An Exclusive Interview - Meet HotWife Taylor Leigh & Gabriel Mann

For many couples, the way a relationship sexually progresses can often be disheartening. Things start out great. They’re new, they’re exciting, they’re hot….it’s like you just can’t get enough of each other in the bedroom.

Over time though, that sexual passion, or that NRE (New Relationship Energy) as some call it, begins to fade. The frequency with which you have sex begins to decline, and the lust which you once felt overpowered by begins to fade.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything dies; it just changes and becomes less “intense” for many.

Imagine though if it were the opposite….imagine if you and your woman continually went deeper, farther, took risks, had adventures. Imagine branching out and bringing in other people, imagine getting paid for it!

It sounds like a fairy tale, I know, but it happens. And the interviewees in this exclusive interview are living proof of that.

Enter Gabriel Mann & Taylor Leigh.

When I first stumbled across these two on Twitter, I have to admit I was intrigued. So I did a little bit of digging, got my hands on a copy of their book, and I have to say—they’re the real deal.

Instead of taking me at my word for it though, judge for yourself by reading this interview I did with them. I’m sure you’ll see their authenticity shines through.


The Interview

Q: So…can you give us a bit of background on how you came to be involved together in the swinging, escorting, and porn worlds?

A: We met the old fashioned way and started out as hot fuck buddies, then fell madly in love. The adventurous stuff didn’t happen until after we were solidly committed. The specifics are in the book!


Q: What’s your relationship situation look like? (how often do you explore swinging and escorting, is it all-consuming, etc)

A: We maintain a healthy balance of all our activities, although the escorting and porn sides admittedly get the bulk of our extracurricular attention, as these lie on the business side.

Healthy mix means that we devote much of our time to just us, too. In fact, we spend the majority of our time on “just us” because that’s what matters the most.  We always put our own relationship first, above everything.


Q: What made you want to write your tell-all memoirs about your escapades in the lifestyle?

A: We have a story that simply demands to be told. Not only is what we do far from normal for your average couple, it’s extreme (maybe “sexxxtreme?!!”) even for those in the Lifestyle.

Besides that, it was a way for us to advertise the Lifestyle in a positive way, and bring the topic mainstream. Through all the craziness, we’ve developed an incredibly deep understanding of each other, something that never would have happened had we not ventured to push our boundaries.


Q: What are 3 of the biggest challenges the two of you faced/face regarding safely and legally navigating the escort-part of your lifestyle?

A: Since there aren’t any playbooks for this, especially for a couple, we’ve had to develop our security measures through trial and error. They require a close coordination between the two of us, especially on Taylor’s solo appointments. It’s a huge aspect of the escorting side that brings business to the forefront, as opposed to simply swinging for fun. The biggest challenge is probably staying on guard and not allowing ourselves to cut corners in the essence of time or money.


Q: In your book, you talk a bit about swinger fights. What are these, and what are some of the most common causes of them? Can they be prevented, or are they something couples should expect to deal with while navigating this path?

A: This is definitely something that Lifestyle couples should be prepared to deal with. It’s just gonna happen when you have two people in a committed relationship navigating an open sex environment.

Our experience is that these fights always stem from a communication gap, however minor, that might cause a misperception, misunderstanding, or jealousy. As hard as we try and as experienced as we are, we’re still two different people who also see and process things differently. Misunderstandings are inevitable. How we deal with them is what counts.


Q: What’s it typically like for you when she comes back from a play date? What do the two of you do to reconnect? Is it ever awkward? Does she ever seem distant?

A: The post-appointment or porn shoot times are the best part, and probably every hotwifing couple will understand that. Still, we had to work through our feelings, another trial and error process, to get to a satisfactory understanding of what each of us needs emotionally and physically for the “after” time.  But that’s part of the deeper communication that we are forced to reach because of what we do.

One of the points of our book is that ironically, our exxxtreme Lifestyle has literally forced us to communicate better, which in turn has opened up a much deeper level of understanding between us and strengthened our marriage in a way that would never have been possible without doing what we do.


Q: What’s the most extreme thing the two of you have done while exploring this lifestyle? What was the aftermath?

A: We set up a BBC gangbang with Taylor and another wife. The couple had ordered us before, the first time they’d done anything like that. A few months later, they sent us a description via email of all the new Lifestyle adventures they’d explored since seeing us and asked to set this up for her, as it had burgeoned into her biggest fantasy. Once all the logistics of the event were settled (quite the challenge!), we had a six-guy-on-two-girl orgy that was every bit as awesome as it sounds!

Aftermath? Well, Taylor was out of commission for working for a few days, but otherwise she enjoyed herself immensely!

Q: The book talks about how your religious conservative background molded you into someone who would enjoy this lifestyle. How about for Taylor? Any similarities/differences regarding what contributed to her being able to embrace and enjoy this as much as she has?

A: My background made all things sex off-limits, which from a psychological standpoint only makes those things seem more attractive. As for Taylor, she had her own journey, which she details in the last chapter of the book, titled “Taylor’s Turn.”


Q: What do you get from your relationship that makes you want to have the commitment of marriage? In other words, why stay married when you can explore the lifestyle without ever having gotten or remaining married?

A: We love each other and we’re best friends.  Why wouldn’t we want to be married? As far as the Lifestyle is concerned, it enhances what we already have. We couldn’t imagine enjoying such activities nearly as much if we couldn’t share them together.


Q: Do you foresee always continuing with this lifestyle, or is it something that’ll “run its course”? Why/why not?

A: Our journey has been completely unpredictable up to this point. We kind of like that!  We expect more of the same, especially as the book gains traction. Still, our promise to each other is that we will walk away from all of it should our marriage ever be threatened. We are first, no matter what. We’re committed to keeping it that way.


Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently in regards to exploring this lifestyle? If so, what? If not, why not?

A: Everything happens for a reason. If we were to change anything, the ripple effects might put us somewhere completely different, and we’re happy with where we are now. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and no regrets.


Q: If you could only give 3 pieces of advice for new couples starting out in the swinging lifestyle, what would those pieces of advice be?

A: 1) We’d stress the importance of full trust and open communication with EVERYTHING.

  1. Put your partner first and always “circle the wagons” around your relationship, letting nothing or no one come between you. Don’t ever do anything you both don’t want to.

  2. Read our book together, and use it as a springboard to find your own satisfying emotional place together, so you, too, can have the best sexxxperiences possible!


I want to thank Gabriel & Taylor for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in learning more about them, their journey, the highs and lows of their journey, and plenty of useful insights that anyone contemplating the lifestyle (or already involved in it) can benefit from learning, I highly suggested you check out their book which can be found here: P.S. If you want to see the full-size proof pic, check below.

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