. I mean with it that I don’t talk about it every day, or I don’t make phone calls or chat with my lovers every day. It’s easy not to break it because I have many other important things in my life and of course I love to be a hotwife but I don’t think about it all day long! It’s a part of my life and myself, but not all my life.


Q: What are the top 5 pieces of advice you would share with couples who are new to the Hotwife lifestyle regarding setting up boundaries?

A: 1) Not letting the hotwife lifestyle take all the place in your relationship

2) Be sure to understand yours and your boyfriend’s needs

3) I think you’ve to know each other very good and that way it will be easy to set up boundaries because for example, both of you will know what is too much.

4) Try to put yourself in the shoes of your boyfriend/husband to understand how he could react to something. For example, something would turn you on a lot but maybe for your boyfriend it wouldn’t be the case as he’s watching you and not doing it.

5) If you want to try something new, always ask about it to your boyfriend to know if he would like it or not. Talking is always important!


Q: What do you think are the top 5 reasons why a woman would reject or not be open to exploring the Hotwife lifestyle with their husband?

A: 1) Being shy, both to meet a man she doesn’t know and to be observed by her husband while she’s with the lover.

2) Being worried about breaking the relationship with her boyfriend/husband

3) Not having a relationship that is good enough to have a hotwife lifestyle. If my relationship with my boyfriend wouldn’t be as good as it is, I don’t think I would have tried the hotwife lifestyle.

4) Being afraid to be “discovered”. For example I’m lucky because I live far from my family and friends so I know I won’t meet anybody that I don’t want to when I have my dates, but if my dates would take place in the same area where my family lives I think I would feel uncomfortable.

5) Not being understood by the husband. If there is no communication and you can’t explain why you would like to be a hotwife I don’t think you would enjoy starting doing it.


Q: What are 5 things a husband can do to help increase the levels of intimacy in his relationship with his wife?

A: 1) Treat her like before being a hotwife, because being one doesn’t change you or your personality.

2) Listen to the needs of the wife in bed and make her satisfied

3) Asking about her lovers, dates, her feelings about them; to be involved in the hotwife lifestyle

4) Showing that you’re also excited about your wife being a hotwife.

5) You have to be confident with your wife and let her know that you can talk about anything.

I’d like to thank YoungHotwifeDiary for taking the time to share their experiences with us. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out their Tumblr here ( for all the juicy details, pictures, and recaps of their experiences in the lifestyle.

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