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Want to know how to supercharge your cuckold fantasy? Combine it with making your relationship dynamic that of a Female Led Relationship. That’s exactly what Twitter couple Hotwife@Husband did.

In their Female Lef Relationship (FLR), Hotwife@Husband managed to find a goldilocks zone between femdom that’s too extreme for most people (the type that involves pegging, sissification, etc), and femdom that would be too tame and equitable to be considered femdom at all.

If things like complete obedience, moderate to high humiliation, cum-eating, and folding the clothes of your wife’s lover are up your alley, I encourage you to read the following interview. By the end of it, you’ll be envious at worst, and extremely aroused at best. Enjoy!


The Interview

Q: How did you get into the cuckold and hotwife lifestyle? You mentioned your wife was a hard no, but obviously you eventually got her to come around. How?

A: I began with honesty and confessed my interest in the lifestyle.  She was a “hard no” when it came to sleeping with another man because she believed in being a faithful wife.  But she has an open mind to try new things and was willing to at least dress the part since she has always turned heads and loves looking attractive.

We both were very naïve but enjoyed learning about the lifestyle and she really got into the dressing sexy and wearing the HotWife anklet.  From there we got into me wearing a chastity device, her wearing a key in public, her controlling sex, and the use of denial.

Then we stumbled upon an article that gave step by step instructions on “How to cuckold your husband” but the article also emphasized the Female Led relationship. The allure of an FLR fit us perfect. We pretty much followed 75% of the article with one big exception—we only agreed that we would role play she had a boyfriend, although I sincerely gave her permission to really have one if she ever wanted to.

We agreed that we were both officially “in training” with me learning how to be a submissive cuckold and her being a dominating Hotwife running the household. The female led relationship we entered was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage (we explain why in other questions).

Time, me doing endless chores, her being treated like a goddess, her leading the relationship and the excitement we both had with the imaginary boyfriend eventually turned into reality by chance. The guy that became her real life boyfriend involved a lot of luck as most of what we read seems to support that too many guys flake out or true “Bulls” don’t really exist.

She met him at the gym and he was much younger, partially black, and a very well-mannered and respectful gentlemen. He matched our fantasy boyfriend almost perfectly and their connection had very strong chemistry. Since I had given the green light and she was loving his attention and sexual energy the moment came where he asked her out. We talked it through and they met.

That night she slept with him, and decided she wanted to keep seeing him and live the full role.

Q: What draws you to playing the more dominant role in your relationship with your husband?

A: One word: “control”.  I am in charge and everything is my way. I also enjoy keeping him off balance and rewarding him when he is good. As far as a turn on, my happiness is always getting my way and the house runs the way I want it to. Our marriage is very strong and we spend time together like it was when we were young because we rekindled the passion from when we first met.  This only came to be after we learned and explored our current situation.

Q: Can you tell us a little about you cuck-signed agreement?

A: We drew it up sometime ago and at the time we really got into more of the fantasy of it vs the reality around her being a HotWife . We had playful fun with it because at the time she was a “No” to sleeping with other men.

I counted 30 items we added to the agreement of which 24 actually really have to do with either me (husband) being submissive or doing items of housework. These items we pretty much stuck to as it was the beginnings of what eventually became our Female Led Relationship.

Of the other 6 items we playfully added, 2 items were around her being a HotWife and me being a Cuckold.  She almost didn’t sign as she again didn’t want to be with another man as per the 1st question above. I convinced her that by leaving these items it didn’t mean she had to be with other men.; she simply just had the option.

Amazingly we are now fully living the part.

Q: What appeals to you about having your husband locked up? What appeals to you about being locked up?

A: She: I actually feel sorry for him when I see him locked up. His balls look all scrunched up. I do like the idea that he can’t get out and I have the key which is usually miles away from him while he is at work. All part of me being in control.

He: I was amazed at the transformation my mind had when I started wearing it.  I think of it as my cock is in check and for the 1st time since pre-adolescence my mind is running the show. I’m sure there are studies out there on this but everything is clearer and my focus is unbelievable.

Q: You have a lot of pictures of yourself wearing the key to your husband’s chastity cage around your neck. Do you ever wear it in public, and has anyone ever ask you what it’s for?

A: I almost always wear it in public as well as my “HW” HotWife anklet.  But curiously no one has ever approached and asked about them.  I don’t have any prepared responses because if and when it happens I want the circumstances and the person asking to determine the reply.

Q: In your opinion, what are 5 components to a healthy Female Led Relationship?

A: 1) Control. This is very hard to do but once the wife masters I feel it comes pretty natural to her.  I think of it this way: I decided I would be sexually independent of his penis. What I mean my by that is I decided I would be sexually fulfilled by my own means without consideration to his orgasms. Through my own masturbation, my husband performing oral sex on me, and now my side boyfriend I can be sexually complete.

As for the control part, I know this sounds cruel but men are very easy to control once you control their orgasms. How do I that?

His orgasm is a reward and he only earns that if he makes me happy. And I am only happy if he is obedient. And I make him obedient by denying his orgasms unless he earns it by pleasing  me. What pleases me?

When he does his chores, treats me with respect and does everything I tell him to do without complaining. And what makes him happy?

Earning his orgasms and knowing I am in charge, I am calm, I am running the household and I am caring for his well being.

  1. Love. We married for a reason and we want to keep the passion we had at that beginning. I know my answer above for controlling him sounds cruel but I truly have his best interest in mind when I do so. It’s a balancing act to keep his emotional state happy. The humiliation he receives and the punishment I give him is also well balanced with the praise and sex I reward him with. I have his heart so it’s my responsibility to take good care of it. He has trusted me to lead the relationship so I need to take care of him.

But I have reprogrammed his mind to become so submissive and so obedient that he tells me he feels love for me everyday as if he has returned to the day he fell in love with me. And then I took his love to a higher place. He tells me he loves me so much that nothing makes him more happy than knowing another man is pleasing me more than he ever could.

Imagine that?  A man who loves you so much your own sexual gratification is a higher priority than your fidelity.

  1. Partnership. Even though I am leading the relationship, I have never lost sight of how strong we are combined. We always have prided ourselves on making good decisions when we think things through. But we can get in each other’s way when we both try to be make the final decision. So I consider him my subject matter expert, but [in the end] I always make the final decision

  2. Sex. [She]: They say the top two reasons a marriage ends is due to bad sex and money problems. So first the sex.

For me I was bit of a slut when I was younger. I loved  the chase, the flirting, the experimenting and everything that came with the variety of men I experienced. But I soon knew I needed the stability of a good man to support the household. Currently I have the best of both worlds. I have my Beta man who owns my heart and my Alpha man who allows me to indulge myself.

[Him]:  I am truly enjoying all the excitement of having a HotWife and love the thought of her fucking a younger man with more stamina and a bigger cock than me.

She also is a master of building my intensity by teasing and denying me.  When I do cum it’s like I am 18 again.

  1. Money. We will keep this answer brief but making strong decisions when it comes to money means a better chance of a happy marriage. For the same reasons above, with me leading the relationship and tapping into our strong decision making ability we are pretty secure with our finances.

Q: How would each of you explain the appeals of a female led relationship to a couple who didn’t understand it?

A: To understand the appeal of our FLR you have to understand our situation.

For me, I was in a long term relationship prior to our marriage with a very controlling man who didn’t value my opinion.

For him, he works as a high level manager in a fast paced Alpha male job that has a lot of stress and decision making.

So in our current FLR I feel very valued where my opinions matter and I get the respect and control I lacked for a very long time.

For him he gets to escape from his demanding job and let his mind relax.  All he has to do is focus on pleasing me which is wonderful because I feel all of his love.

Q: What are the 5 most “humiliating/teasing” things your wife has ever done to you?

A: 1)  Daily life: I make over 6 figures but have relinquished all my debit and credit cards to her. I get $20 a week in cash from her which she places in a pink box each Monday. She also picks out my daily clothes and makes my lunches which usually includes kids snacks. In my lunch she also leaves notes that remind me about my small cock or how much better her boyfriend’s body, cock or sex is.

If we go out she drives and when we sit in a booth I must slide in 1st so she gets the outside.  She likes to feed me too so others see me look submissive. All those are just to name a few.

  1. Paying the waiter or cashier. Although I don’t have any debit or credit cards on me I still have to pay the bill.  This requires me to ask her for my card she carries for me in front of the waiter or cashier so it’s clear to them that she has [the cards].

After I pay I am required to wait for the right moment so they see me handing the card back to her.  She uses any opportunity to also verbally humiliate me during this moment.  For example, recently we were buying clothes and the clerk asked if we wanted to apply for a card for a 10% discount to which she replied, “Why would I care about that? It’s his money I am spending”.

  1. Carrying her purse. I’m sure many subs must do this but she picks the time based on maximum humiliation. For example, I had to carry it past a policeman who looked at me and shook his head. Once past a group of firemen at lunch. Another time in front of some bikers drinking beer.

The times I carry it are always around either men in authority, tough guys or Alpha macho types.

  1. Shopping for her boyfriend and having a drawer and an area for hanging his clothes in our house. So also this includes me having to buy and stock his condoms, although recently we agreed he didn’t need to wear them anymore.

We on several occasions have gone shopping to buy him clothes, underwear, shoes, cologne and anything else she wanted him to have or  wear. Sometimes it’s a present she picked out or flirty card. Often these items are either left hanging in his area of my closet or folded neatly in his draw by me. I must also wash his clothes including his underwear.

I always must carry to the cashier what she picks out and pay for them with my credit card that she hands to me as per #2 above.  All the while she is saying things like, “He will look so good  in that,” or, “Can’t wait to rip that off him”.

With the cologne she picked out, she made me tell the clerk it wasn’t for me but her boyfriend. She works from home so sometimes she invites him over and they fuck on our bed. She has him wear the cologne so later when I go to bed I smell him along with their sex.

  1. The gym. I’m not allowed to let anyone know we are together. So when we go tot he gym together I must sit in the car for a few minutes before I go in so we don’t appear together.  I must also wait a few minutes after we are done before I can go to the car.

She always wears her key and HotWife anklet and likes to flirt with guys knowing I can see her. Her boyfriend goes to our gym and sometimes they work out together. I have to stay clear by doing the treadmill and watch from a distance. He enjoys assisting her fun by touching and caressing her knowing I am watching.

Sometimes they kiss. Or sometimes both look at me and giggle. Sometimes she will text me to tell me she is going with him to his place after their workout. I actually love the feeling as a good cuck would but there is also the sting of humiliation.

Q: A lot of women have a hard time getting over the “homosexual” associations of a man licking up his own cum. Have you struggled with this at all?

A: I don’t think this is gay as long as it is your own fluids. I don’t mind my own taste. He however has always thought  that it was gay to taste his own cum, which plays perfectly into my obedience training for him.

After he cums (which I allow maybe once a week) he has little desire for sex. So think about it. I make him do what he perceives as a homosexual act while his libido is flat. He must do it as this is my line in the sand with him. I use the threat of punishments if he doesn’t. And to add to the experience i says things like “Lick it up gay boy,” or “Drink it bitch”.


I’d like to thank Hotwife@husband for taking the time to indulge us by giving us a privileged look into their Female Led Relationship / Wife Led Marriage. As you can see, venturing down roads like this can take time, but if you’re patient (and lovingly but respectfully persistent) enough, the reward is living a lifestyle which affords you the experience of pleasures (both surface level and deep-level) you never dreamed possible.

Last but not least, for random yet related musings regarding cuckolding, hotwifing, and FLRs, and real-life personal sexy pictures of the hotwife in Hotwife@Husband, then I highly encourage you to check out their Twitter which can be found here:

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