An Exclusive Interview - Kinky Couple

There are some married couples out there who would seem just like any other ordinary, fun, down to earth couple–but there’s a twist with them…they’re kinkier than ever!

Our interviewee today is the wife of one of those types of couples. And she may or may not have a legit breeding fantasy.

Be sure to read all the way to the end–if not merely to check out the uncensored version of her verification pic!


The Interview

Q: How did you get started in sharing your pics online?

A: At first we made a Twitter account to share sex gifs and porn of stuff we liked or wanted to do. Then one day we decided to post a pic of me and it really turned us on! I loved the attention and hubby loved seeing men and women comment on me.


Q: Have you slept with (or fooled around with) anyone else besides your husband since you’ve been married?

A: Yes! I have given 3 men blowjobs since we got married! I loved it! It made me feel so sexy and wanted! Plus the reclaiming sex when I got home was so hot. We were all over each other.

Q: Did you ever have any concerns about sharing yourself with others? Did your husband?

A: No, we never really had any concerns. We trust one another completely so we have always had open dialogue about everything.


Q: You mentioned no one else knows you two do this in real life. What do you think your family and friends would say if they found out?

A: I think some would not approve for sure but others would support us fully. Everyone has their own views and we understand that. We just prefer to keep it to ourselves so we don’t even have to deal with any negativity.


Q: You two are more into the hotwifing lifestyle than the cuckolding lifestyle. You seem to really have an affinity for barebacking though. Any pregnancy or pregnancy risk fetishes?

A: I definitely have a breeding kink that’s part of the reason I love creampies. Plus raw cock just feels so good to be honest. But no pregnancy scares I haven’t found a guy that I have that chemistry with. But can’t wait till I find the perfect guy to go raw!


Q: Some people think only low self-esteem girls or girls with “daddy issues” like to show off or would do this kind of stuff. How would you respond to this?

A: Those people can fuck off! I’m in a loving marriage and we are just more fun than all the basic bitches!

Q: What are 2-3 of the kinkiest things you two have explored?

A: We had a female fuck buddy for a while and that was tons of fun! Then I would say this hotwife life where my hubby loves me telling him men I wanna have sex with others and having the freedom to do something about it.


Q: How hard (or easy) has it been for you to make money on onlyfans? Did you two start sharing your pics online with the intention to make money from doing so, or is making money only something you got into when you found out it was possible via onlyfans?

A: We never thought we were going to make money we were just tryin to have fun. Then we just kept growing on Twitter so figured we’d give Onlyfans a shot. It took a while at first but now we make decent money on there. .


Q: Has either of you or your husband’s desires waned over the course of time, grown, stayed the same, both?

A: I wouldn’t say anything has waned if anything it’s grown. We are more open to things now than when we first met. Plus anytime I do any hotwife it’s as hot as when we first met.


Q: What are 2-4 of each your hobbies besides this lifestyle?

A: I love to binge shows, I love playing with makeup and, working out recently. Hubby loves watching sports, binging shows and, working out.


I want to thank Kinky Couple for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in checking out more of their awesome content (dem tittays, amiright?!), here’s where you can find them: and

P.S. If you want to see the full-size unedited proof pic, check below.

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