An Exclusive Interview - Meet Hotwife Erotica Author Bart Tracer

I first heard about Bart Tracer in this post from my friend J’s fantastic Stag & Vixen Tumblr, _Stag & Vixen Hotwife Games, _and I have to say I’m glad I did.

Bart is a self-described average, run-of-the-mill family man with an overactive imagination and a secret passion for writing naughty stories. A lot of these tales deal with wives or girlfriends exploring taboo fantasies with the support of their “significant others”.

And as you probably have already assumed, the erotica Bart writes would be particularly appealing to those of you whose preferences lean more towards Stag & Vixen Hotwifing as opposed to traditional cuckolding.

Bart agreed to do an interview with us sharing some of his insights into hotwifing based on his own personal experiences and those of the characters in his stories. See what he had to say by reading the interview below!

The Interview

Q: What motivated you to start writing hotwifing erotica?

A: I’ve always enjoyed reading erotica; the escapism, the chance to experience the outrageous, to live out a naughty fantasy. I’ve read all sorts of books, but ultimately felt myself gravitating increasingly toward hotwife erotica. So, when I made the decision to start writing, it seemed like a likely place to start.

Q: What do you think drives a lot of couples to pursue open relationship arrangements such as hotwifing?

A: Oh. Now there’s a question! In my opinion, a lot of couples start down the road to hotwifing from a sense of curiosity. Curiosity about watching, being watched, experiencing a bigger lover… things like that.

Then, there’s the element of risk, the breaking of a societal norm, a taboo. Add to that the fact that most men are natural born voyeurs and hotwifing begins to make a lot of sense for some couples.

Q: In your book Erica Encouraged, what are the appeals to each John & Erica regarding Erica potentially becoming a hotwife?

A: Erica has always been curious about black men and has never had a really big lover. She also kind of likes to push John’s buttons, teasing him, making him a little jealous, things like that.

John, on the other hand, is excited by the idea of his wife having a naughty side. And, he kind of likes the little stab of jealousy he gets when he watches her with another guy.

Q: What are the 5 most important lessons your readers can expect to possibly learn from reading your books?

A: 1) Communication is the key to a good relationship.

  1. Jealousy and arousal are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  2. Life is too short to ignore your innermost desires.

  3. Don’t let society dictate what’s right for you.

  4. An experience shared is always hotter.

Q: How much of your books draw from your own life experiences?

A: From the settings to the sex scenes, a lot of what I write comes from my own personal experiences. How does the old saying go? “The names have been changed to protect the guilty”!

Q: What would you say the connection is for most men between being excited at the thought of going to a nude beach with their woman, and delving into the hotwife lifestyle? And why in your opinion are so many guys who are keen on the nude beach idea unwilling to consider the idea of their woman becoming a hotwife?

A: I think that a lot of men who would be comfortable taking their women to a nude beach share some of the same feelings that those who venture into hotwifing experience. They want to show her off. They like the idea of other men being attracted to their woman. But, at the beach, they have a greater element of control over the situation. It’s safer, a “look, don’t touch” scenario, for the most part. Some guys just want to draw the line there, get a little thrill from others wanting her, without actually letting them have her.

Q: How can a wife keep her emotions from becoming too involved in exploring sexual relations with another man in order to make sure she doesn’t start falling for him?

A: I think this is probably one of the most difficult obstacles in the lifestyle. Women are sort of pre-programmed to form an emotional bond with men with whom they are intimate. A lot of couples get around this by avoiding repeat sessions with the same guy. By mixing it up, the focus remains clearly on the sexual adventures she has with the consent of her husband.

Other women, though, are able to separate love from sex and have no problems. Communication between the husband and wife is the only real way to avoid this pitfall.

Q: Volume 2 of Erica Encouraged explores the inner anxiety John feels inside himself as the ideas of wanting his wife to keep exploring and not wanting it to go too far bump up against each other. What are some of the factors that you think contribute to this emotional experience, which is in fact common to many men in situations similar to John’s?

A: John definitely finds himself struggling to come to grips with the conflicting emotions he feels as his wife begins to explore sex with other men. I think the jealousy he feels is typical for almost all of us. As a mostly monogamous species, we have evolved to be protective of our mates.

At the same time, seeing the one we love in the throes of passion is a deeply erotic experience. John is excited by Erica’s actions, and especially by watching her, but he is also afraid of losing the love of his life.

Q: What are questions everyone should ask themselves before embarking on the road to living a hotwife lifestyle?

A: The very first question a couple should ask themselves is whether this is really a shared fantasy. Are both spouses interested in this lifestyle, or is one half just going along with it to please the other? Because, that is usually going to be a problem!

And then, of course, they should realistically ask themselves if their relationship is strong enough to survive it. Let’s face it, hotwifing can lead to some tense moments! A couple that is struggling and turns to hotwifing as a way of salvaging a failing marriage is destined for failure.

Q: What advice do you have for those who are thinking about embarking on the hotwife path but have kids?

A: Sexual fantasies are one thing. Family is another. Your children come first. Period.

That being said, there is a certain naughty appeal to being left home to take care of the little ones while your wife is out on a date. If you can make it work and be discreet enough to keep it secret from the kids, go for it. If not, don’t! Having to schedule hotwife dates around children can be a challenge and, if a couple isn’t 100% dedicated to each other and the children, I wouldn’t even consider it.


Whether you decide to read some of his stories simply for their entertainment, or for some valuable insights into the psychology of people (represented by the characters) who choose to explore this lifestyle, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. In fact, you might just find yourself becoming emotionally invested, not to mention psychologically aroused…

If you’re the least bit intrigued, read the free preview for his books (by clicking “Look Inside”) on the pages for his books Erica Encouraged, Volume 1: A Hotwife Adventure and Erica Encouraged, Volume 2: A Hotwife Adventure.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate nor do I get any proceeds from sending you in Bart’s direction.

I’d like to thank Bart for taking the time to do this interview with us here today. If you enjoy his works, please don’t forget to give him any accolades as positive reviews, feedback, and praise are important to an author’s soul—especially to those like Bart who write because it’s their passion.

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