An Exclusive Interview – Meet FindomCiara (Literally God)

Although I’m not sure of the exact reasons, I am sure that a woman’s beauty isn’t enough to draw me to her anymore. To be fair though, beauty is common, ya know? At least it is when you see 40k images a day scroll by in Cuckold Chat. (Is #pornblindness a thing? 🙂 )

Anyway, my point in saying this is that it usually takes something special to capture my attention. This particular interviewee definitely had that something special.

You see late one night, as I was browsing my Twitter feed, a particular young lady’s post jolted my Reticular Activating System out of it’s usual same-ol’-same-ol’-tweet-induced somnambulistic state. Her tweet was unapologetically raw, fierce almost. But in a good way.

So I clicked on her profile to see some more of her tweets and it became instantly apparent to me she was someone I was going to like.

To be clear, she’s a freakin’ devilishly pretty girl with a gaze and a smile that arrests your attention on her as the periphery world around you goes dark. And as you stare back at only her, you get this feeling that she’d use your soul as a welcome mat to her house and not think a thing of it—aside from maybe that you would be lucky to give it to her.

Her name is FindomCiara, aka Literally God. She’s a Fin-Femdomme who has an absolutely excellent handle on the psychology behind D/s dynamics, one of the best I’ve seen in my time. And THAT, ladies & gents, is what drew me to her and made me want to interview her for the site. But instead of flapping my gums about her, see for yourself by reading the below interview she did for us.


The Interview

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Domme? What does it mean to be a sub? Can any woman be a Domme, and can any man be a sub?

A: I believe in a natural hierarchy of the world, where subservience should be an intelligent and individual choice. Mainly, dominating someone is defined by having more control over your desires than they do. We are all human and want to seize what we crave without concern for self-discipline. To remain dominant over the submissive(s), you must always be in control of this eagerness and withhold “fun stuff” until the submissive fully surrenders and is begging for you to seize more ground. In this same way, you have to teach the submissive self-discipline and insist on restraint, as many have no concept of control and end up bouncing from one BDSM dynamic to another. This carelessness will subconsciously ruin the dynamic and tire them out, leaving them ultimately unsatisfied, so you must save them from themselves.

I don’t believe that any woman can be a successful Domme, and I don’t think that any man can be a successful submissive. The most important aspect is being honest with yourself and what your intentions and wants are. If you fetishize believing everyone on the planet should treat you like dirt, then your path will be easy, because every ounce of exploitation is a bonus. However, for most people in BDSM, I suggest going slowly and submitting only to people you genuinely believe are superior to you. Be picky and take your time, I promise the pay-off will be well worth the wait. Healthy, thriving submissiveness and dominance takes a lot of time, honesty, effort, and emotional intelligence. If you do not understand and are not a master of your own emotions, you will have trouble succeeding in your role long-term.


Q: What makes you different from all the other female Dommes out there?

A: I find that I get along with many successful, dominant women who have intellectualized BDSM similarly as I have. We look different, have different styles, yet agree on and succeed with the same general philosophy. For some submissives, I am everything they have been searching for, and for others, I am not the right flavour. In the second case, I do my best to point them in the right direction, as I am familiar with an array of Dommes and their personalities. Why waste resources on the wrong investment? It isn’t my style.


Q: Do you believe women are inherently/innately superior to men? If so, why?

A: I do not, to a comical degree. My close friends, in and out of BDSM, voice that I am surprisingly misogynistic for a “superior woman”. This innate hatred towards the fickleness of my fellow women makes me surprisingly popular with female submissives, as I can get inside of their head and exploit their weaknesses. However, as you can imagine, this does not make me popular with random Dommes who demand my submission or respect. I believe many people lack emotional intelligence, insight, foresight and objective perception. Dominant women exist, and they have mastered their own emotions to seize control of the weaker population. The terms “Alpha” and “beta” are not predisposed by gender, sex, race, ethnicity, age, body, or aesthetics. The brain is the only important factor.


Q: When did you first get into this lifestyle? What was your path of learning to understand the simple yet complex dynamics of D/s?

A: In the summer of 2018, I went through a lot of life-changing trauma. These events led to me being quite isolated, bored and with a lot of time on my hands. I started in the BDSM scene on Instagram as a submissive, funny enough. I got into weekly disagreements with customers, other submissive accounts, and was generally dissatisfied with the results. In December of 2018, I started exploring the Dominant side of BDSM and found myself more fulfilled and in control of my goals and wants. It became apparent to me that, although I enjoy occasionally relinquishing control, I am an elitist and struggle with submitting to 99.99% of these “dominant people”. It is difficult to find someone worthy of submission when you have an ego as big as mine. Participating in BDSM has become a necessary part of my healthy and happy lifestyle. I can now consensually exploit, abuse, or nurture people who crave it. In 2019, I had found private BDSM dynamics that fulfill me, and have grown as a Domme and a person. I better understand the complicated nuances of BDSM through my adult work, speaking with other intelligent Doms, and learning directly from my experienced, dominant partner.


Q: What are 3 of the biggest thrills/enjoyments you get out of being a dome?

  1. I am making a living off of a job that I intensely enjoy. There are many bonuses to working for yourself and from home.
  2. I get to put people through extremely unfair situations for my benefit, and they thank me for it.
  3. I am psychotically sadistic and get to live out almost all of my fantasies, with the correct planning and due diligence, of course. Many people are unfulfilled or ashamed of their erotic desires.


Q: What are some of the most common experiences men ask you to provide them with/fetishes men ask you to gratify? Where do you think the need for such experiences comes from/why do they have these particular fetishes?

A: Small penis humiliation:

This fetish includes degrading, humiliating and ridiculing a man for having a small, unsatisfactory penis. It is most common for men with cocks of 7″ and under to seek out this verbal abuse. Practically and in pop culture, “bigger is better” is a common term, and for many women, this applies to penises. It is highly likely that these men have had sexual partners mock them, passively or aggressively, and seek out reenacting this shame and emasculation. By experiencing it in concentrated amounts, it helps them to accept the line of truth in the degradation and have control over their insecurity. The next time someone important to them tries to hurt them by saying they are sexually inadequate, they will be less affected because they will already know and accept it as an unchangeable flaw.


This fetish includes sexualizing, and sometimes “forcing” (fake coercing) men to be feminine sluts. This fetish commonly goes along with interest in their feminized photos being exposed for strangers to see. Children are ripped from their parents and put into a school where they not only have to navigate the education system but also the social climate of pubescent teenagers. Teachers, dating female classmates, sports, and living up to high expectations, emasculates many young men. Being forced or encouraged to suck cock, do anal play, wear “girly” clothing, and do other degrading things helps them regress and come to terms with the fact that they do not live up to the pressure of being a man. Subconsciously, many men are taught that the most humiliating thing possible is to be a man who is a bimbo fuck doll. They spend a lot of energy avoiding this improbable fate and overwhelm themselves with self-doubt. For some, the only way to overcome this is to become it, and with proper guidance, they can destroy their idolization of masculinity and build up to be a better version of themselves. Others simply enjoy sucking cock.


  • Goddess Bella

    Reply Reply February 28, 2020

    Amazing interview! Excellent read 🔥🔥

  • norm

    Reply Reply March 18, 2020

    …why is such a young woman so inwardly and outwardly real….and true….your beauty comes from within your centeredness and radiates like a perfect creation. Proof that there must be a God…i’m a fan. purely divine.

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