An Exclusive Interview – Emma from  5/5 (4)

The star of this interview is from none other than the “Land Down Under.” That’s right, the Aussies engage in cuckolding activities too, although our guest doesn’t consider herself a cuckoldress or a hotwife. In fact, she prefers the term “shared wife” and you’ll find out why soon enough.

Emma is a sexy, happily married, well educated MILF who enjoys webcamming with strangers. (That’s so hot, right?) also has her own website.

She likes exploring her shared wife lifestyle, and—well, allow me to let her tell you all this in her own words. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Emma.

The Interview

Q:  You mentioned you’ve enjoyed swinging in all its variations and flavours for about 15 years. What led to you getting involved in alternative relationship arrangements? Whose idea was it? How did it go from fantasy to reality?

A: My husband and I were always open to alternative sexual arrangements from the beginning so it wasn’t a stretch to explore swinging once we were settled into our own relationship. My husband was more experienced so he got the ball rolling but I didn’t need much convincing either. We just decided to visit a private swingers party one weekend and that was that.


Q: Many couples find it difficult to navigate the lifestyle with children. How do you and your husband manage to keep your family life and your shared-wife lifestyle separate and private from the kids?

A: It’s probably easier to keep things separate while children are young and oblivious to what their parents do but once they are older it does get trickier. Where possible we socialise and play away from the family home at nights. Our jobs allow us to play during the day too which is useful. Like anything, you need to have some organisational skills to make it work! And patience.


Q: You mentioned you are an Australian of mixed race origin. If you’re willing to share a bit more on that, have your familial cultures had any impact on you choosing to explore this lifestyle?

A: I’m mostly Australian culturally so other than perhaps being a little more reserved than others, my background hasn’t impacted on my lifestyle choices.


Q: So….what did you mean when you said some average looking women get way more sex than you?

A: I should clarify that by average, I mean regular, pleasant looking, and Caucasian. I’ve been described as exotic, stunning and striking so I think a lot of men don’t know what to do with me. Unless a man is feeling confident or lucky, I am not the first woman he’d hit on at a bar for sex. I think average looking women actually get a better hit rate than I do in that sense. Most men prefer working within their comfort zone.


Q: What role if any does your husband play in all of this?

A: My husband does exactly what he wants to at that moment. Sometimes he’ll watch for most of the session, and other times he will actively participate. He loves watching me enjoy myself and for him, it’s live porn  with the option to join in.


Q: You prefer the term shared wife over hotwife due to the enjoyment you get from being shared like a toy since it makes you feel cherished. What’s the difference between feeling objectified vs feeling cherished for you?

A: Good question. I think sex allows you to explore aspects of human nature that we wouldn’t dare consider exploring outside of the bedroom. It’s an interesting part of the human psyche which I’d love to study more one day. No one wants to be degraded or sexually abused by default, but in a safe and controlled environment, many people are open to exploring those experiences.

Similarly, I would be very annoyed with my husband if he told me to pay lip service to a business acquaintance to get them on side. Sexually though, I love feeling like his prized possession and that I’m too good not to be shared and enjoyed by others. In this context, I don’t feel objectified since this exquisite feeling of being enjoyed is for my own enjoyment too.


Q: What boundaries do you and your husband have regarding you exploring this lifestyle, and why? Do you think those boundaries will ever change?

A: My husband and I are not interested in any sort of Dom/Sub situation even though we have good friends who are heavily into it. It’s just not for us. We may be a little more open one day and have sexual interactions on our own but for most part it’s fun because we do things together. Logistically it would be easier if we played separately of course.


Q: Do you ever have any moments of doubt regarding your exploration of this lifestyle? If so, what are they and how do you overcome them? If not, what is it about your relationship that allows you to be as secure as you are about the choices you make as it pertains to this lifestyle?

A: I think as long as we keep our lifestyle separate (as opposed to secret) to our everyday world, I will never have an issue with what we do. We’re not sexually monogamous people and I never feel any guilt for not following normative sexual behaviour. As long as my husband and I communicate our desires and are honest about how we play, there’s no reason why our lifestyle can’t continue.


Q: Describe in detail one of the most exciting experiences you’ve had while living this lifestyle.

A: Ha ha – I’d like to encourage people to read my blog for those experiences. I think in a nutshell though, I’ve enjoyed exploring my own sexuality and playing around with sexual chemistry.

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