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An Exclusive Interview – Meet HerTexanStag  4/5 (1)

Is it possible to be a Stag who believes wholeheartedly in the principles of feminism while also exploring his misogynistic alter ego in the bedroom with his “brainless fuckhole” of a fiancee?

HerTexanStag does just that with the willing and consensual Lat1nawh0r3.

Let’s take a quick trip down a pretty interesting rabbit hole in this interview with the experienced and interesting member of the Stag & Vixen, and BDSM communiities: HerTexanStag.

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the stag & vixen lifestyle?

A: The short of it is that my fiancée and I have about 15 years combined experience in the alt lifestyle.  My background is mostly in swinging while my fiancée’s background has been as a sub/little in BDSM.  Anyone that’s been in the lifestyle for more than 5 minutes knows that it’s very hard to find safe, sane, and stable folks – especially couples.  And unicorns…well…they’re called that for a reason.

My fiancée and I met on Fet (www.fetlife.com) and so our kinks were pretty out of the closet from the word go. When we met, I had about 4 years in the swing lifestyle and had dabbled in BDSM as well. She had at least the same amount of time in the BDSM as a sub and little. So, it wasn’t too far to get us over to swinging. She actually liked the idea when I told her she wouldn’t have to worry about me cheating (why cheat when you can have sex with other women in front of your woman with her approval and vice versa?).  Like with other relationships, I realized that I enjoyed watching more than doing.  So when I came across Stag/Vixen dynamic, it was embraced equally and easily.


Q: What’s your current alternative relationship situation look like?

A: We just gave in to the idea that there are a bunch of perverts out there that want to fuck my woman.  Add to this the fact that she is Latina and we currently live in an area that is heavily populated with black men (and she has an ass that won’t quit) kind of made the decision for us.


Q: How do you balance/integrate your views as a feminist on gender equality with the misogynist you have inside you?

A: Easy – I practice my misogyny in environments that are safe, sane and consensual.  Someone once told me that everyone has three lives – public, private, and secret.  In that case, my public life is certainly as a feminist.  Even in my private life, I would say that I embrace respect and a certain level of gender equality.  That includes with my fiancée.  My secret life is in the bedroom and various digital mediums.  There, women are besmirched whores.


Q: Do you explore the stag and vixen lifestyle exclusively without indulging your misogynist personality with your wife in real life, or do they go together?

A: Stag/Vixen is more how we play with others.  The rest is just part of being a dom when we play together alone.  However, we also balance that with vanilla intimacy. And for us intimacy comes first; fantasy is second.


Q: What are the top 3 things that are so appealing to you about the stag and vixen lifestyle?

A: 1) Watching.

2) I most closely align with the values of a stag in all parts of my life.

3) It works best for us to explore both the D/s and swing lifestyle in that regard.


Q: How do you make sure the fantasy doesn’t ever wind up becoming dangerous where it would impact your own relationship?

A: We’re first.  Playmates are second.  Always; and understanding that this is a part of our life and that a healthy life has balance.  So, the Stag and Vixen only come out on select evenings/weekends.


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