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An Exclusive Interview – Meet JC Wittol, An Award Winning Cuckold-Fiction Author  4.5/5 (2)

You know the books or TV shows that just suck you right in and make you truly feel something about the characters and the story? The type you continue to think about after the chapter or episode is over…The type that even though it’s “fictional”, it doesn’t seem that way at all because it seems so darn real?

Well then I have a name you’re going to want to know. He’s an award-winning Cuckold Fiction author, best known for writing The One Less Traveled series. His writing style is totally enrapturing, and he has the ability to pull you right into the reality of the story the same way the best shows on Nextflix do.

His name is JC Wittol. 

JC isn’t just an award winning author though. He’s a real life cuckold, and he’s agreed to take time out of his life to do an exclusive interview here with us.

In this truly fascinating interview, JC shares his personal cuckold story, penetrating insights into the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle(s), an insider’s peak at some of the characters in his books, and some great advice for those aspiring to live the cuckold or hotwife lifestyle.

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: I like to think the Cuckold Lifestyle found us. From the moment I met my wife, before we were married, men hit on her. The sun rises in the east. Men hit on my wife. The sun sets in the west. Men hit on my wife. It became almost normal, even after we got married, and in a few cases, it gave rise to a few intense fantasies between us. Secretly, I’ve always enjoyed the attention my wife receives, but it took a while before I realized just how much I enjoyed the attention she receives. It’s an odd emotional sensation to be excited by the attention your wife receives from other men, and to develop that attention into a lifestyle you both enjoy. The turning point for us was unplanned, unexpected, and unbelievable.

My wife and I have always worked to keep our marriage fresh, but life conspired against us, and despite our best efforts, we found our intimate moments waning. Our jobs were stable, but stressful, and our munchkins kept us occupied during our free time. The spark of intimacy gave way to the cool predictability of everyday life. When we finally did get a break in our schedule, and a baby-sitter, we slipped off for a date-night. After dinner, we didn’t feel like a movie, and the neon lights of a nearby strip club beckoned, so we threw caution to the wind.

We’d visited strip clubs before, but tonight was just…different, and frankly, we had the time of our lives. When the night ended, we’d become the proud owners of a VIP membership. No surprise, we made some friends and a couple dancers invited us to a swinger’s club. I still remember the exact question a stripper (who will remain nameless) asked us.

“So, have you two ever been to an adult club?”

What did we know? We thought a strip club was an adult club. At any rate, we accepted her invitation, and agreed to visit the local swingers club. I know what you’re thinking…we tried swinging, but our relationship eventually evolved into a cuckold relationship…right?


We were terrible swingers, and to this day, we’ve never actually…swung. That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We had plenty of offers, and opportunities, but we could never get comfortable getting naked with another couple we just met. My wife never liked the one-night aspect of swinging, and I just wanted to watch my wife, so swinging didn’t work out. The one good thing that came out of our failed attempt at swinging was our ability to communicate with each other, specifically about sexual situations, grew significantly. Believe me, after the strip club, and a few nights at a swingers club, my wife and I could talk about sex.

It’s probably a good time to mention I’m an over-thinker. Ask me the time, and I’ll build you a clock. Most times it’s a curse, but in this case, it turned out to be a blessing. Before we decided to go to the swinger’s club, I hit the internet and researched everything about swinging. I memorized the vocabulary. I searched every website on swinging, including the dating sites. Finally, I found every swingers club within two hundred and fifty miles, and I read every review I could find online. During my research, I kept coming across the terms hotwife, and of course, cuckold. Since we were interested in swinging, I didn’t pay them much attention, but after we decided swinging wasn’t for us, I looked deeper into these two terms.

It was then that a cuckold relationship started to take shape in my mind. My wife still received a ton of attention, and I started to see that a cuckold/hotwife relationship would fit us perfectly. After several weeks of more research, and more than a little introspection, I decided to have “The Talk” with my wife. Truthfully, we had more than one talk. We had weeks of discussion, and it centered around her concerns about me. It was hard for her, and I think for most wives, to understand how much pleasure I received from watching her with another man. A cuckold/hotwife relationship felt lop-sided to her, and this is where our ability to communicate openly with one another was truly tested.

The bottom line? We decided to try meeting with men. We setup a profile, and were immediately deluged with responses. We soon realized one of the most difficult aspects of a cuckold relationship.

Finding the right guy.


Q: When did you first start writing cuckold/hotwife stories, and what made you get into it?

A: My first Cuckold/Hotwife story was written in 2013. I’d been reading erotic stories on the internet, specifically Literotica, and while I enjoyed the stories I was reading, none of them seemed realistic. The Cuckold/Hotwife stories I’d read were single episode, or short-term relationship stories, and most were told from the perspective of the boyfriend, dom, or bull. A few were told from the point of view of the Hotwife, but hardly any were told from the perspective of the husband. I realized what I really wanted to read was my own story, from my perspective as a cuckold husband, and have that story written in the first person.

My wife and I had taken a break from the lifestyle, for several reasons, and we were re-focusing on ourselves. The break from the lifestyle was more difficult than I anticipated. The emotional highs and lows can be addictive. As I mentioned earlier, I’m an introspective person, and I’d always enjoyed writing stories. I found an outlet for my pent-up cuckold angst through my writing.

I wrote the first chapter of The One Less Traveled, and posted it on Literotica with minimal editing. Writing the story was easy, it poured out of me, and I loved every second of writing it. Posting it online however, was another situation entirely. I remember being so scared. I checked the website constantly, waiting for my story to be approved, and later, too see what readers thought of it. The One Less Traveled received a surprisingly large amount of positive reviews. In addition to the website reviews, my email filled up with reader feedback. I was blown away, and truthfully, I still am blown away anytime a reader sends me a message. To be fair, not all the feedback was positive, however I received enough positive feedback to continue writing.

Through my writing, I met some truly fantastic people who encouraged me to continue writing. In some cases, I had individuals encourage me to write books for sale, and they offered to help me with the process. Writing for me had never been about money. As I said earlier, it was an emotional outlet. After a few years of writing and posting stories on Literotica though, my wife encouraged me to consider writing a book. Did I mention my wife is awesome? I followed her advice, as all good cuckold husbands do, and I’m happy to say I’ve authored several books. I’m currently working on three manuscripts, and I hope to publish all of them in 2017.

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