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An Exclusive Interview – Meet FunAlanaSnow  4.7/5 (3)

How many sexy GILFS do you know who keep their body looking sexy and muscled, AND who are into the cuckolding lifestyle, AND who have their own Tumblr? I happen to know a very fun one, and she’s agreed to do an exclusive interview with us right here on The Cuckold Consultant.

Let’s welcome FunAlanaSnow as she shares her swinger-turned-cuckoldress/hotwife story with us and sprinkles in a bit of golden advice along the way.

The Interview

Q: How did you get started in the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: We started out swinging and it wound up evolving into more of a cuckolding/hotwife arrangement. My husband opened up that he just really enjoyed watching me. When he first mentioned it, I did not understand how he wanted only me to be the one having sex. I thought he wanted this as an excuse for him to be able to go off and have affairs. It took some time, but he ensured me that this was not the case. Now I enjoy having sex with whomever I want whenever I want. He is now chaste as well!


Q: Do you have a long-standing lover or multiple lovers?

A: I used to have much more “friends”; now i have about 10 that i enjoy playing with.


Q: What are the 5 biggest mistakes you would say beginners make when living out their cuckolding/hotwifing fantasies?

A: 1) They jump into it blindly.

2) They believe it will save a bad relationship.

3) They are not truly honest with each other.

4) Related to the previous reason, they go beyond their set boundaries.

5) They get too emotionally involved with the outside partners.

We have seen many couples, over the years who were in a bad relationship, thinking that if they add this lifestyle to their lives it will improve their relationship. Yes it can improve, but only if you come into it with a strong, healthy relationship.


Q: What advice would you have for someone if they were just getting started in the cuckolding or hotwifing lifestyle today?

A: Look at the big picture, truly be honest with each other and have your set boundaries.Set boundaries are there to help with your relationship; that is why you agree to them and you DO NOT cross them. If you need to expand on them as you move further in this lifestyle, then you and your partner must sit and discuss that first.


Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you still go into the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyle?

A: Most definitely. I am truly a pansexual woman and enjoy this fact. I have a husband who allows me to be me and he loves that, as much as i do. I must orgasm everyday, at least once, and living this lifestyle allows for me to have many adventures without living in a box someone else expects me to live in. This has truly opened up my husbands sexuality as well.


Q: If you had to do it all over again, what would you do the same, and differently?

A: I would have done many of the things i am doing now back in my 40’s instead of waiting until my late 50’s!!


Q: What 5 tips, tricks, or hints could you give to men out there whose wives are a little hesitant or resistant to indulging in this fantasy?

A: 1) Do not bring it up too often.

2) Allow her to be sexual.

3) Get her to dress sexy and get out there and enjoy the compliments.

4) In the end, most people have a tough time being truly honest about everything involved in their sexuality. Have sessions of Q&A being totally honest with each other.

5) Understand that this is a process, not a demand. As a spouse or significant other, you cannot demand the other to participate. And in my opinion, you should not “jump in the deep end”!! This lifestyle is to enrich your relationship and move at the speed that both of you enjoy. The lady will have to battle the taboo, as she generally is raised against this type of lifestyle. Enjoy the scenery along the road and you do not need to jump on the expressway to take you to where you want to go.


Q: What do you like best about having an account and posting on Tumblr?

A: It’s allowed me to see that many others have our wants/needs and perversions. 😉   I also love many of the wonderfully sexual memes with beautiful ladies.


Q: Did the idea of being a hotwife or cuckoldress appeal to you when you first heard of it? If not, what made you open your mind to it?

A: I truly felt, hearing it for the 1st time, that I was already there! We have continued to expand our horizons though. I have slowly moved into a more DOMME role as we’ve expanded our views of cuckolding, tease & denial, pegging, and sexual enjoyment. I have always been more dominant in my sex life, so expanding into some Domme play is natural for me. But at the same time, I still love to tease and deny. There are many aspects of this lifestyle, so you should find which works best for you and your spouse.


I'd like to thank FunAlanaSnow for taking the time to share her experiences and insightswith us. And by the way, remember when I mentioned she was a sexy muscled GILF? I wasn't lying. See for yourself:

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