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This interview is for those of you who at one point or another have ever gotten caught up in wondering whether or not what you’re exploring (or would like to be exploring ) would be labeled a cuckold relationship, or a hotwife relationship, or a stag and vixen relationship, or etc. Why?

Because it exemplifies that there are many couples out there who are exploring their sexuality in ways that prevent them from being put into any one specific box with any one specific label regarding their arrangement.

Thor41 and his wife Sub4Thor are one such couple, considering themselves more of a stag and vixen couple while also exploring occasional snowballing, devotional sex, a bit of femdom, and even some swinging. And would you believe the place they started from was one in which Thor41’s wife was totally against involving another person?

Let’s take an in-depth look inside their alternative relationship arrangement, because it’s really quite awesome.


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the hotwifing lifestyle?

A: It was my idea to get involved in the lifestyle.  We have been actively involved for about 3 years and married over 20 years.  My wife was totally against the idea originally when I brought up a MFM threesome or watching her with another guy.  It took about 2 years of discussing before we decided to get a profile on an adult dating site.  She would chat, flirt and sext with some guys and she saw how turned in I got and began to think about actually meeting someone.

We actually met a couple where the wife only wanted to watch her husband with another woman.  They had experience in this so we spent a lot of time talking to them about the dynamics of this and their experiences and what we were feeling.  It was really great to be able to discuss these topics with people who had done this.

After a few weeks we decided to meet up with them for dinner.  We all got along really great and they were super easy to talk to and better looking in person.  We decided to take a drive with my wife and her husband in the back seat while she drove so I could watch. They both said if at any time things didn’t feel right they would stop.

So we drove and they started kissing, and it got pretty hot very quick.  He had her boobs out sucking on them while he was fingering her.  She was moaning and really enjoying it. I could hear how wet she was and I had major butterflies in my stomach.  I felt like I wanted to throw up, but was so turned on in the same instance. I have now learned that “angst” I was feeling was normal and I actually crave it now.

She started to unbuckle his pants and stroked his cock for a little bit. Then she looked at me and said “are you ready?” And without hesitation, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth.  His eyes rolled back as he let out a moan and I realized then I knew exactly what he was feeling.  I was surprised how turned on I was.  She sucked him for a couple minutes then stopped as we were approaching town and knew things couldn’t proceed any further in their car.

We decided to see them again and meet them at our house the following week. This time they had sex while his wife and I watched and occasionally played with our own spouse.  We saw them about 4 times and always had a great experience.


Q: What’s your current hotwife situation look like?

A: Our current situation has evolved from where we started.  Originally it was just watching her with another guy. But since then we have been with a few couples, done full swap and she enjoys playing with women on occasion. We have learned and evolved with each experience with a couple or single guy.

Now we tend to stick with an occasional couple but mostly single guys for MFM threesome.  It tends to be easier to find single guys than couples.  It’s hard to match up 4 people who are all into each other.  We haven’t found a unicorn yet, but it’s definitely on the list of things we’d like to experience.  We normally play about 1-2 times a month, but it varies with work and family obligations.


Q: You mentioned in our correspondence that your wife had a recent play date. Can you give us some of the details on what happened and how it went?

A: The most recent play date was with a guy we meet online and then met for a drink.  About half the time I am there for the initial meeting, but sometimes it’s easier if she just meets them first. We meet him about a month ago, but our schedules never worked out until the other day.  He came to our house and talked for a bit and then I could see he was reluctant to make the first move so I left the room and when I came back they were kissing. I sat next to them and she continued to keep things going. It wasn’t long before he was comfortable with things and began to undress her.

They played for a bit and then she put on some lingerie and we all went into the bedroom.  Normally I let them play for a while to get comfortable.  She loves being on top so once they exchanged oral favors she put a condom on him and got in top.  She rode him and she came fairly quickly and as she did he came at the same time. So that was hot to watch.

Most of the time it lasts longer than this so I would get involved with her only. She loves being spit roasted and we have done DV a couple times but she needs to be in the right mood for that.  Other than it being quick, it was a good time.


Q: What’s it typically like for you when she comes back from a play date?

A: We only play together.  If I am not there, she plays in our room where I have a camera set up so I can watch live or after.  We have only done that a few times and it’s not preferred, because I want to be with her immediately after to “reclaim” [her].  This is another thing we learned through experience.

There have been some angst filled moments throughout our journey, mainly when it’s the “first time” she does things.  For example the first single guy was a total stud with a huge cock and she really let go.  She came really hard several times and I had never seen her cum like that with anyone other than me.  Another time was the first time a guy made her squirt, the first time she let another guy cum in her mouth, but mainly the times when she’s really passionately kissing a guy and says things like “you fuck me so good”.

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