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There are so many different ways to explore the cuckolding fantasy. The couple in this interview has certainly found their sweet spot.

Twitter couple Nico & Eva live the real life version of a cuckolding fantasy that involves some heavy teasing and taunting, denial of a more permanent sort, and pushing boundaries to the point of ripping off a lover’s condom in the middle of sex.

If you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t read this interview. But if some of those ideas make a part of you feel alive inside, then you’ll love getting a peak inside of Nico & Eva’s arrangement.

The Interview

Q: What’s your current cuckold situation look like?

A: I haven’t been inside my wife in the last 4 years. She has been getting all the sex she needs from her bulls and couple of my friends. We do not use chastity devices though.

All the sex I get from her is a quick hand job she gives me when she is back from a date or back from spending the night at one of her regulars. She lets me lick her as soon as she is back, then she sits beside me and starts playing with my little tool (that is what she calls it) while she tells me what a great time she had, how much bigger than me he is, and how hard he made her orgasm over and over.

Usually after few strokes she makes me cum, we kiss/cuddle and go to sleep. If she is doing the guy in front of me, I usually play with myself watching how much he pleases her and by the time the guy emptied his seed in Eva, I had already jerk off at least 2 or 3 times. Then I just give them some privacy letting them stay in the room by themselves. I go to the guest room if they want to spend the night together or to my office and wait (and listen) if they are just going to be enjoying each other for a couple more hours.

She has sex with someone else at least once a week depending on our schedules.


Q: What was your first experience like?

A: The first time I saw my wife having sex with another man was AMAZING.

It finally happened a few months after our son was born with a guy none of us knew. He was very talented in bed and with the kind of tool my wife really enjoys. I brought him home while Eva was waiting in our bedroom almost naked. When he saw her, he took his clothes off and jumped into bed with my wife.

When she took his tool in her hand, she said very clearly, “Oh my God, YES”, and immediately went to put it in her mouth. I never heard my wife so eager to have a cock in her mouth, never with me.

Then I listened to my wife asking him to own her and use her any way he wanted, and the way he made her scream and orgasm over and over asking this stranger to cum in her, to give it to her every time he was making her orgasm…I had never her like that before.


Q: What turns each of you on about living this lifestyle?

A: Eva is a very flirty and sexy woman. She’s very attracted to tall and strong black gents (they are also very attracted to her… I have to say)

She enjoys the attention she receives from them. She likes knowing that other men are watching at her especially when it is a strong black gent who also starts flirting with her, and if they start hitting on her after she has told them that she is a married woman, that is when she really gets turned on.

I have to say that Eva LOVES and needs sex a lot. I am not so good or talented at it, and I don’t know why, but I am really turned on by the fact of knowing that other men can give her what I can’t “sexually”. To hear my wife saying to her lovers that I can’t satisfy her sexually, and witnessing how much more she really enjoys sex with them than with me, is what I love about being a cuckold.

There’s nothing like watching how other men can make my wife enjoy sex in ways I have never been and never will be able to make her enjoy it with me.

So cuckolding is perfect for us. Eva gets all the sex she needs from other men and she knows she has my blessing, and she is happy about it. I am getting all the sex I need when I play with myself  while watching, or when she is giving me a quick hand job after others had already satisfied her. So it’s a win-win situation for us and also for the guys that she likes to play with.


Q: What’s the most extreme thing the two of you have done while exploring this lifestyle?

A: It’s different for each of us.

Eva: I think the most extreme thing I have done, was to let my bull take me to a bathroom at a hotel bar for a blow-job. He ended taking me right in, it was extreme and very exciting letting him take me in there while other men were coming in and out; they knew what was going on in the stall we were in, and when we were back at the bar some of them were smiling and pointing at us while walking back to our table.

Nico: We were playing at a hotel with a guy we had just met 2 weeks before (This was the second time Eva and him were having sex together. It was also her first black guy and she was still fertile then and not on the pill, so we had an agreement of condoms being mandatory for the guys wanting to play with her.

Well, I was in shock watching my wife about to orgasm and asking the guy to take his condom off and fill her with his cum. The guy was HUGE, she said that he was doing her so good and touching her so deep that she lost control of herself, she said that she was acting by instinct and needed him to cum deep in her. She was so turned on that she ripped off his condom and started asking the guy to give her his seed. It had happened with a few guys, but I will never forget this one because it was the first time she did something like that.


Q: Would you recommend introducing extra-marital relations to other couples, and if so, why?

A: It will depend on the couple. Cuckolding and even swinging are lifestyles meant for couples with  very strong relationships. It requires a lot of TRUST in your spouse, understanding each other’s needs and desires , and communication is also very important.

If you are not in a strong and trusting relationship swinging is not for you. If there is not total understanding of the needs and desires of the spouse (both ways) and from the husband any part of him has any doubts that no matter what your wife will never stop loving you, then Cuckolding is not for you.


Q: What do you consider to be the biggest myth or misconception about cuckolding?

A: That all cuckolds are gays, weak or sissy men that want to be dressed as a woman. There are different levels of cuckolding and also different types of cuckolds. The truth is, that to be in a Cuckolding relationship, all that is needed is for the cuck’s significant other to enjoy sex with someone different than you and of course with your consent.


Q: How do you find other men?

A: It’s not easy, even with a very attractive and sexy wife like mine, especially because Eva is very selective about her sex partners. Also most guys you find online are fakes just looking for pictures. What had worked better for us were guys she find on Swinger Zone Central. She handles our account there  and she always look for guys that are paid members and who also have good validations from other couples.

We have also met some great guys at the Hotwives 4 BBC parties. We have played with some guys outside of the lifestyle but most of them get scared or uncomfortable about the husband being there and tend to disappear.


Q: You’ve got 60 seconds to change a couple’s life…what advice do you give about cuckolding?

A: Don’t rush, take your time, talk to each other a lot before you open the box.

I’d like to thank Nico & Eva for taking the time out of their lives to share their real and raw experiences with us. If you’d like to know all the juicy details about how they got started and what they’re currently up to, check out their blog here:

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