An Exclusive Interview - Meet Rebecca's Boyfriend

If you don’t know who Rebecca from RebeccasOffice is yet, then I would highly suggest you check out the previous interview I did with her here and the one after that which I did with her ex-husband here. Rebecca is one of the most open and candid real Queen of Spades hotwives you’ll ever come across.

Speaking of her realness, Rebecca has been continuing to explore the hotwife lifestyle to the fullest with her (relatively) new primary lover—her boyfriend. So we thought, why not interview him and give all of you an exclusive intimate look into her and her boyfriend’s history together so you can get an insider’s take on what it’s like to be dating a woman as into the hotwife lifestyle as Rebecca. Enjoy!  

The Interview

Q: How did you meet Rebecca?

A: Well I first saw her when I lived in Northern California back in 2003.  A friend of mine belonged to a group of black men called The Crew and they held socials at a local bar in the suburbs.  Couples would show up at the bar.   To identify themselves as wives interested in black men, they wore black and white clothes.  This was a public bar and it was hard to identify who was there for the social and who was there just to drink on a Saturday night. I was new to this party scene so I just watched and noticed a woman dressed in white jeans and a black sleeveless top and she was at the bar and started dancing with some of the guys. They squeezed her butt and rubbed their bodies.  It wasn’t anything special about how she was dressed, but more about her style.  You could tell she was different from the other women in the bar. Having moved from The Northwest I was just shocked at the party scene and how free and open people were.  I didn’t get to meet her that evening.  Before I knew it, she left in a car back to the party motel.

About a month later I went to another party at an upscale 4 star hotel in Silicon Valley.  My same friend invited me and again I saw Rebecca.  They had rented out a huge 3 bedroom suite.  Once again, there were seven black guys (me included as a guest) and there were 6 or 7 white couples.  We first met each other downstairs at the bar before going upstairs.  I met her and her husband for the first time.  They were the youngest couple there and probably the most inexperienced couple.  Couples ranges from mid-30s wives to mid-50s and all the women were upscale, beautiful and into black men. It was a cool scene as at one point the husbands stood by the kitchen as each of us guys stood behind a wife and undressed the women down the to their lingerie and then the women got on their knees, pulled down our pants and revealed our cocks.  They introduced themselves to each one of us again in rotation.  Rebecca had the most beautiful eyes and just a nice innocent smile.

I ended up talking with her husband more than anyone that evening as I was surprised he was so into sharing his wife.  At one point we went over to a room and I saw her and another wife playing with 4 men.  It was very quiet except for her moans and watched her orgasm as one of the guys ate her.  It was so amazing and authentic watching her.  I think I saw her do every position and she slept with every guy but me.  I think a couple of the other husbands even fucked her that night.  She had a lot to drink was definitely the most desired woman.  There were some gorgeous women there, but Rebecca was the most friendly and fun for sure.  At one point her husband said he had to go home and my friend told him not to worry and that we’d take care of her and make sure she got home okay.  Her husband seemed to hesitate, but went over and told her that he was leaving.  I was amazed that she just gave him a kiss and let him go.  By 4 in the morning, all the couples had left and she was still going at it.  I was surprised as I had fallen asleep around 2am.  When I woke up around 8am I heard a woman going at it and she was fucking my friend and all the 2 other guys who had stayed were watching and giggling.

I later ordered some room service for those of us who remained and just chatted with her over coffee.  I was surprised at how bubbly she was.  You would never have imagined this woman had taken all that dick.  She asked me ashamedly if I had slept with her and told her I had only slept with a red head early in the evening and that I was still new to the scene.  I told her group sex was really not my thing.  She seemed to like that.

Another two weeks later she sent me an email.  I met her and her husband for dinner.  Over dinner we chatted and I learned about RebeccasOffice.  After dinner, she drove with me in my car to the hotel.  We chatted in the car alone for 2 hours where we  had a long conversation.  I told her I had just gotten divorced and was slow-playing it.  Finally we went to the hotel where her husband was waiting.  I told her no photos and/or video and she told him that he should leave and come back in the morning.  It was a wonderful evening and I fell for her right then and there.  The problem was I had taken a job and was moving to Los Angeles.  We saw each other one or two more times before I moved and then we lost touch until 2009.  I did not realize that she had moved to LA and only five miles from me.


Q: Do you think Rebecca left her husband because of/for you? Do you ever worry she’ll leave you? If not, why?

A: Well it is not as though our relationship is just physical.  At least not for me. We’ve had over a decade of talking about this. Leaving her husband was not because of or for me.  She didn’t have to get a divorce, but my being there for her made it easier.  Just the same, her husband had also moved on and found a new relationship that he had been in for almost 4 years.  There is always a chance.  I will never say never, but I feel I have what she wants and needs and there is much we have done already together that many couples in our situation have never done to show our trust.


Q: When you first met Rebecca, did you know you wanted to sleep with her? Did you know you wanted to be with her the way you are now?

A: Honestly I was intrigued by her.  I don’t just sleep with any woman who spreads her legs open for black men.  I’ve always been attracted to white females for their persona.  I also didn’t want a white woman just because she liked BBC.  It wasn’t until our third meeting that I really got a sense that she was more than what I initially thought.


Q: Rebecca is internet-famous and has undoubtedly had the chance to experience some amazing sexual partners. Do you ever worry you aren’t satisfying her? If so, how do you deal with that?

A: I like to think I am a pretty amazing sexual partner myself.  When I first met her I did not know about her site.  It has always been something in the back of my mind, but I know that I have given her more than just a black cock.  I’ve given her my commitment.  And she always comes back to me.  The fact that she chose me after all those years of sleeping with the pros is enough for me.  I also know that she still loves sex so there are times where she will want a threesome or more.  Obviously I can’t do that alone.  It sure is better than her not wanting any sex.  We have some pretty good times together out of the sack and that is really special.  I know that other people don’t get that same special time we have.  She has a voracious sexual appetite.  If I didn’t accept that, I ould not have been there for her.  I also must say she always checks in with me to make sure we are okay and that I am happy.


Q: Where do you see you and Rebecca’s relationship going in the future? Is marriage in the cards? If not, why

A: I can say we have discussed marriage.  But both of us having been married before I don’t think either of us feels like we need a piece of paper.  I do have to say I am pretty possessive which I will admit.  I think it is a trait of a black man.  I will say that I am not going to ask her to marry me in an interview. The future is now and it is pretty damn good.

There are a lot of more complicated things when you talk about marriage of two people who have a lot of baggage that they would bring to the table.  Eventually in California they have what they call Common Law marriage and if that becomes a thing they makes us officially a couple I guess we could formalize it.

**Q: Have you ever had a threesome with Rebecca? If not, why not? **

A: Yes.  All the time.  We have had both MFM and FMF.  If you are asking if we continue it more now that she is no longer with her husband, I never played with her and her husband together.  I would say we invite others into our bed at least once a month if not more.

We have some good friends too that she plays with as well so she still probably has about as much sex with me as she does without me.


Q: Are you allowed the opportunity to sleep with other women? If so, do you take advantage of it? If not, why not?

A: I am.  We go to swinger parties and I play with the female partners when she plays with the male.  We did go to a party this past weekend at a friend’s house and she played with all the husbands but I wasn’t feeling it and didn’t play with the other wives.

Also I do like to make sure I take care of her when she is swinging, so I make sure to keep an eye on her and see that she is okay and someone isn’t slipping something into her drink or doing something weird.  That is probably the biggest difference between me and her ex.  I would never leave her alone like that.


Q: What kinds of things turn you on about the fact that Rebecca sleeps with other men?

A: Like her ex, I am a bit of a voyeur.  I mean, have you seen her videos?  When she fucks, she is not a dead fish.  I think she really tries to be the best fuck a man has ever had.  She’s very vocal, she’s an amazing kisser, she is extremely energetic as well.  She makes a man really feel like she is there for them and works tirelessly to have great sex.  She is not only my girl, but she is like a real porn star.

There are many women who are just as gorgeous who do what she does, but if you met the real life Rebecca and saw what she does during the day and then behind closed doors, you would be amazed at the difference.  It is like if you found out your kid’s hot kindergarten teacher was a porn star, I bet you’d want to sleep with her and watch all of her movies.  You’d want to see it and wonder how she screams during sex and how good she looks naked.

There are things Rebecca will do with others that are intoxicating, but I wouldn’t want to be part of.  She is so submissive and likes being teased, likes BDSM, and other nasty things.  I’ve watched her get spanked, tied up and ganged and even some pretty rough things that we don’t do together.  What she and I have is different and I like it that way.

One time I walked in on her with two of my buddies in my bedroom with her tied up and gagged sticking it in her ass and spanking her.  She was whining and even had a couple tears in her eyes as one of them had her head smashed down into a pillow.  When I asked her if she was okay, she nodded and gave me a wink.  I went back out to the living room to watch a fight on TV and 30 minutes later she came out smiling and gave me a kiss.  I tell this story because it gives you a flavor of how wild she can be.  The next morning she was up at 5am for work and left dressed in a crisp blouse and a suit.


Q: Is it any less special now that you are Rebecca’s primary lover?  Are you theoretically her cuckold now?

A: I have been her primary lover for many years. About 5 years ago she and I committed to each other.  When she left her husband, she hadn’t slept with him for almost 6 years.  But it is more special now that she sleeps in our bed and I have access almost 24/7 to our love.

Cuckold? I don’t believe in that term.  I don’t think that applies to me.  Does it?  I’m her lover.  I think I am her main bull as you call it.  I make the decisions if that is what you call it.  Maybe you should call me her Master Bull.  Is that such a thing?  I decide pretty much who she sleeps with and/or decide it is okay.  She belongs to me and does what I ask sexually.


Q: I see you let her still sleep around with other men?

A: Yes.  I am not going to change her.  We swing, but if she ever tells me she wanted to stop, then I will say okay.  If I tell her that I want her to retire, she said she would.  I am okay with her sleeping with other men for now.  I think if she ever retired, we still will have other partners, but less often.  I am more okay with her swinging activities and less okay with her adventures on her website.  If she is going to have fun like that, she is going to do it with me.


Q: Did you always intend to take her away from her husband?

A: Well yes and no. When I first got divorced I played for a while with a white couple and was the woman’s only other lover, but the husband controlled the strings and always got in the way and was always around getting in the way.  It became a little too awkward and thus when I moved south, I ended that relationship.  I know some men like to sit there and film or jerk their salami while watching.  I don’t like being watched when I am with another man’s wife.  I’m more of a private person when it comes to sex.

That night when we first had sex, we sat in a car for two hours talking about what we wanted before we engaged in sex.  I told her I didn’t want to be just another black cock.  I told her I didn’t want her husband around as I had tried that already.  I didn’t want to get involved in that.  She kept pushing me and promised me that she wouldn’t let her husband get in the way.  He was waiting back at the hotel and waiting to film us and I didn’t want that.  She promised me she would make him leave.  So when we got to the hotel, he was disturbed that he didn’t know what happened to her.  She told him it was okay, but that she wanted him to leave us alone.

When she assured him she was okay, he left.  I was conflicted.  I thought it was weird that he would leave me alone with her, but then again, I was really happy that I got what I wanted.  I came away that next morning even more infatuated with her and totally confused as I had already accepted a job and was moving away.  Best night of sex and love making I ever had to that point.  I think we saw each other again a day or two later when she came to my place after work.  I saw her a couple more times and then moved.  We kept in contact occasionally.  But it was maybe 4-5 years until we really started seriously thinking about seeing each other again.

We rebuilt our relationship again and by this time she was playing around a lot more and her husband was more and more out of the picture.  She talked sometimes about divorce and sometimes would talk about how I would fit into her life.  At some point I told her I didn’t like sharing her with her husband and she told me that she hadn’t had sex with him in over a year and that I had probably had more sex with her than anyone over the prior 3 years combined.  She started staying over more often and that is when I really started thinking about us living together at some point.

Her divorce kind of came out of the blue.  I wasn’t asking for it, but I am definitely not complaining.  Obviously living with someone you get to know them a little better and you get the good AND the bad. She is an amazing cook.  Very gourmet and very healthy.  I’ve never had that.  She has added a lot to my life and my friends have said it is about time for us.  They had no idea that my “girlfriend” was still married and living a triple life until recently.

Q: Did you like her husband?  What was your relationship with him?

A: Well if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have her.  Do I think he was stupid to let her go?  Hell yes.  I don’t think his hot new young fiancée is worth it.  But like I said, how could I be mad at the guy.  Their divorce was truly mutual and they still are friends, so I find him someone easy to deal with since we do see him on occasion when we have to get something from his place or he comes to ours.  They are best friends and probably had a more successful and healthier relationship than many out there.  Going back to the question of whether she left him because of me, I can say she wouldn’t have, but his girlfriend didn’t want her around and is more the cause than anything.

I would say at first it was cordial and I was shocked he let Rebecca play so freely and after our third meeting, I never talked to him directly again until last year.  He understood that I wanted to be alone with his wife without his interference and he respected that.  I understood he was a voyeur and wanted to watch his wife.  I just didn’t want to be part of Rebecca’s website, so I let her bring along the video recorder, but never signed her waivers to be published.  My videos with her will always remain private.

I’d say we gained a mutual respect for our relationships with Rebecca. He is definitely a smaller individual in stature but having known her a lot longer, he shares many experiences and memories that I can never replicate that I know she cherishes.  That said, I think he knows I give her a lot that he can no longer provide her or that he doesn’t want to provide her in the way he used to.

Our relationship works because we have to make it work.  We aren’t best friends nor do we hate each other.  Rebecca is all we have in common.  I do know that I think it still turns him on to think about how she and I are doing some wild stuff that he doesn’t do with his girl.


Q: How often do you two have sex?

A: Rebecca is an extremely busy woman in her normal life and you wouldn’t believe her multi-tasking skills with 2 phone, an ipad and a kindle that she walks around with EVERYWHERE.  Somehow though we manage to have sexual sessions on average 2-3 times a week and I would guess that she has 4-5 in total.  Now as a reminder, a sexual session for Rebecca is different.  It isn’t just a 20 minute kiss grope and orgasm session.  Her sexual encounters on average are way more than an hour at a time.


I’d like to thank Rebecca’s boyfriend for being willing to go into as much detail as he did both about Rebecca herself and their history together. What I like most about his answers were that they really give you the full picture of who Rebecca is. As I’m sure you can see, hotwifing isn’t something she does, but rather it’s a lifestyle she lives through and through. She loves it. Period.

Last but not least, I wanted to draw your attention at how secure her boyfriend seems about himself, about his relationship to her, and about what they’re exploring together. Security and trust are two pretty fundamental things you need to have in a relationship that’s going to explore things to the level that Rebecca and her boyfriend do.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Rebecca’s website for some of her hot content: You can also chat live with her right on The Cuckold Consultant’s very own free chatroom, Cuckold Chat as she’s one of our moderators.

We hope you enjoyed the interview. Stay tuned for more from Rebecca!

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