An Exclusive Interview - Meet Hottwife09

You know the interracial cuckolding fantasy so many men have? The one where they dream of their wife having sex with random black men, bareback…risking (hoping) they get knocked up?

Hottwife09 is a wife who actually does this, and she’s being doing it for a very long time. The content she puts out on her Twitter,….i’m drooling just thinking about it. Especially that one video where she’s being led down a hotel hallway on a leash, crawling naked…*stops typing for 5 minutes, goes onto her Twitter to browse her content for the 37th time today*

ANYWAY! I’ll tell you where you can find her content at the end of this interview. For now, imagine what it would be like for your own wife to answer the following questions in the way she authentically did. Enjoy!


The Interview

Q: How did the two of you get into hotwifing/cuckolding lifestyle? Whose idea was it, what was the other’s reaction, and how did it all progress to what it’s become today?

A: Well my hubby and I have been together since I was 15 (him 19) and I was a horrible cheater. After a few infidelity incidents I told him why not just let me be free to fuck guys and he agreed. He too was into seeing me used.


Q: Most women say they want/need some kind of emotional connection with a man before she sleeps with him. Is this true for you, or do you prefer it to be more of a “stranger” fucking you kind of encounter?

A: I totally love being fucked by strangers. I need no emotions for sex. I’ve slept with over 220 black men and most never gave me their names and I only knew them for 2-3 min before they where all over me.


Q: It seems you’ve had a lot of hotwife experiences. How many would you say you’ve had up until this point (not number of guys, but rather experiences overall)? Can you give us details on one or two of the most memorable ones?

A: Overall experiences, thousands. I’ve played 2-3 times a week or more for 15 years. It adds up lol. Many many gangbangs. My first bbc was massive, biggest to this day. Over a foot long of thick black cock. The second would be my 19 guy gangbang. All bbc, I was there like 4-5 hours. Took a lot out of me. Just guy after guy pounding me, no lube needed either.

Q: The men who have the pleasure and opportunity of sleeping with you often go bareback. How and when do you make sure/verify the men are clean? Any tips for newbies who want to make sure the other party is disease free?

A: 95% of my black men have gone bare back. I never make a black man use a condom. If he does it was his choice. I don’t screen I have just been lucky.


Q: Many couples don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a bull. Is there any kind of streamlined process you follow now to increase the odds of 1) finding someone real, and 2) finding someone suitable? And now that you’ve attained the level of internet stardom that you have, would you say you it’s become a lot easier than when you started to find someone suitable, or harder than when you started (because I’m sure you have to beat your suitors away with a stick!)?

A: It’s always been very easy for me bc I give myself to ANY AND ALL BLACK MEN. Not just the the buff hung ones. And that’s what I feel sets me apart. I am black owned. It’s been easier bc now many of them recognize me and claim me vs having to find them and explain it.


Q: Is your husband always there when you play with other men? If so, do you have to reject a lot of men who aren’t open to this (would you say most are open to him being there, or not open to him being there)?

A: No he is not always there. I have only had a few instances of them not wanting to play bc of him. Usually we can work around it by having him wait in another room or outside the car or sit at the bar while we go to the bathroom.

  Q: Do you and/or your husband have any desire to play around with pregnancy risk at all? Do either of you fantasize about you two raising a child from one of your lovers one day? A: I am off birth control and still do many creampies so yes I want another black baby.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about where your IR kink comes from? Why black men? Would doing men of Latino or perhaps Asian descent have the same arousing effect on you? Why/why not?

A: Always been attracted to black men. Since young age. I am curious to sleep with Muslim and Indian men.


Q: What sort of value does your husband now provide to you? And how do you two separate the lifestyle from “real life”? You’re obviously in love with each other and care for each other, so how does that work while exploring this kind of path?

A: He provides money and home life. But black men get my sex life. He accepts that.


I want to thank Hottwife09 for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in browsing some of that AWESOME interracial content of hers, I highly suggest you check out her Twitter which can be found here: or her manyvids profile: P.S. If you want to see the full-size proof pic, check below.

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