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An Exclusive Interview – Meet [email protected]  4.7/5 (12)

Want to know how to supercharge your cuckold fantasy? Combine it with making your relationship dynamic that of a Female Led Relationship. That’s exactly what Twitter couple [email protected] did.

In their Female Lef Relationship (FLR), [email protected] managed to find a goldilocks zone between femdom that’s too extreme for most people (the type that involves pegging, sissification, etc), and femdom that would be too tame and equitable to be considered femdom at all.

If things like complete obedience, moderate to high humiliation, cum-eating, and folding the clothes of your wife’s lover are up your alley, I encourage you to read the following interview. By the end of it, you’ll be envious at worst, and extremely aroused at best. Enjoy!


The Interview

Q: How did you get into the cuckold and hotwife lifestyle? You mentioned your wife was a hard no, but obviously you eventually got her to come around. How?

A: I began with honesty and confessed my interest in the lifestyle.  She was a “hard no” when it came to sleeping with another man because she believed in being a faithful wife.  But she has an open mind to try new things and was willing to at least dress the part since she has always turned heads and loves looking attractive.

We both were very naïve but enjoyed learning about the lifestyle and she really got into the dressing sexy and wearing the HotWife anklet.  From there we got into me wearing a chastity device, her wearing a key in public, her controlling sex, and the use of denial.

Then we stumbled upon an article that gave step by step instructions on “How to cuckold your husband” but the article also emphasized the Female Led relationship. The allure of an FLR fit us perfect. We pretty much followed 75% of the article with one big exception—we only agreed that we would role play she had a boyfriend, although I sincerely gave her permission to really have one if she ever wanted to.

We agreed that we were both officially “in training” with me learning how to be a submissive cuckold and her being a dominating Hotwife running the household. The female led relationship we entered was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage (we explain why in other questions).

Time, me doing endless chores, her being treated like a goddess, her leading the relationship and the excitement we both had with the imaginary boyfriend eventually turned into reality by chance. The guy that became her real life boyfriend involved a lot of luck as most of what we read seems to support that too many guys flake out or true “Bulls” don’t really exist.

She met him at the gym and he was much younger, partially black, and a very well-mannered and respectful gentlemen. He matched our fantasy boyfriend almost perfectly and their connection had very strong chemistry. Since I had given the green light and she was loving his attention and sexual energy the moment came where he asked her out. We talked it through and they met.

That night she slept with him, and decided she wanted to keep seeing him and live the full role.


Q: What draws you to playing the more dominant role in your relationship with your husband?

A: One word: “control”.  I am in charge and everything is my way. I also enjoy keeping him off balance and rewarding him when he is good. As far as a turn on, my happiness is always getting my way and the house runs the way I want it to. Our marriage is very strong and we spend time together like it was when we were young because we rekindled the passion from when we first met.  This only came to be after we learned and explored our current situation.


Q: Can you tell us a little about you cuck-signed agreement?

A: We drew it up sometime ago and at the time we really got into more of the fantasy of it vs the reality around her being a HotWife . We had playful fun with it because at the time she was a “No” to sleeping with other men.

I counted 30 items we added to the agreement of which 24 actually really have to do with either me (husband) being submissive or doing items of housework. These items we pretty much stuck to as it was the beginnings of what eventually became our Female Led Relationship.

Of the other 6 items we playfully added, 2 items were around her being a HotWife and me being a Cuckold.  She almost didn’t sign as she again didn’t want to be with another man as per the 1st question above. I convinced her that by leaving these items it didn’t mean she had to be with other men.; she simply just had the option.

Amazingly we are now fully living the part.


Q: What appeals to you about having your husband locked up? What appeals to you about being locked up?

A: She: I actually feel sorry for him when I see him locked up. His balls look all scrunched up. I do like the idea that he can’t get out and I have the key which is usually miles away from him while he is at work. All part of me being in control.

He: I was amazed at the transformation my mind had when I started wearing it.  I think of it as my cock is in check and for the 1st time since pre-adolescence my mind is running the show. I’m sure there are studies out there on this but everything is clearer and my focus is unbelievable.


Q: You have a lot of pictures of yourself wearing the key to your husband’s chastity cage around your neck. Do you ever wear it in public, and has anyone ever ask you what it’s for?

A: I almost always wear it in public as well as my “HW” HotWife anklet.  But curiously no one has ever approached and asked about them.  I don’t have any prepared responses because if and when it happens I want the circumstances and the person asking to determine the reply.


  • Paul

    Reply Reply August 5, 2017

    Cuckold is emasculation, that’s where the erotic thrill is. It’s a competition between one man losing his masculinity to another, his submission is to masculinity not to his “hotwife”.

    The hotwife has no power she’s just being used for the cucks fantasy so he is always in charge even if it doesn’t seem like this. His wife fulfills his fantasy. She makes it possible for him to submit to masculinity.

    It’s always all about the cuck and what he wants. Women don’t understand this.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply August 5, 2017

      I think a lot of men (and women) would disagree that the hotwife has no power, especially in situations where she starts to enjoy the fantasy in her own way and takes complete control in her own way.

    • Stacy Nalgona

      Reply Reply August 18, 2017

      No power? Far from it! As a hotwife I hold all the power if I wanted to! I decide to share it so it’s mutually beneficial. But I can change that, not him.

    • Bill Seccor

      Reply Reply January 28, 2020

      Paul is correct – sometimes. Cuckold relationships are much more varied than this column or others let on. There are relationships based on a husbands porn addiction and his wife’s reaction to it. There are those as Paul describes where it is what the BDSM people call “Doming from the bottom” ( I think there are many more of these than the proponents care to admit). There are truly abusive relationships analogous to the classic “husband sleeps around and wife knows it, but can’t to anything about it”. There are, and it must be admitted, cuckold relationships that a man can’t leave due to financial (two income households are now the norm) considerations or maintaining a household, or access to his children or even just desperation for companionship.

  • rebeccasoffice

    Reply Reply August 8, 2017

    I would disagree that cuckolding is emasculation. It is simply sleeping with other men outside of wedlock

  • thomas

    Reply Reply October 30, 2017

    Turning a man into a willing cuckold is about dominance and one of the goals is the feeling of security for the wife. If a man will accept his wife fucking other men he will accept anything and the wife knows this. Not only the husband submits in an open cuck relationship but the other men do as well specially if they let the husband service them. The woman is usually in total control and decides who and when and where and often exactly what. Few men will admit to sucking or being sucked by another man so when this happens the wife gains power over both. The other aspect of cuckolding is that it becomes pleasurable for all involved and often there is a lot more sex for the husband and the other man and for the wife

  • Robert

    Reply Reply January 12, 2018

    I’m a cuckold and I agree with FLR and we live it but in ref to money finances etc we are equal in that part and I don’t get involved with them physically but everything else we do . I think finances and things like that should be eaual.or at lessted fully discussed

  • MickeyGrey4

    Reply Reply November 2, 2018

    My wife cuckolds me but we do not have a FLR. It’s more of a FMER. Our everyday life is a basic vanilla partnership. Our sex life is all about her needs and desires. I accepted her having other men in her bed many years ago. I wanted to participate but she absolutely refused to have that happen. So like a lot of cucks, I sit at home while she dates. After a couple of years of cuckolding me she quit having sex with me completely. I could tell she no longer had any desire for me. I do believe she had lost all respect for me as a man. She really saw me more as a roommate. Then she had a couple of family tragedies happen in short succession.
    Because of the support and love I gave her during these troubling times, I could see her attitude change once again. She acknowledged how much my love and support meant to her and she was starting to see how I could be ok with her having other lovers.
    I guess my point of this is that as much as it can be about sex, it always has to be backed up with love

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