An Exclusive Interview – Meet Rebecca’s Boyfriend  5/5 (9)

If you don’t know who Rebecca from RebeccasOffice is yet, then I would highly suggest you check out the previous interview I did with her here and the one after that which I did with her ex-husband here. Rebecca is one of the most open and candid real Queen of Spades hotwives you’ll ever come across.

Speaking of her realness, Rebecca has been continuing to explore the hotwife lifestyle to the fullest with her (relatively) new primary lover—her boyfriend. So we thought, why not interview him and give all of you an exclusive intimate look into her and her boyfriend’s history together so you can get an insider’s take on what it’s like to be dating a woman as into the hotwife lifestyle as Rebecca.



The Interview

Q: How did you meet Rebecca?

A: Well I first saw her when I lived in Northern California back in 2003.  A friend of mine belonged to a group of black men called The Crew and they held socials at a local bar in the suburbs.  Couples would show up at the bar.   To identify themselves as wives interested in black men, they wore black and white clothes.  This was a public bar and it was hard to identify who was there for the social and who was there just to drink on a Saturday night. I was new to this party scene so I just watched and noticed a woman dressed in white jeans and a black sleeveless top and she was at the bar and started dancing with some of the guys. They squeezed her butt and rubbed their bodies.  It wasn’t anything special about how she was dressed, but more about her style.  You could tell she was different from the other women in the bar. Having moved from The Northwest I was just shocked at the party scene and how free and open people were.  I didn’t get to meet her that evening.  Before I knew it, she left in a car back to the party motel.

About a month later I went to another party at an upscale 4 star hotel in Silicon Valley.  My same friend invited me and again I saw Rebecca.  They had rented out a huge 3 bedroom suite.  Once again, there were seven black guys (me included as a guest) and there were 6 or 7 white couples.  We first met each other downstairs at the bar before going upstairs.  I met her and her husband for the first time.  They were the youngest couple there and probably the most inexperienced couple.  Couples ranges from mid-30s wives to mid-50s and all the women were upscale, beautiful and into black men. It was a cool scene as at one point the husbands stood by the kitchen as each of us guys stood behind a wife and undressed the women down the to their lingerie and then the women got on their knees, pulled down our pants and revealed our cocks.  They introduced themselves to each one of us again in rotation.  Rebecca had the most beautiful eyes and just a nice innocent smile.

I ended up talking with her husband more than anyone that evening as I was surprised he was so into sharing his wife.  At one point we went over to a room and I saw her and another wife playing with 4 men.  It was very quiet except for her moans and watched her orgasm as one of the guys ate her.  It was so amazing and authentic watching her.  I think I saw her do every position and she slept with every guy but me.  I think a couple of the other husbands even fucked her that night.  She had a lot to drink was definitely the most desired woman.  There were some gorgeous women there, but Rebecca was the most friendly and fun for sure.  At one point her husband said he had to go home and my friend told him not to worry and that we’d take care of her and make sure she got home okay.  Her husband seemed to hesitate, but went over and told her that he was leaving.  I was amazed that she just gave him a kiss and let him go.  By 4 in the morning, all the couples had left and she was still going at it.  I was surprised as I had fallen asleep around 2am.  When I woke up around 8am I heard a woman going at it and she was fucking my friend and all the 2 other guys who had stayed were watching and giggling.

I later ordered some room service for those of us who remained and just chatted with her over coffee.  I was surprised at how bubbly she was.  You would never have imagined this woman had taken all that dick.  She asked me ashamedly if I had slept with her and told her I had only slept with a red head early in the evening and that I was still new to the scene.  I told her group sex was really not my thing.  She seemed to like that.

Another two weeks later she sent me an email.  I met her and her husband for dinner.  Over dinner we chatted and I learned about RebeccasOffice.  After dinner, she drove with me in my car to the hotel.  We chatted in the car alone for 2 hours where we  had a long conversation.  I told her I had just gotten divorced and was slow-playing it.  Finally we went to the hotel where her husband was waiting.  I told her no photos and/or video and she told him that he should leave and come back in the morning.  It was a wonderful evening and I fell for her right then and there.  The problem was I had taken a job and was moving to Los Angeles.  We saw each other one or two more times before I moved and then we lost touch until 2009.  I did not realize that she had moved to LA and only five miles from me.


Q: Do you think Rebecca left her husband because of/for you? Do you ever worry she’ll leave you? If not, why? 

A: Well it is not as though our relationship is just physical.  At least not for me. We’ve had over a decade of talking about this. Leaving her husband was not because of or for me.  She didn’t have to get a divorce, but my being there for her made it easier.  Just the same, her husband had also moved on and found a new relationship that he had been in for almost 4 years.  There is always a chance.  I will never say never, but I feel I have what she wants and needs and there is much we have done already together that many couples in our situation have never done to show our trust.


Q: When you first met Rebecca, did you know you wanted to sleep with her? Did you know you wanted to be with her the way you are now? 

A: Honestly I was intrigued by her.  I don’t just sleep with any woman who spreads her legs open for black men.  I’ve always been attracted to white females for their persona.  I also didn’t want a white woman just because she liked BBC.  It wasn’t until our third meeting that I really got a sense that she was more than what I initially thought.


Q: Rebecca is internet-famous and has undoubtedly had the chance to experience some amazing sexual partners. Do you ever worry you aren’t satisfying her? If so, how do you deal with that? 

A: I like to think I am a pretty amazing sexual partner myself.  When I first met her I did not know about her site.  It has always been something in the back of my mind, but I know that I have given her more than just a black cock.  I’ve given her my commitment.  And she always comes back to me.  The fact that she chose me after all those years of sleeping with the pros is enough for me.  I also know that she still loves sex so there are times where she will want a threesome or more.  Obviously I can’t do that alone.  It sure is better than her not wanting any sex.  We have some pretty good times together out of the sack and that is really special.  I know that other people don’t get that same special time we have.  She has a voracious sexual appetite.  If I didn’t accept that, I ould not have been there for her.  I also must say she always checks in with me to make sure we are okay and that I am happy.


Q: Where do you see you and Rebecca’s relationship going in the future? Is marriage in the cards? If not, why? 

A: I can say we have discussed marriage.  But both of us having been married before I don’t think either of us feels like we need a piece of paper.  I do have to say I am pretty possessive which I will admit.  I think it is a trait of a black man.  I will say that I am not going to ask her to marry me in an interview. The future is now and it is pretty damn good.

There are a lot of more complicated things when you talk about marriage of two people who have a lot of baggage that they would bring to the table.  Eventually in California they have what they call Common Law marriage and if that becomes a thing they makes us officially a couple I guess we could formalize it.


  • Rebecca Dream

    Reply Reply November 7, 2018

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did. Thanks to Dr. 36 for this.

    If you all want to hear more from my BF and really get in the mind of a stag, send me additional questions here and I can get him to answer them for you. I have some questions of my own!

  • Richy

    Reply Reply November 9, 2018

    Hi think it’s great how you do it bet it’s a right turn on seeing her and hearing her take black cock been stretch out

  • Will

    Reply Reply November 10, 2018

    My favorite internet babe. I’ve been transfixed by her for more than a decade.

  • maryann hayes

    Reply Reply November 13, 2018

    i have watched rebecca and she is sensational you are lucky to have her as a friend i envy her i love black sex also it is difficult to meet brothas do you have any suggestions on ways to meet more

    • Rebecca

      Reply Reply November 14, 2018

      Thanks Will!

    • rebecca

      Reply Reply November 14, 2018


      Try swinger websites. Also if you email me and can tell me where you are located, maybe I might know of more specific people

  • Michael Smith

    Reply Reply November 14, 2018

    I am from UK and me and my wife owned by black master. I love your interview but if your ex hubby and him both would have been there then it would been have blast for cuckold community in UK,are you planning to interview your hubby as well with some juicy cuckold details???

  • James Cody

    Reply Reply November 14, 2018

    I am 52 years old male and my wife want to have relationship with blacks what is your view, we want very safe relationship and no violence of any kind?.She is 48 and still very active. I want to hear more about you and your lover arrangements so I can encourage her.

    • Rebecca Dream

      Reply Reply November 15, 2018

      Mike, I already did an interview with my husband earlier on here. Let me know if you find it.

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