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You know those happy, young, attractive couples you’ve seen when you’re out to eat, or at the store, or the mall, or the airport, etc…? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to get a peak inside their sex lives?

Wouldn’t it be even better if they happened to be freaks in the sheets? Like, if the girl was an open, fun, submissive bisexual slut who was eager to please her “daddy”, and “daddy” just happened to be an awesome enough of a person to be willing to share her?

Who wouldn’t want to know more about them?

Well, instead of tantalizing you with just an idea, I’m going to do you one better in this interview because it’s with exactly the kind of couple we just talked about. They’re a pretty normal couple for the most part; they binge watch their favorite TV shows, they can’t wait to see what happens on _The Walking Dead, _they go on trips and out on dates…

…and they occasionally dabble in sex that includes outside parties, describing each other as each other’s best wing-man.

The proof is on their Tumblr, which can be found here: Before you check it out, do yourself a favor: read the interview below and make sure you get to the end to unlock the special uncropped version of the picture above. Then go and check out their Tumblr for some more awesome authentic content.  

The Interview

Q: So, how did the two of you get started in some of the freaky things you engage in? Whose idea was it, and how did it progress from fantasy to reality?

A: Wifey: Really it all started from talking dirty to each other lol. We’d get all worked up and I think we all enjoy being a bit of a tease. So I would tell Daddy my own little fantasies here and there.

One day he asked if I really wanted to act on some of what I had said when we were fucking. I admitted that I did and it all unfolded from there. It’s been an adventure from there.

Q: In some pics/vids it looks like wifey dyed her hair a shade of brown/auburn red? What made you want to go from blonde to this—or are you currently blonde and was the shade of brown in the past? (They both looking stunning by the way)

A: Wifey: I love to play with my hair and thank you for making me blush! I dye it constantly. I think it brings out different sides of me. I’m currently blonde after being red or autumn for some time.


Q: It would appear as though you allow your wife to play without protection. If so, how do the two of you make sure the other party is clean? Does the other party ever cum inside your wife? What is this like for each of you?

A: Daddy: Wifey and I get checked regularly, and that’s always a requirement when asking someone to join us. We do this for everyone’s safety, not just our own. We try to stay in the moment so no matter what happens, we know we’re okay. We have had other parties cum inside her, as well as vice versa. But if you prepare, and make sure you ask the right questions ahead of time, there are very rarely unexpected surprises. I like watching cum drip from her pussy and she likes cleaning mine up from another one. It’s mutually beneficial.

Q: So your Tumblr name is freakyasscple. Tell us, what are some of the freakiest things the two of you have ever done together?

A: Daddy: It’s kind of funny. One night we were talking and goofing off and were talking about fantasies. We agreed that we were both into some freaky shit lol. It seemed appropriate enough of a name. We’ve fucked in some of the oddest places… from the car on the side of the road, to her sneaking me into the women’s bathroom at a rest stop on a road trip, to the middle of a dance floor, and in a truck full of people. We fuck when we want no matter the place.


Q: Does wifey ever play alone? If so, what’s that like? If not, why not?

A: Wifey: I don’t play without Daddy. Part of our personal experience is the fact that we both get to enjoy everything. I tease when I’m able, but I’m Daddy’s personal porn star. Not everyone is the same, but for our own pleasure, that’s what we like.

Q: Can you try and describe in words/details as best you can what it’s like to show off your body in public? Would it turn you on to get caught? Have you ever gotten caught, and if so what happened?

A: Wifey: I’ll be completely honest, I was never one to show off in public. I wasn’t comfortable with my body. Daddy brought that side out of me with time… and I’m so glad he did! It’s opened me up to the lifestyle more. It’s a very freeing, sexy, experience every single time. So it is a MASSIVE turn on… every single time. It’s an adrenaline rush because of the possibility of getting caught, and foreplay because I’m flaunting what Daddy knows is HIS property. Who doesn’t enjoy being a tease? Lol

I have gotten caught before…in a very busy bar, actually. The bouncer and Daddy made eye contact in the midst of me spreading my legs for him while on a bar stool (panties are never an option in a dress). Before we could get into trouble, Daddy spun me around and whispered for me to lift up my dress and show the guy everything, so I did. He just froze and told Daddy to proceed with his fun ?

Q: Did you start exploring your bisexual side before you met your husband? If so, what kinds of escapades did you engage in?

A: I definitely knew I was bi-sexual… from a pretty young age actually. I started acting on it when I was a teen and by the time I met Daddy, I had been with more women than men. I had gotten really good at eating pussy and he wanted me to show him. I took it as a sign that Daddy was meant for me when he encouraged me to not stop my escapades when we got together. He loved watching me flirt with other girls…and obviously enjoyed anything else that he got to watch or join in on.


Q: Many guys would “look down” on your for the fact that you share your wife. Why do you think guys like this have this kind of disapproving attitude?

A: I’m still alpha, if that’s something they disapprove of (look down one me) then they don’t need to be involved, around us or just unopenminded in my opinion, it’s only rarely that she is shared with another male and if it does happen it’s for our fun, you only live once type deal, in our relationship we have like a fuck-it-list and we try to help each other fulfill those dirty taboo fantasies.

Q: What are your favorite non-sexual things to do with each other? What are your favorite TV shows to watch?

A: Wifey: We’re just like any other couple in love. We go on dates and trips. We love snuggling up with each other and watching a movie or playing PlayStation lol. We have our jobs and keep all that completely separate from our excursions. We’re each other’s best friends and that just makes everything that much more fun.

Also, we’re huge fans of The Walking Dead and GOT.

Q: What are 3-5 of the most significant ways living this lifestyle has positively or negatively impacted your relationship? A: Really, we’ve gotten to know each OTHER so much better from coming into the lifestyle. We had to learn boundaries, just like everyone else…and that’s a challenge. But it has made us closer. We’ve met a ton of wonderful new people. And they always provide a new perspective. I think a lot of people think your experience has to be a certain way. It doesn’t. It’s YOUR way. And once you learn that, there’s really no negative experience you can have.


A huge thank you to FreakyAssCple for taking time from their lives to do this interview with us. I hope the free(ky) and untethered spirit with which they explore their sex life can serve as an inspiration (and turn on) for everyone who reads this.

And before I forget, if you want the full uncensored version of the picture featuring the sign they made for this interview, click below.

Last but not least, be sure to head on over to their Tumblr for some more pictures and videos including full body pics of lovely wifey, and even some videos of her bareback escapades.

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