An Exclusive Interview – Meet OurLittleSecret™

What is it that makes 71,000 people follow the Stag & Vixen Twitter couple who goes by the name OurLittleSecretWinking Face on Apple iOS 11.2 ?

Well for starters, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the hotwife/vixen in the couple has one of the sexiest smiles I’ve seen. There’s something coy about it, something…naughty. I can’t do it justice explaining it though, it’s something her pictures illustrate much better than I could ever describe.

Or maybe it has something to do with her sexy curves. She’s got the kind of body that if you walked by her in the grocery store, you’d turn around as obscenely erotic thoughts floated inside your mind’s eye.

I have to be honest though. I think it might have a lot more to do with her tits. Does that sound crude?

Listen, I don’t know, I try not to objectify women, but when someone has breasts as nice as hers—she has these amazing, natural, full, MILF breasts, the kind that you would squeeze but could never feel like you squeezed them enough because they would “overflow” out of your grip causing you to feel the need re-grip and squeeze again, the kind that you’d want to lay your head on like sexy pillows, the kind that you could suck on for hours and never get bored—did I go too far?

Maybe you think I’m exaggerating. But then again, it’s not that common for a normal suburban couple to have 71,000 followers on Twitter, is it?

All fawning aside, I reached out to them to see if they’d be open to doing an interview about how they live the hotwife lifestyle, and lucky us, they agreed to do it. Take a look for yourself:


The Interview

Q: So whose idea was it to get into the stag and vixen lifestyle? How did the topic come up, and what was the process like going from fantasy to reality?

A: Vixen – It was my husbands idea. He used to encourage me to talk about it when we were fooling around. Eight years later he had opened a Twitter account. He was asking if there was anyone that I would sleep with. When I told him about a coworker, it kind of started things. We took some pictures for fun, he put them on Twitter, and it just snowballed from there.

Stag – To be honest I was really nervous to bring up the subject first. I didn’t know how she would react. So I brought the subject up one night while my wife was jerking me off in bed. She thought I was crazy and that I couldn’t handle it, that I would be too jealous. I think part of her also thought that I was doing this so that I could sleep with another woman. Which Wasn’t the case. It was an eight year process. It didn’t happen overnight.


Q: Some men “look down” on other men who are willing to let their wives sleep around. Others “look up” to men who explore the hotwife lifestyle. What would each of you say to these different groups of men, and how do you feel about yourself regarding your willingness to share your wife?

A: Vixen – Everybody has their own opinion and interests. We do ours together. My husband watches and sometimes joins in. It can be a challenge if your relationship is not strong. We had a few bumps, but overall it has been quite fun.

Stag – I struggled with that in the beginning and even now sometimes. That’s why I kind a gravitated toward the term Stag instead of Cuckold.  I wasn’t into the humiliation, or being denied sex. I just enjoyed watching my wife with another man.


Q: What appeals to you about your husband showing off your naked pictures on twitter?

A: It is nice to get positive attention. In some ways it has helped me be a little more confident in my daily life.


Q: Do you think your wife would stop hotwifing if you asked her to? If not, would it turn you on knowing you no longer would have control over this journey?

A: I think she would stop if I asked her to. Although when I read the question to her she kind of smiled at me which leads me to believe that I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew, LOL!


Q: What was your first time like for each of you?

A: Stag – I wasn’t there the first time my wife and her friend had sex. She wasn’t comfortable with being watched just yet. So I gave her the space. I went to the movies that night however I cannot remember any part of the movie. It was a very anxious evening for me.

Vixen – for me it was extremely different because I hadn’t been with anyone else since I was younger. My husband and I have been together for 23 years.

I met my friend on Twitter, he wasn’t someone I knew before that. We talked for about a month on Twitter before he asked me out for coffee. We went out like 3 or 4 times before even getting to that point. The first time he was making sure I was comfortable, repeatedly asking if I was OK and ready before doing anything. He was good about making sure I wasn’t going to regret anything.

As for in the bedroom, he was good, it was true fucking the first time. It definitely got even better once we got to know each other more.

We would meet up a few times a month for a while. Schedules and life has made it a little more difficult recently. But we still get together whenever we can!


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    Love to be interviewed by Nola, and very interested in hearing more flirty ideas and real stories…

    Submissively yours as I respect Female Superiority

  • jackieboi

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    I’m searching for a Mistress to train me and take ownership of me and turn me into her chaste oral slave…

    Submissively yours Mistress jackieboi

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