An Exclusive Interview – Meet FlirtyNola

Our next interviewee is a sexy suburban MILF with an unmistakably clear sense of self and a refreshingly raw (as in strong and undisguised) personality, one to whom I’d be doing a great disservice if I didn’t mention the fact that she is obviously also a very intelligent woman. It is with pride and pleasure that I introduce to you FlirtyNola.

Nola has herself and her life so together that her sense of personal fulfillment as a wife, mother, woman, and entrepreneur would make any woman jealous. And by “together” I don’t necessarily mean that she’s regimented or that her life isn’t hectic. What I mean is that she knows what her values and goals are, and she does what it takes to live her life in alignment with those values and achieve her goals. And if that means coloring outside the lines once in awhile (creatively, not illegally or negatively), it’s what she does. And you know what?

That’s just awesome.

Provided you’re not some stick in the mud who takes himself/herself too seriously, I personally guarantee you that by the end of this interview, FlirtyNola’s unique combination of sass and wit will have made you laugh and think at least once, “This woman is badass.” Not only is the interview entertaining, but there’s also some hidden gems in it regarding what it takes to live the hotwife lifestyle in a fulfilling way amidst all the demands of life. Enjoy!


The Interview

Q: You describe yourself as a proud MILF. Clearly you have a very strong and active sexuality. Tell us, how did having kid(s) affect your sexuality, and what are some tips you could give to women struggling with having a satisfying sex life while raising kids and taking care of the family? What can the husbands do to help their wives stay connected to their sexuality?

A: Kids really are nature’s little cockblockers…They are amazing but they do not make it easy to have an active sex life with your spouse let alone others. Prior to kids I had never even heard of the term Hotwife. I had been a little wild when I was younger but had been sorta conservative since getting married. Pregnancy really threw a wrench in our sex life – I felt fat and bloated and tired and we were both really out of sync sexually. It got worse after the kids were born.

I think it’s safe to say after the initial craziness of giving birth nothing is working right…brain, hormones, body…the only good thing about any of that is having bigger than usual tits.  After that initial 6 month freak-out things start to normalize…but being sexual was not effortless. Having to care for other living creatures 24/7 doesn’t exactly leave a lot of room for naughty thoughts…let alone actions. I kinda resented my husband who would come home from work and mope around whining about sex and constantly poking me in the back with his boner at night.  It was easy to hold out all the time.

I knew, however I had to make an effort to get things back to normal so I would have sex when I wasn’t in the mood, or while staring at the baby monitor…and eventually everything just kind of went back to normal.  And then normal got more adventurous and then suddenly Naughty Nola came busting out of hibernation! It was not easy though and I had to really work to get my groove back.

Fast forward 4 years…my kids are constantly nosey, always wanting to know what i’m doing, always wanting to be around me (I know, how dare they right?). However we have made it a point to challenge them back (without them knowing) and we get creative in our naughty work-arounds. We run off and do it in the closet while their eyes are glued to Spongebob. We stay up later than we want to to make sure that they are asleep so we can have good sex and not always make do with quickies..I admit that sometimes we make them go to bed before their bedtime because we are horny and impatient….yeah i’m not always Parent of the Year.

Taking care of a family is both hard and rewarding but it is so so so important to keep that separate, sexy relationship with your spouse because at the end of the day that is the person you committed to. The children are equally as important but play a different role. It is not easy but as a Mom you have to try and keep the family together but also keep your relationship with your spouse separate, if that makes sense.  A miserable wife is a shitty mom.

As far as the husbands go, I think what is the most helpful is for them to understand that we don’t operate the same way. Guys can easily compartmentalize, while it’s harder for women (for me anyway) to not constantly have a cornucopia of thoughts running through our brains no matter what we are doing. If the husband understands that, he won’t make it worse by being needier than a baby and eventually your wife will get back to her normal sexual self.

Help with the kids.  Let me feel pretty again. Be patient.  Be supportive.  Allow me to refind my sexuality at my pace.  Don’t be a whiny bitch…it is not sexy and will not get you what you want!


Q: You also describe yourself as a normal suburban girl with a secret naughty side. Do any of your friends or family know about this secret naughty side?

A: Our story and the path that led to my current naughty lifestyle is something that my husband and I keep very private (says the hotwife with a Twitter feed, a Tumblr blog and who is doing an interview about fucking other people)…and we like that it’s “our” special thing. If any of my family knows about my secret naughty side they are very good about not mentioning it (I come from a very conservative family so this is unlikely)…

I do try very hard to keep it private. I feel like there is no benefit to them knowing my naughty ways because it would only upset them. I have only a couple of friends who know everything about me – I just don’t trust people to not blab things to the world.  A lot of people freak out when someone isn’t “normal like them” and I have no desire to defend myself because I have nothing that I feel ashamed or guilty about.

If I was making a lucrative living by being naughty that would be great but I have to interact daily with work and family and schools and parents and neighbors and I do not want them judging me 24/7. I do not want it to affect our careers or our normal social life or my fine upstanding reputation in our community lol. I also obviously have kids and have no desire for them to ever be impacted negatively by their flirty mommy… I can’t afford that kind of therapy.


  • Rico_and_Anne

    Reply Reply March 17, 2018

    What a great interview with a lady that really gets it. She is beautiful and wants to be sexual, but she also loves her husband and kids and works to keep that balance in life. Awesome. Reading this gives me hope that a couple CAN share the wife AND remain loving and committed to each other.


    Reply Reply June 18, 2018

    After all your husband has done for you it would only seem right that you would let him experience the same feeling that you get when you get to be with someone else. That feeling of trust that he gives to you by letting you have sex with other people. You claim that it has strengthen your marriage for you. It just doesn’t seem fare that you deny him some happiness just because you have insecurities about seeing him with other women. What’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander. This isn’t really what your lifestyle should be. If you really want to have a true sense and security about your marriage then you need to find a way to deal your insecurities. If you don’t, it truly is a one sided marriage with you having your cake and eating too. You are truly doing a disservice to your husband because you don’t have as close of a relationship as you think. All because you can’t find a way to trust your husband as well as he trust you. I really hope you correct this. Because he has only one life to live too just like you do and he is letting experience your life with no rules attached. Bottom line is your being really self centered and selfish towards him by not being able to experience his life to the fullest.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply June 24, 2018

      I think your post is making a few pretty huge (and incorrect) assumptions:

      1) That the husband WANTS what you’re saying is “right” or “fare” (fair) or “good for the gander”. If the husband has no desire for it, you’re essentially making a point no one cares about, right? Not to mention, part of the appeal of many cuckolding arrangements IS the one-sidedness that you’re speaking about…

      2) That just because the husband isn’t engaging in extra-martial relations along with the wife means Nola or her relationship with her husband is fraught with insecurity. I’m not sure where or what is making you think Nola would forbid her husband from doing something like you’re suggesting if he really, really wanted to.

      Unless you’re willing to be critical of those assumptions, there’s not much room for debate here, do you know what I mean?


    Reply Reply June 23, 2018

    I see that you have yet to get back to me on my reply to your interview. I just wonder if I might have just hit on an ongoing sore nerve spot between you and husband. I wouldn’t have thought that this would have been a really hard thing to account for since you have claimed that you have this great line of communication set up between the two of you. It is really hard to believe that after all the times he has seen you and listened to you about all this fucking that you have done, that he hasn’t come to you an expressed some kind of interest about being able join in on some of the real fun every now and then. I guess that really I’m surprised at this point of him showing you how much he really loves and trust you to the point that he constantly shows you, that you wouldn’t want to be the one who goes to him and suggest that he does have the right to be able to physically enjoy some of his fantasies that he has. One of the reasons that he has never opened up to you in your so called great line of communication is because he knows that you really don’t love and trust him nowhere near

    • cincy

      Reply Reply October 16, 2018

      I would love for my dominant wife to make me her submissive cuckold and fuck other men, but I have no desire to have sex with anyone but her.


    Reply Reply June 23, 2018

    I had to continue my comment on another page because the site wouldn’t allow me anymore space to finish. I guess that after all this time of showing you just how much he really LOVES and TRUSTS you that it is about time that you went to him and told him with a lot of encouragement from you that it is only write that he should be able to physically enjoy his fantasies he has held onto only because you have made very clear that you don’t love or trust him enough to go off fuck someone and still be wanting to come back home to you and just like you do with him tell you all about it while he was fucking you. The biggest part of this whole thing is that he get to see and feel just how lucky he is to have a wife that loves and trusts him enough to go out enjoy a night out without any fear from his wife because she truly knows that fucking is fucking and love making is love making and you know the difference. To me that is a 100% loving and trusting marriage. It is not a one way, selfish, and self-centered thing you feel is perfect marriage. I truly feel that if you would love and especially trust your husband more you would finally see what it feels like to a truly wonderful venture life would be for the both of you.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply June 24, 2018

      I wanted to take a minute to just point out something that I don’t think you’re aware of due to the conviction of your beliefs:

      You’re taking your view of the world, your notions of fairness, your ideas of love, trust, etc., and projecting all of them onto their relationship and her husband, and then making judgments about the fact that they aren’t conforming to your standards or ideas.

      I can’t speak for Nola or her husband personally, but I would assume that your comment hasn’t gotten a response because it’s not the type of comment that they would feel is worth responding to. Most people would consider your comment(s) either purposefully incendiary or futile to address because they come from such a close-minded and judgmental sort of place.

      If you feel as though I’m wrong, feel free to let me know how or why.


    Reply Reply July 4, 2018

    Don’t get me wrong here. I think that if everyone who is involved in this arrangement is happy and getting everything they are looking for out of this arrangement. If both of you are happy and satisfied it is definitely a great arrangement for the two of you. I know that your husband made it clear that he didn’t want to participate with being with other women in the beginning, it was all about you. You just made it sound that should your husband have a change of heart and would like to experience what you feel like when you come back home to him assuring him that it was purely a physical act with no emotional attachments to it. I know from my experiences what a great and emotionally chare feeling that came to me the minute I saw my wife after one of my dates. I truly couldn’t make it to the bed room to take advantage of her while I told her what exactly I did to my date or dates. She likes it when I have sex with more then one women at a time knowing from her experiences with me exactly how they ended up feeling once I was done with them. I am very big and work out constantly just to make sure that I stay in shape so that I would never embarrassed her when we go out to parties. That is probably what both of us like to do most is show each other off to other people at the parties we attend. I would just like to think that you would seriously work on your insecurities seeing him with women should his desires possibly change in time. The game of sex is a very fluid thing changing all the time. In closing I didn’t mean to come down hard on you. Just wanted you to think that one day his desires and needs may change and he would like to think if they did you would try to be as accommodating to his needs just like he is doing for you. Maybe it might be a very nice thing if you came to him set up with a threesome that you both could enjoy. This would most likely be something that he would see how much you love and trust him.


    Reply Reply July 6, 2018

    I would like to tell you that it kind of sucks that you responding to my comments. Is she afraid to respond to my comments. When you respond I’m sure you are injecting your comments to me with your thoughts and beliefs, and because of this, I’m certainly confident that I am not getting the response from her. I didn’t start this to talk to you. I wanted to hear her opinion not yours.

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply July 6, 2018

      Hi Doug,

      As I mentioned earlier, I can’t speak for Nola or her husband personally, but I would assume that your comments haven’t gotten a response because they’re not the types of comments that they would feel are worth responding to. I understand you’re saying you’re confident that me responding at all here is the real reason why they haven’t responded.

  • Mr. Flirty Nola

    Reply Reply August 22, 2018

    Hey Doug,

    This is Nola’s husband. I am just seeing all of this and I am really quite surprised at your take on the interview. You make my wife seem incredibly selfish and you make our marriage seem flimsy and one sided. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are partners in all of this and there is nothing at all selfish in her behavior. We have played together on many occasions AND if I wanted more we would talk it out just as we do when she wants to try something. All she said was that she is more jealous than I am and the thought of me alone with others is not comfortable for her…she never asked to be with others…In fact, she was very apprehensive because of her feelings of jealousy if the scenario was reversed. I can assure you that we are both extremely comfortable with the situation. I am more than a little confused by your strong point of you considering that this is a site catering to the Hotwife and Cuckold lifestyles. Our relationship is not unusual here. You and your wife have a different relationship…many swingers do as well. I am happy for you all and don’t judge you. Please do not judge us or make assumptions. I would not trade my situation for anything. We love the path we take TOGETHER and we are both very satisfied. Mr Nola

  • Stephen D Bottomley

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    What an amazing interview. Nola has it all…. and lucky are those who partake. Kudos to her honesty and independence and kudos to her hub for allowing her to do what she does.

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