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If you find women in positions of power sexy, then you’re going to love this interview with Rebecca–a mature, naughty MILF who kicks ass in the office all day as a Financial Sales Director, and unleashes her inner hotwife when she’s done working.

A supermom of 3, and a loving and supportive spouse, Rebecca succumbed to the insistent begging of her husband who wanted nothing more than for her to explore some of their sexual fantasies in real life, including but not limited to female interaction, gangbangs, exhibitionism, etc.

One thing led to another (the details are in the interview), and Rebecca now has her own site with stories, pictures, and videos of all her hotwifing sexcapades. And lucky for us, she was willing to take some time from her busy life (she works like 75 hours a week) and do an interview with us.

Your job assignment from Rebecca: read the interview, comment below, and check out the end of the interview for the full uncensored version of the picture above.

The Interview

Q: Can you describe what the process was like going from posting nude pictures on the internet to officially becoming a hotwife and sleeping with other men?

A: Back when I started in 2002, I was a little depressed and despite my not feeling desire for sex and feeling out of shape, my husband kept bugging me.  I just knew he was a dedicated husband and was trying to help, but it wasn’t the same coming from him.  I wanted someone else to agree with him.

So at first he posted faceless photos of AOL chat rooms for husbands.  He found many similar men who took hundreds of photos of their wives and shared them (there were many scam artists too sharing photos of people like me and claiming to be my husband; there still are.)

One guy named Larry became friends with him and we even had dinner with our families on several occasions but neither I nor the other wife knew they were just porn friends!  His wife still does not know and I would sleep with Larry if he ever comes to visit, because I owe him a lot.  Larry used to send me lots of encouraging emails and telling me he wished his wife was like me. I didn’t know it, but Larry and my husband were sending photos to each other showing our faces!  The only problem is that Larry lived thousands of miles away and to this day we never have hooked up.

By 2003 my sex drive was rising and my husband said he was scared of people stealing our photos and pretending to be me.  Someone had sent photos to him claiming that I was their wife.  It got him mad and he said if we are going to do this, we need to make people pay for it.  He also said it would be better to make the photos official so if people saw my photos, they would know it was a porn celebrity.  Nobody is going to post photos of Kim Kardashian and tell people that it is their wife.

At the same time we started posting a swinger profile on Adult Friend Finder and other swinger sites.  One of the unknowns about swinger sites is that you need to take lots of pictures of yourself to prove you are real.  So we were now taking more photos than ever.  Some of my fans of my website noticed my profile on the swinger sites and said they wanted to meet us.  Our first official party was literally just around the corner.

What was amazing is that we knew some of the other couples there and there were about 40 couples in this suburban upscale neighborhood.  It was weird though.  At swinger parties it felt like the women were just the lead in.  The two females made out and then if everything was good, you swapped husbands.  We went to three large parties like that; it was overwhelming senseless sex.  We even saw lots of gay and gang bang sex going on and left the party.

The swinger life opened our eyes.  I was introduced to other hotwives like Janet Mason, Hot Wife Jackie, Anna 4 Real, and Brandi Love to name a few.  I wanted more intimate personal attention.  The big parties were big anonymous orgies.  Hot wife Jackie was so helpful.  She showed me a video of a guy who lived near me and introduced us via email.  She promised me he was well mannered, smart, clean and very very safe.  Oh, and he would allow a video and photos to be taken.

Well we chatted online for about 9 months and I sent some racier photos.  We realized that he had been one of the men back in 2002 who had been looking at my photos that my husband had been sending out.  He kept asking when we could meet and I was scared.  My husband knew that I was scared.  So when my company had a Holiday Party, he and “Mark” secretly planned for us to meet.

It was my birthday the next week and my husband decided this would be my gift.  Did I mention Mark was black?  Well as soon as my husband brought Mark into the room I was all over him.  And the next day I went to see him myself.  I preferred the intimacy and attention he gave me.  It was exactly what I needed and psychologically he looked nothing like my husband which made it not make me feel like I was leaving my husband for another man.  This was something my husband could not give me.

So honestly I felt like sleeping with other men was only worthwhile if it was something I could not get at home.  In this case, this gentleman was different physically than my husband.

Oh, and get this….the gentleman was also at our Company holiday party.  His Company was a client of ours.  I did not manage his accounts personally so fortunately I was not conflicted.


Q: Your husband had to work on you becoming open to going down this path. As a woman who was originally not open to it, but now are extremely fulfilled because of it, what can you share regarding your initial resistance to it? What kinds of things were holding you back at first and why?

A:It wasn’t that I wasn’t open to it.  It was more that I was not motivated.  We all grow up with societal norms.  For a girl, you grow up , get educated, get married and have a family.  I did everything I was told growing up and I had done everything that a young woman is told to do that you need to be happy and fulfilled.  If I had everything I need, why would I need to pursue something that could potentially ruin the perfect life I was supposed to have?  I just have come to realize there was more to it than that.

Hearing from and meeting other successful women like me helped me to become more relaxed.  What many of these women reminded me is that there is nothing wrong with being a hotwife.  It is not illegal.  I wanted to finally take charge of my life and let loose.  I was tired of always being the reliable boring person.  I needed some adventure to spice up my life.


Q: What are the top 3-5 things you enjoy most about living your life as a hotwife?

A: Well I do enjoy that I am having the best and hottest sex of my life and I feel great about my sexuality.  It might sound weird to say, but the fact that it hasn’t changed my non-sex life that much is great.  I feel really good about going to work, working hard, and then going home and having incredible sex.  I see people at work who say they just went home, ate and fell asleep and wish I could tell them to snap out of it.

I won’t kid you, but I probably would not be sharing my experiences on the web if it was not worth it.  Having a website that generates some income helps support my hotwife lifestyle.  I can buy sexy clothes and go to sexy places and enjoy myself and show you.  So as long as it brings in some dough (and it is not tons), it is worth it to share my hotwife experiences with others.

I have met some great people (some celebrities, athletes, powerful people, etc.) and made lots of new friends both virtually and in person. It is amazing to share these experiences with like-minded people who are normal people like me.  I don’t think I would enjoy being a hotwife and not being able to interact with people.

I look at some people who post photos and videos online or maybe someone else does and they don’t ever read, see, or reply to the comments.  That is sad.  This is social media.  To me this is not about one night stands and having sex with strangers.  I don’t enjoy sex unless I get to know people, have dinner and really feel for them.  I’d like to say that I won’t have sex with just anyone and if I do let them cum in me that I could imagine them as my partner and spending some real romantic time with them off camera.  That way I can get real feedback.

I touched on this before and it is still important for me to hear from people who tell me how much they enjoy me or what I do.  It is refreshing and it motivates me to continue doing what I do and it helps me to feel appreciated every day.

Kind of a continuation of that last point is that being a hotwife was such a contrast to my normal life.  The hotwife lifestyle is almost a 180 degree turn.  I get to be something I am not at the office.  I get admired for my body and not my mind.  I can dress sexy instead of conservative.  I can take orders rather than give them.  I can have hot physical sex rather than soft casual sex.  I get to live out a fantasy that I can’t live out at home.


  • Stacy Nalgona

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    Such a great interview! As always so inspiring!

  • Deborah

    Reply Reply September 1, 2017

    Very nice interview by both want to know more juicy detail and how black lover turn her into Escort. Love you Rebecca and jealous of your life style, wish I can have one

  • Grace Johnson

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    I am BBC and love her and her website. How may I contact her.

    • Dr. 36

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      You can find more information about Rebecca on her website!

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    Love her and want to know more read her hubby interview as well which is more erotic. Wish i can be her life.

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    She is so hot and nice interview. I am from Africa but her Cd’s are not available here. How can I order her CD’s?

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    Damn she is hot. Saw her on LA provider list but unable to see her intro video.

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017

      Watch out for some of those listings. People have stolen my photos and have tried to impersonate me and ripped off people.

  • Mrs Lisa T Banneth

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    So hot, saw your profile on escort supply. Do you take girls? I am interested.Lucky to have hot hubby and then boy friend,want to know how he turned you in Escort?

    • rebeccasoffice

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      Escort Supply? I don’t know what that is. and are the best places to learn about the information you seek.

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    Saw both interview, we have big swinger group her in Sussex and housewife Escort group. I love your website too and support you. Did you ever thought to work in porn movies in Europe? Are you open to travel to Europe?

    • rebeccasoffice

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017

      No I am a busy person. I really don;t do professional work. GOing to Europe is strictly for vacation

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    Man she is hot and seen her in local club dancing. Wish can have her, I am African American from Jamaica.

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    We are hot couple from Canada. You are so hot mama and wife love interview though dry,wish my husband can allow me. love you.

    • Cathy & Jerry

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      We are also in Canada, we’re in British Columbia. We have been in the cuckold lifestyle for 12 years, maybe we can chat. If you are able to get into the lifestyle you’ll love it so much you’ll never want to stop 🙂


  • Joe Pagano

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    I have been a Rebecca fan for quite some time and was always encouraged by the fact that her and her husband managed the lifestyle and survived. Now after not following her for a while I have read that they have divorced which is upsetting. I wonder why the interview didnt touch on the whys of that situation. I would like to know the reasons for their seperating because as much as the hotwife lifestyle is exciting it is also filled with the danger of seperation.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comment; I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

      As for your question about why the interview didn’t touch on the divorce: we chose to allow her ex-husband address that in detail in this interview:

      Also, you should stay tuned because Rebecca is going to be responding to that interview, and it’s going to be posted here 🙂

  • Claudia Helwig

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    Such a beautiful and sexy lady saw her listing on The Erotic Review hope that is not fake. Yes go through the link which Dr.36 posted about her hubby, it’s a juicy interview by her ex. Of course waiting for more clarification and her current situation with her boy friend. Sexy website too, I will recommend to my hubby and others too.

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    I know Rebecca since 1990’s when her husband first started to share her pictures. Rebecca was and still is beautiful hot wife and it is not within reach of one person to handle her sexually, she requires many partners at one time. It is quite sad that they are now divorced. In the beginning, I brought some her movies which were primarily directed by her husband if I am not wrong and they were quite good too. I wish her and her husband all the best for their future life.

  • Nicole Marois

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    So sexy and hot- If I am not wrong, long back I have seen her in Vegas strip club with her husband in an amateur night competition and she won award for best dancer. She might not remember me but me and my husband congratulated her, she was so sexy and unstable on stage too and took off all her clothes, she was the only one who did that. Wish I could buy her movies from local stores in Vegas. Thank you, Dr.36 for putting her husband’s interview link, his is more better.

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    Very sexy lady saw her many times in Vegas strip clubs with her different men most Africans Americans . nice interview and thank you to put her hubby interview too very juicy and interesting.

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    Such a very sexy lady and thank you Dr.36 to put up the interview by her husband. I am from Mexico and in a cuckold relationship with my husband. We are unable to get her movies or pics in Mexico. I think she should work in professional movies and guide women from Mexico and Brazil.

  • Wanderer

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    Amazingly informative and honest interview. Ms. Rebecca is certainly one of my inspirations in being a prospective cuckold. Thank you so much and here’s to the hotwife & cuckold lifestyles going mainstream!


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    Assalamualaikum-I am married woman graduate from Nigeria and like you so much. I wish I can be free like you and have husband like you. I can only look at your website or your materail while I am in Coffee shop or in office. My husband hit me and bit me so much. I am totally sexually dissatiesfied. Wish we can have freedom like America here. Will love to read more erotic stories about you, your husband and lover.

  • David Sutton

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    How she could raise three kids and lay with hundreds of men while in a marriage to a man that loved her.not to mention not having sex with said husband for years and years is as uncivilized as these black men she layed with that tolded her what she wanted to hear so they could get what they wanted

  • AAA

    Reply Reply June 28, 2019

    Good question but should be directed to her stupid hubby. I was so naive when my wife and I started swinging. From swinging with white couples, she moved into BBC only. She changed from a caring wife to a whore for BBC. I was left cold. I soon realized I lost her for good. I divorced her but she took a lot of my money. It didn’t hurt me too much because I am financially very sound. I was hurt when she used the money to bankroll her BBC lovers. They cheated on her and then dumped her when she had no more money. She crawled back to me but I couldn’t accept her. I gave her money but that was it. The kids went through a horrible time. I had taken many years to repair my damaged reputation. It is hard to keep this kind of shit a secret. So cuckold and swinger wannabes, think again before taking the plunge.

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