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I have a pretty special treat for you today. This exclusive interview is with the one and only Kelly Anderson from

Just in case you aren’t familiar with her, she’s a sexy, green-eyed, blonde hotwife who absolutely loves rock music, facials, and laying next to her partner while getting pounded by a complete stranger—which she describes as “pure ecstasy”. She also has a Twitter following of over 100,00 people!

Kelly and her husband Shawn were both pretty sexually open-minded people who brought others into their sex life. As the years went by of them engaging with different sexual partners, they found themselves videoing their escapades. “We would watch them and think how this stuff was really great amateur sex and too bad there’s not to much stuff like this online,” Kelly says. “So that’s how we came up with the idea of sharing our sex lives on [our] website!”

Kelly was kind enough to take some time out of her life and do an exclusive interview with us about her personal and sexual life. So without further ado, enjoy!

(P.S. the full uncropped version of the above picture can be found at the end of the interview.)


The Interview

Q: So, you mention on your website that you were really open sexually when you were younger. What factors do you think played a role in this? And can you tell us about maybe one or two memorable experiences you had when you were younger?

A: I think that I am naturally sexual but I also think growing up in the environment that I did it helped me grow up quicker. Lots of truth or dare, mostly dares! Some guys would finger me or I would make them show me their cocks. I was always intrigued by anything sexual!

When I was around real young while baby sitting I would rummage through the houses looking for any type of nudie magazine or porn movies. I would lock myself in the bathroom and masturbate constantly and even have my older boyfriend that I lost my virginity to come over over and fuck me in that same bathroom. I wouldn’t say I was a slut but very sexual.

Another time I had another older boyfriend, and I really wanted to give him a good blowjob, I had voiced this to a family friend and he popped in a porn movie and sat me down and had me watch it while he explained how to give the best ones!! I think it worked!!

Q: So it seems like all of this started for you because the two of you were open to you bringing females into the bedroom to play with. How did this work? And by that I mean, were the girls you slept with people you already knew, strangers you’d meet when you were out, both, etc?

A: I actually had a threesome with another couple before I was with my husband. I became really into girls and wanted to hook up with them all the time. When my husband and I first got together, I explained to him that the only way I’d be in a relationship with him is if he allowed me to be with females. He was very much ok with that and we ended up having our first threesome together with a stripper!

Over the years being in the lifestyle it’s not hard at all to find single people or other couples to hook up with. Now asking them to be on camera, that’s another story!

Q: One of the biggest challenges for people in the lifestyle is to find legitimate third parties/couples. How did you find couples to swap with before you were “internet famous”?

A: Having lifestyle profiles online or meeting couples at lifestyle parties. But my favorite thing to do is to convert my “Normal” friends! Hooking up with my real friends, that would have never thought of doing something like that, that’s challenging and I enjoy doing that.

Q: Do you have any couples or guys you see on a more regular basis? If not, why not? If so, how do you make sure any feelings you could develop don’t come between you and your husband?

A: Typically we don’t usually hook up with the same people to avoid getting into “feelings”, there are certain rules that we abide by. Most couples in the lifestyle feel the same way. Not to mention I like a variety, I mean that’s why I am in the lifestyle.

With that being said, most couples in the lifestyle are so cool and down to earth with open minds, we are all pretty much like-minded so its only natural that when you see the same people over and over again at parties you start to become friends, BUT still…the rules.

Q: Many people have this idea in their heads that swinging leads to divorce. How do you know it won’t with you and your husband?

A: Depends…you have some people that, like myself, are in very loving, fulfilling relationships and you want to spice up your marriage or act out fantasies together. And then you have the couples that are unhappy with each other already and maybe on the verge of divorce so they get into swinging, and well there goes your significant other because, well, they are getting the attention they aren’t getting at home.

Q: You take pride in being a real housewife who has a wonderful family and a great group of friends. Do you have kids? If so, how do you keep them separate from your involvement in the lifestyle? Do any of your friends know about your lifestyle? If so, have they ever made you question it?

A: I do take pride in being true to myself and always doing what I think is right for me and my marriage. I try not to let any outside people influence me or question myself.

When I first started my website and word started to trickle out, we never really experienced any negativity and the small stuff that I did didn’t bother me because it came from people I don’t give a fuck about so it didn’t matter in the big scheme of things. As the years went on basically all our friends, families, neighbors the entire fucking town knows! I don’t have children but if I did I wouldn’t tell anyone and that’s how I wouldn’t involve my child!

Q: Who are you favorite rock bands, and what are some of your favorite rock songs?

A: Music is my heart, always has been. I am a huge rock fan, anything rock! Especially Courtney Love, she is it for me! Love me some old hairband type stuff too! I do listen to country, rap and hip hop too. I don’t discriminate music, except jazz, I despise that shit, my dad tortured me with that my entire childhood!!

Q: What are 3-5 of the most significant ways living this lifestyle has positively or negatively impacted your relationship?

A: We have acted out pretty much every damn sexual act and fantasy there is! There’s nothing much left, that’s the only sad part haha!

Seriously though I am with a partner that I love and adore and that I am turned on by with every being of my soul. For fuck sake I get to actually be myself in the purest most honest form sexually. My husband and I share the most intimate moments. As we proceed on this journey of life together we will embrace it together with so much love! It’ s all positive baby all of it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

I am so proud of where we came from and what we have accomplished. I am so proud so proud of our website, it has given us so much success in so many ways, beyond what I can put into words.

Q: What advice would both of you have for couples who are hesitant about bringing up the topic of hotwifing to their wives?

A: Dude!! This always just makes me so crazy!!! #1 most import thing you can have in life/marriage is good communication skills!! You seriously live once!! Just once!! What are you afraid of?

If you want a finger up your ass while getting a blowjob from your wife, then tell her! Chances are she wants to do that to you!! If you think your sex life sucks or want to spice it up, guess what, your partner most like does too! Do you think you are the only one in your marriage that has fantasies? Everyone is horny, everyone wants sex, everyone wants to be wanted.

Worst case is you bring something up and you get turned down and you are in the same spot you are in now.

Q: Are you on birth control, and has the thought ever entered of your minds about you having sex with someone bareback?

A: I am not on birth control and there is only one guy on my site I ever did bareback with.

Q: Do either of you ever have any moments of doubt regarding your exploration of this lifestyle?

A: No never any doubt, it works for us.

Q: What’s favorite breakfast food, dinner food, and dessert?

A: I love nachos and pizza and chocolate!! With that being said, I eat mostly vegetarian and try to eat healthy.

Q: Many people move from the Northeast down to Florida to get out of the cold. Why did you do the opposite?

A: I blame that one on my husband! He is from here originally and work paid better, so we followed the money. Btw I hate winter!!


I’d like to thank Kelly for taking the time to do this interview with us. She’s truly an example of how beneficial and successful living in alternative relationship lifestyles can be. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend you head on over to both her website (found here: and her twitter (found here: to check out some of her content. There’s a reason why it’s so popular ;-)

P.S. Here’s the uncropped full version of the picture Kelly sent in for the interview, along with two other angles!

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