An Exclusive Interview - Meet sub2myGoddess

It is with great excitement that I give you the first official interview from a verified VIP member of Cuckold Chat. His name is sub2myGoddess. sub2myGoddess was willing to participate in an interview about he and his deliciously promiscuous wife’s cuckold relationship. What’s even better is that she was willing to participate in the interview as well. So kick back, relax, and enjoy getting to know a very intelligent, down-to-earth, kinky cuckold and cuckoldress couple as they tell you all about their journey and how they balance their cuckold relationship with everyday life.  

The Interview

Q: How did the two of you get into cuckolding lifestyle?

A: Her: I had dated possessive and jealous guys in the past and sometimes ended up cheating on them to get the attention or satisfaction I desired. I didn’t realize that an open relationship was possible until I met my Sissy and told him about my inclinations.

When we started we were more or less in an open relationship and what many refer to as Swingers; however, I wanted to “own” my man. He was very supportive and reassuring to give me the confidence to share my deepest desires. We didn’t even know what cuckold play was, but as we evolved and followed our passions and kinks, we discovered a whole new world.  And we’re still learning today.

Him: I am a very loyal person but also can be flirtatious. Jealousy had always been an issue in past relationships even though I have never cheated on any of my partners.  When I met my Goddess, she asked me during our second date how I would feel about dating a girl that was bisexual.  (I tried to contain my excitement.)  She was surprised that I was not bothered or insecure at all; instead I became more inquisitive.

As we continued to share past experiences and new desires I assured her that as long as she was always open and honest with me, anything is possible. We started looking for an allusive vanilla hookup and ended up having a MFM threesome with a friend and both were hooked immediately. We joined a Lifestyle site and explored swinging including couple swaps as well as MFF and MFM.  We quickly discovered that she did not enjoy seeing me with other women and shifted our focus more to her playing as a HotWife. This came naturally as even I found myself too distracted to enjoy being with other women because I was so intensely focused on seeing her with others.

As we explored more, including her with multiple men, we have slowly progressed more and more into cuckold play. We are now in a very happy and secure place. It is always nice to meet other like minded people open to exploring similar kinks.


Q: Most couples have problems maintaining a normal, vanilla relationship, let alone one that explores some of the things the two of you explore. What are 3-5 things about your relationship that have contributed to your success in being able to do so?

A:These may seem simple and obvious but they have been critical to our happiness and the strength of our relationship both within the lifestyle and in vanilla situations:

  1. 100% honesty

  2. Open minds with no judgement

  3. Our relationship comes first


Q: Have you ever had sex with more than two guys at the same time or had a train run on you? If so, what was it like?

A: Yup and yup. My first time with two guys at once was in my late teens - the first time was by chance. Then, I got to be honest, I looked for it, it was like my crack. I got a bad reputation as you might guess. My first train was a private party I did in college, each of us girls hired to be the entertainment took a room and guys would come in and out. I was with one guy at a time while the other guys watched and commented, cheered, etc.


Q: Can you describe the appeal of being a cuckold and cuckoldress couple? Why do you do it, and how does it make you feel?

A: Her: It feels incredible to know that my sissy will do anything for my pleasure and happiness as well as be 100% dedicated to pleasing only his Goddess. It is also extremely gratifying to feel desired by other men and to act on those desires when there is mutual chemistry and attraction. It does not replace what we have as a couple but adds to our passion with each other.  I love involving my sissy in carnal situations of passion and sex - and making him feel involved but also appropriately placed in the setting.  But also love the freedom and empowerment to go out on my own for a girls night or date night with my special Bull.  I get things that would not be possible from my husband alone.

Him: I take great pleasure and satisfaction in the pleasure of my Goddess. The feeling I get from other men desiring my wife with the confidence of knowing that she is mine gives a sense of pride to be able to share her with others. The sense of “reclaiming” my wife after she has been with others is real and keeps the fire alive in our relationship.

There is also an aspect of giving up complete control to my Goddess that is hard to explain.  In the safety of our intimacy there is a humiliation aspect that creates an erotic atmosphere for both of us.  It is a welcome escape from the pressures and realities of regular, everyday life.


Q: What are some of the biggest (or most unexpected) challenges the two of you have faced while exploring this lifestyle?

A: Her: Sometimes as much as we try, emotions can come into play and we are continuously working on communication and honesty as we explore this new world. We have had guys become too attached or want more than we were willing or comfortable giving. There is also a certain taboo and fear of being “outed”, but over time we have become more confident and secure - sharing with very trusted friends only and even considering what a world would be like where we don’t feed into the taboo but share the benefits of our open lifestyle. Putting our relationship first has allowed us to overcome any challenges in the lifestyle.

Him: Balance is the most important thing to maintain. It is easy to get caught up in the lifestyle and lose a sense of priority, but we feel we have done a pretty good job. There is always the ongoing risk involved and we are extremely conscientious of being careful to mitigate those risks as much as possible to allow us to enjoy the positive aspects. I feel fortunate that by always being honest and taking time for us, we have avoided some of the common pitfalls we have seen other friends experience in the lifestyle.

Q: Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not explore?

A: We always walk into new experiences with an open mind and no expectations.  We only do things that are pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone involved.  Limits can vary over time and we both always have an option of saying we are not comfortable or not in the mood.


Q: Related to the above question, many people who explore this lifestyle wind up needing to push the limits further and further. It almost becomes like an addiction. How do the two of you maintain healthy boundaries?

A: We lead very active lives filled with work, travel, family and friends. We do this to enhance what we have behind closed doors but to not let that creep into our daily routines. Although this is certainly who we are and part of our relationship we keep public/private life separate. For us that works. Work hard, play hard.


Q: Since your first experience down this path, have either of your desires for what you do and don’t want to explore changed or grown? If so, in what ways?

A: Her: While I do still identify as bisexual, I find myself craving more experiences with other men; especially those more endowed than my husband. I love the thrill of variety and being pursued by others  with the stability of a loving husband at home. When we first started down this path I never imagined that I would not only feel comfortable but seek out playing with other men one on one and even getting into a dating situation.  Being more comfortable seeing my sissy perform sexual tasks I tell him to is still an exploration in comfort, but the first few times has been very exciting. I’m like “ohhhhh, wow!"

Him: My desires have completely transformed to revolve around her pleasure. I never imagined that I would take on a more submissive role and it has something that progressed slowly and naturally over time.  To the point that we both enjoy the Dom/sub dynamic, including some light humiliation at times.  We are both open to bi play now and that was not anything either of us would have predicted 10 years ago, but something we both very much embrace and enjoy today.


Q: You recently indicated the occurrence of an overnight with the boyfriend. Can you share details on this? How was it for each of you?

A: Her: It takes trust to bring another man into your home, and he needs to know the boundaries - that my sissy is my #1 and this is about us - not him. We’re still exploring that trust relationship, but I’m very excited that we could make this dynamic work - and for all of our benefits.

On a recent overnight, we locked my sissy up and left him downstairs while we went upstairs to fuck, scream and cum - and my boyfriend asked my sissy to come up at some point to see his cock deep inside me and ask for a whiskey. It was super hot. I’d like to do a LOT more of that. Something about him being put in his place by a strong, confident, hung and fit man makes me gush every time!

Him: Allowing another man to be with your wife is amplified even more when she chooses to play one on one and even for an overnight. It would not be possible without a solid foundation of love and trust between us, but with that the thrill is hard to explain. And the gratitude she exudes when returning from a date with her bull or an overnight stay makes all of the angst worth every minute.  And being allowed to witness them together in the same room is a reward in and of itself.


Q: What are some hobbies/interests/things you enjoy besides your cuckolding relationship?

A: We both enjoy staying active. We have demanding careers.  We travel extensively, enjoy drinks with friends, trying new restaurants, going to shows and seeing live music any chance we have.  Fitness is also a big part of our lives and gives us a healthy outlet to relieve stress and spend time together.  I think most would look at us and our relationship and never suspect that this HotWife/cuckold kink existed behind closed doors.


Q: For him: How would you describe the appeal of being a “sissy”? What are the experiential differences between being a sissy and just being submissive?

A: I adore my Goddess and am happy to give over complete control to her whims, desires and pleasures. I also know that she enjoys the submission as a show of love and respect and always has my best interests at heart as well.   There is an escape that comes from being able to accept the role of a Sissy while your wife lives out fantasies with other men.  The Sissy dynamic takes it to another level of submission so that it is clear that she is deriving her sexal pleasure from Superior men.  They are giving her something that I could never physically offer, and it is both humbling and thrilling to accept this reality.  The fact that she loves me unconditionally and without limitation is comforting and reassuring.  I want to give her the world!

Q: For her: What are some of the differences to having sex with your husband versus your boyfriend?

A: Mostly, other men are there for pure physical pleasure and carnal bliss. I have a strong preference for fit, muscular, confident and extremely hung men!  My husband is many things, but cannot fill all my needs.  My boyfriend tastes like candy, and his cock is my lollipop. Soooo, I could suck it for days and lap it all up, and it’s fo fun to share it through sweet kisses with my sissy when I can. I also crave to be taken sometimes - to be fucked.    I need a dominant man who can use my body in ways that my Sissy can’t.  That’s a bit about our dynamic.


Q: For her: does it ever turn you off that your husband refers to himself as a sissy? If not, why?

A: I find the fact that he wants to provide for me - his Goddess - and my boyfriend (Bull) - very sexy. My Bull gives me his cock, his body and my orgasms. That’s priceless. When my sissy recognizes and plays into that dynamic it’s very sexy. I’m not sure it would turn me on the same way outside of this context.


Before I wrap this up, I just wanted to share a few thoughts and point out a few things.

  1. sub2mygoddess’s wife had mentioned, “I get things that would not be possible from my husband alone.” She’s openly acknowledging that her husband can’t give her everything that she needs. Personally, I find this a very advanced/evolved/realistic way of looking at relationships, especially since these days, it’s kind of natural to want or even expect to find a partner to fulfill all of your needs. And to be quite honest, that way of thinking can be even more dangerous/risky than exploring alternative relationship dynamics. That said, I would bet the farm on the fact that sub2godess’s wife says she’s extremely fulfilled by her husband, and that is ironically what helps her feel comfortable exploring more.

  2. sub2mygoddess and his wife said, “Our relationship comes first.” This is something that is very easy to forget, especially for couples who have taken quite a few steps down the path and are enjoying it immensely. It becomes easy to forget to prioritize your own relationship. If you make this mistake, that’s where exploring this path can become risky.

  3. sub2mygoddess said, “In the safety of our intimacy there is a humiliation aspect that creates an erotic atmosphere for both of us.  It is a welcome escape from the pressures and realities of regular, everyday life.” Many people don’t quite understand the appeal of submission and/or humiliation. But sub2mygodess articulates it well here. It’s a form of escapism-pleasure. But escape from what?Well, to submit or to be diminished or humiliated (humiliated comes from the Latin word humilis which means earth, so to humiliate someone is to bring them down to a “lower” more earthly level) is to live in the euphoria of the moment. Allow me to explain.We are complex individuals with complex lives. Every day, our minds race with thousands of thoughts about our life, work, family, love, sex, success, failure, fantasy, stress, and even death. Self-awareness is one of the gifts of being human, but it is also a burden. We exist more in our constant racing minds than we do in the very environment we occupy.When one submits to or is humiliated by another, he frees himself from the burden of thinking. As Dominatrix Miss Ava Zhang (a previous interviewee) says in one of her articles: “He is literally ripped out of his noisy head and finally gets to live in the present moment. For a brief moment, the cuckold as a submissive man forgets who he is and all his demands that weigh upon him in life. He no longer has to choose for choosing requires thinking, his next action is already planned for him and all he needs to do is follow it without questioning, without ambiguity. He melts in the will of another, he is no longer responsible nor accountable. For him, this is freedom—freedom from his mind which is freedom from himself, freedom from his life…All the gears in the machine of the brain come to a complete halt and it is utter bliss.” Humiliation/submission is one of the greatest pleasures an alpha man can experience. Insecure is he who can’t bear the experience of not being in control.

  4. sub2mygoddess’s wife said, “Putting our relationship first has allowed us to overcome any challenges in the lifestyle.” I wanted to draw special attention to this comment not because of the putting our relationship first part, but because of the challenges part. Getting your woman to embark with you down the cuckold/hotwife path isn’t the end of your journey, it’s just the beginning. If you start as you plan to continue though, you’ll be able to go down the path in a healthy, fulfilling way—just like sub2mygoddess and his wife are.

Alright, enough from me! I’d like to thank sub2myGoddess and his lovely wife for doing this interview with us. If you want to know more about them, stop into Cuckold Chat and say hi! I’m sure sub2myGoddess would be happy to chat with you! Oh and before I forget, below is the verification pictures they took for the interview and their VIP status.

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