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An Exclusive Interview – Meet Nancy Lewis, Creator of the Blog “FemaleLedSociety” 4.7/5 (3)

Did you know that for a lot of couples (not all, but a lot), cuckolding and Female Led Relationships go hand-in-glove?

Nancy Lewis, creator of the educational and entertaining blog FemaleLedSociety does, and she does a great job explaining how and why in this exclusive interview she was willing to do with us.

Nancy has been extensively reading and researching about Female Led Relationships for quite some time. I know there are no “official” authorities on such, but in my book, Nancy certainly qualifies as one.

Read below to get some of the most well informed advice you’ll ever come across for both women and men regarding Female Led Relationships.

The Interview

Q: What were some of the motivations behind you starting your blog “Female Led Society”?

A: I started my Female Led Society blog as part of a larger body of work. For many years, I was captivated by the inherent superiority of females. I performed research and consumed every article, post, blog and study I could find on the topic of female superiority. A few years ago (I don’t recall how many), I decide to start a blog. My blog was designed to be multifaceted. Topics dealt with every aspect of female life. The posts can be serious, clinical, erotic, reality-based, fantasy, technical or funny.

My motivation has always been driven by my belief that females are awakening to realize their great potential as leaders. The world would be a better place if females led men and boys more often. I also believe a very large number of far more men and boys (either secretly or subliminally) would prefer to be led by females throughout their lives. My blog, therefore, describes females as being capable and desirous of being whomever they want to be; doing whatever they want to do; and acting however they want to act – without being concerned about being judged.

As time progresses, I firmly believe women will gain pre-eminence, especially in the West. They will have the vision and confidence to fulfill themselves, nurture their families, stand up for their rights and make the world a better―a more equal and a more loving―place to live.


Q: What are your thoughts on how cuckolding fits into female led relationships?

A: In numerous clinical studies about cuckolding, interviews with couples about straying women led to important conclusions. For example, it was frequently surprising to learn “how many of these couples embraced very powerful feminist principles, and how many of these husbands described the joy they felt at their wife’s increased independence, confidence and assertiveness.” For such men, granting their wife the freedom to express with other males their liberated sexuality was a considerable turn-on.

Men love fantasy. Women do too but not in the same ways. For many men, the reality and fantasy of living in a Female Led Relationship is heaven on earth. These men crave being submissive. They need to be led. They adore their wives and girlfriends for treating them as inferior people.

Cuckolding is often a natural and frequently desirable aspect of high quality Female Led Relationships. The two go hand-in-glove for many couples.  There is a growing number of women who enjoy what has come to be known as the “alpha life”. And many men are adapting to, and desiring, a beta role. In the book “Winning at Love” by author ‘Pat Webster,’ he writes: “Until the last decade or two, if you possessed alpha female characteristics you might have tried to hide them. Those characteristics include competitiveness, aggressiveness when necessary, self-directedness, persistence, tenacity, determination and a strong sense of mission. A woman with these characteristics can also have charisma, which she can use to charm others into getting her way and accomplishing her goals.”

Times are changing very rapidly. A Pew Research study (2008) helps illustrate the changes. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2008/09/25/women-call-the-shots-at-home-public-mixed-on-gender-roles-in-jobs/


Q: How would you explain the appeal of FLRs to women who aren’t in one?

A: 1) A FLR is a “designer” relationship. The man needs to secure agreement (a contract, in fact) with his mate that “this is what we want” as a couple. It must be a shared choice.

2) The man should approach the topic slowly. He should carefully promote the notion of changing roles with his mate. The idea is to promote his mate to head of household while he falls back to a more supportive role.

3) The couple must decide what FLR means for them. Men should express eagerness to take on more household chores and serve his mate as a stay-at-home-mom might for her husband. But there is a twist and discovering that twist can make all the difference.

4) The man should focus on educating his mate that having a FLR will help her make things better for everyone. She must like the idea of the benefits and, hopefully, the kinks. She should be praised for her desire to maximize her mate’s well-being as the couple enters the FLR.

5)The man must demonstrate his motivation and sincerity to make it work. He must convince her that she is in control, she must move her agenda forward. From his perspective, he is content with the relationship and will be satisfied for the foreseeable future.


Q: What top 5 pieces of advice would you have for a man who wants to start becoming more submissive to his partner in order to transition into an FLR?

A: 1) One of the most compelling reasons for a woman to enter a FLR is to nurture her mate while bringing about change. A loving partner who expresses interest in the well-being and growth of her man will create a better life for the couple. Having a better relationship is the main advantage of his wanting her to lead and for him to serve.

2) A second reason to consider a FLR is, possibly, that their relationship doesn’t seem to be working very well. Couples try the same types of relationships with the same results, many of which fail.

3) A distinct advantage of having a formal FLR is that the woman gets to set the stage and limit or expand the scope of their relationship while remaining his loving mate. She is liberated.

4) As a couple increases their level of commitment to a FLR, they experience a departure from life as it has been. A FLR is either a panacea, an opportunity or an irritant to women. While men may have some guilt over their FLR, women often welcome a given level of commitment at the outset by seeing little change from their current life EXCEPT better decision-making usually occurs. This can result in less strife.

5) Several advantages can occur in a FLR:

a. Open recognition of female leadership.

b. Unlimited perks and benefits for her.

c. Well defined relationship roles.

d. Unlimited kink driven by the woman.

e. Total obedience of her man.


  • Darryl

    Reply Reply May 22, 2017

    I don’t really believe in “female supremacy” as general rule. I believe that men and women are equal, and I think most women prefer being equal to their partners rather than superior.

    However, some of us men who are sexually submissive crave female led relationships. My wife was reluctant to begin a FLR, but she eventually decided to give it a try because we were drifting apart. She now says she would never want to go back to being merely equal. She loves having the final say about all decisions. She loves assigning all the housework and cooking to me. And she has enjoyed the freedom to have sex with other men. That has been exciting for both of us.

    I appreciate Nancy’s insights about FLR. I’m not sure it would work for every couple, but it works well for some of us.

  • Calligostro

    Reply Reply October 2, 2017

    The female led is nothing else than a patriarchic structure only that the woman dominates. The husband is dominated and domesticated like a pig. He has to carry out every of his wife`s decisions.

    He has to work in kitchen and in society in order to support her and earn money so she will be able to have much fun with lovers on vacation.

    He is beeing told that he is important, but that isn`t true; he is put
    into chastity and therefore he is a looser, but noone – not even his wife loves loosers – but she keeps telling that she loves him.

    But pigs, also male pigs, also have been stupid, the won`t even disagree even when the slaughtert oder humiliated, the think the are great, but the are only stupid and poor

  • Sarath

    Reply Reply June 16, 2018

    Nice advice from Nancy. Thanks a lot madam. I am in FLR. I love, respect and adore my wife a lot. She is my goddess and she has ultimate freedom to do anything she want.

  • Pjotr

    Reply Reply April 17, 2019

    My wife was always the dominant figure in our relationship, but I couldn’t stand that and was rebellious. Now I see that she has much more wisdom and intuition and I have submitted myself to her authority. Since that time we live in harmony. I recently gave her permission to have sex with another man, which made her very curious. Is this okay in an FLR?

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